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How Not to Let Summer Beat the Stuffing Out of You

Hello friends.
Guess what?
I guess swim lessons aren’t happening today.
And using the pool passes we paid way too much money for.
That we have only used TWICE this summer.

I got to spend the weekend in Ohio with my two girls to attend a surprise party for my brother.
His birthday is in January so it was definitely a surprise.
But this is the thing.
It was rainy and cloudy the entire time we were there.
S0 this is my theory: “Summer” isn’t coming to the Midwest this year.
Pass it on.

Speaking of “Summer”, it is kicking my butt.

For those who homeschool, I am in awe of you.

I love my children.
I really do.
I am glad I have children.
I really am.
But it is in summer that I realize how much work children are.
Because nine months of the year, the public school system has my children during the day longer than I do.
Well, at least one of my children.
It is this realization that makes me say out loud, every single summer, “teachers need to make more dough“.

I am STILL trying to work on the large preschool packet that they sent home with my five-year-old on the last day of preschool.
In May.

This is what it looked like the first day we got it.


This is what it looks like in the second week of July.


Summer is winning.

I barely have time to shower.
And when I do, I barely have time to dry my hair.
This is my hair.
In the summer.
On a good day.

I haven’t seen the inside of my makeup bag since…..
So I have some lifesavers for summer.
Some people have bucket lists, here is mine from last summer.
But the following are no-fail summer save my butt helpers to keep me from day drinking throughout June July and August.


Homemade Playdoh.
This stuff, to me at least, is the toy equivalent of the Dole Pineapple Whip.
I first made it one cold winter/snow/sleet day back in January.
I have to admit; I was skeptical at first.
I mean, really?
The stuff at the store is less than a buck a can!
And it is non toxic.
But my then four-year-old wanted play-doh, we had none, and I was not going out just to buy some.
I went to Pinterest, wrote the recipe, and made it.

Problem is?
I don’t remember which blog/website I got the original recipe from.
Apparently, there are like a butt-ton of home-made playdoh recipes out there from a butt-ton of different websites.

So I will share this website.
Because it’s the same recipe as the rest out there.
Only she makes cute little labels for her homemade playdoh containers.
Mine isn’t in those, by the way.
They are in Ziploc bags.
That is left open.
And then it dries out.
So I get to make it all over again.

I won’t go into the details here, just go to the link above for the directions but just know you will need the following:

cream of tartar
food coloring


Homemade Granola Bars.
So fun to make, yes!
Also, fun to eat!
And eating something fun makes summer fly on by.

I found this gem on Pinterest over winter as well.
It was a long winter.

Go here for the recipe.
Oh, and it is very important to cut them into bars immediately.
Or you will end up with granola bar cereal.
Not that I would know this from personal experience.


Shaving cream isn’t just for shaving anymore.
This concoction above was the perfect storm for pure glee for the children and quiet time with a chair, I Heart Radio, and an Us Weekly for mommy.
Even my teen and her best friend (aka- my third child) loved this.

Get a cheap vinyl tablecloth.
A can or two or ten of shaving cream.
Put the children in bathing suits.
And sit back and let the fun happen.
Positive that I didn’t even think of?
They will smell like your grampa after he shaves.

Shaving cream is a buck at the Dollar Tree.
Load up.
Just not at MY Dollar Tree.
Or I might tackle you for the last can.


Now get out there and do something!
Just don’t forget the shaving cream!
And my cell number.
I will be over with the lemonade and magazines.

10 thoughts on “How Not to Let Summer Beat the Stuffing Out of You”

  1. I'm not making too much progress on my Epic Summer 2013 to do list either. We've been gone half the summer and the other half, it rained. I still have lots of field trips that I want to take. And, most of mine revolve around food too.


  2. This is the first summer that my kids have not done a reading challenge at the library. I'm not sure they have even picked up a book. Both are enrolled at summer camp, which keeps them occupied during most of the days, but I am still running around like a crazy person and it FEELS like more work than during the school year. I'm glad I didn't buy a beach pass either. Summer in Chicago this year officially blows.


  3. I see a common theme here about summer…..and I am sure it will get better. Just in time for school to start. Sigh.


  4. I'm experiencing my first summer as a mom… Luckily, the boy is only 3 months old, so it isn't that bad. I'm sure I'll be sinning a different tune in a few years!


  5. This entire post makes me so happy! I laughed really hard. I love the shaving cream/Dollar Tree idea but I would definitely have to do it and not tell the husband as he is extremely OCD and would freak out. I seriously don't think he could handle it. I need to make more homemade playdoh. I made it before the holidays and then it dried it and we all forgot about it and it sat in our fridge for months until my hubby got hungry one night and thought they were leftovers and was like, "Hey what is this crap in the Tupperware containers?" and I threw it away. Loved this post!


  6. Weird. I just left a comment but it disappeared? If I end up posting twice, i'm not stalking you. Okay, I am, but that's because this post is awesome! I loved the entire thing! I want to try the shaving cream/Dollar Tree idea but I would have to do it when the hubby was at work because he's super OCD and would freak over the mess. I love homemade playdoh! We made some before the holidays and then I forgot about it and it sat in the fridge for months until one night the hubby started digging through the fridge trying to find something to eat and was like, "Hey, what's this crap in the Tupperware container?" It got thrown away and i've been too lazy to make more. OH and those preschool packets? Yeah, we never did them either. I'm going to rock at homeschooling my 5 y/o this fall. Yep. Loved this post!


  7. You, my friend, have far too much energy. But you did inspire me. I did a freaking project. A PROJECT. ME. Wait for it….


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