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Pinterest Busters. Kind of Like Myth Busters. Only Not

I don’t know why I am on a Pinterest kick, but this summer is the Summer o’ Pinterest.
As shown by the homemade ice cream in a bag and the shaving cream incident and even the greenery hangin’ around in my driveway barrels.
And it’s not like I have a butt-ton of time on my hands.
I don’t.
And yet, I keep making homemade crap left and right.
I can’t stop myself.
When my 13-year-old sees a recipe card for something other than food on the counter, she immediately does “the” eye roll.
Those with teens will know what this is.
13-year-old– Really, Mom. Another homemade recipe? Why Mom? Why? Can we not afford store-bought baby wipes?
Weary mother of said 13-year-old– We can afford to but why buy them when you can MAKE them? And Pinterest has money riding on the fact that I can do anything I want to do as long as there is a pin out there telling me I can!
13-year-old– eye roll
WMOS 13 YO– You know, Pinterest says that if you do that too much, you will get zits.
13-year-old– No it doesn’t! Wait. Does it? No. You are kidding me! Right, mom? MOMMMMMMM????
That is the typical conversation we have been having most days.
Please tell me it will get better?
Or at least I will get my dignity back by the time I have to pay her college tuition.

So this week’s Pinterest idea post has a theme!
Or spa.
Which I thought would be fun to do with girlfriends, but we never seem to get together during the summer.
Because our teenagers are eating us alive.


The first pin dedicated to all things beauty was for a homemade foot scrub.
Another link to a totally unrelated blog post, but the actual ingredients are on Pinterest, so follow the above link to see where I got it from.
Here is something you don’t know about me, I have terribly dry feet.
Even pedicurists have said, “ew” when seeing my dry feet.
I have tried EVERYTHING.
I cannot for the life of me keep my feet soft.
So when I saw this, I was excited!
And I quote, ” Soak feet for 10 minutes and when you take them out the dead skin will practically wipe off!”
I mean, really……how could I go wrong?
So I gathered together the ingredients:

1/4 C. blue Listerine
1/4 C. vinegar (didn’t state which kind I used white)
1/2 C. warm water

Simple enough!
Until I added it to my puke bucket.

We keep this around for the pukes.
Relax… it’s been sanitized and there’s been no puke in this since 2011.
But when you add the exact measurements, you end up having literally nothing in the bucket.


Definitely not enough to cover these size 10 feet.
So I doubled the recipe.
Or tripled it.
Don’t judge my enormous feet.

Much better.
So I sat there for 10 minutes like the instructions said.
Then I had a five-year-old helper who wanted to be a part of the action.

Her feet fit in the puke bucket perfectly!
In hindsight, I really should have made her the foot model.
So after ten minutes of soaking, here was the final product:


They look so rosy and minty fresh!
But nothing was “practically falling off” my feet.
Still dry and scratchy.
Maybe I am the exact wrong person to try this.
If the woman at the salon with all the big guns is saying, “holy crap”, I think there is no hope for me.
So don’t let this deter you, try it yourself and see, but for me, it did nada.

Next up?
A homemade remedy to brighten up your toes!
All you need is whitening toothpaste and a scrub brush!
Check and check!

And my toes would be cinnamon too!!
I bet your toes don’t smell like cinnamon AND look whiter!
Here is the before.
If you are not a foot person, shield your eyes.
If you have a foot fetish, you have landed on the wrong blog.
Go back to Google.

Not too dingy, but I had nail polish on these piggies for a solid two months straight with no reprieve and needed to brighten them up a bit.
Here is a tip I learned from a salon professional years ago: give your toes a break here and there without polish.

So I scrubbed for a good three minutes per foot.
And here is the result:

This picture doesn’t do it justice, but it worked!
Even my neighbor noticed it!
Why she was looking so intently at my toes is another story.
I bet the stronger the toothpaste, the better the effect?

And last but definitely not least, homemade shaving lotion.
So here’s the thing, I was misled.
Not by Pinterest or the blogger behind this idea, but by the title.
Shaving LOTION.
I am used to shaving gel or foam.
So that is what I had in mind when going in search of ingredients.
AND I had to actually go to the store and buy ingredients for this one, but I was excited to do this.

Here is what you will need:

There are a couple of different variations, but the one I linked to isn’t the one I used.
Because the one I used was just a link to a picture.
I am getting kinda sick of this Pinterest.
So here is the ingredient formula I used:

1 C. hair conditioner 
1 C. shampoo
5 Tbsp. lotion
5 Tbsp. Baby oil

Mix and let sit for an hour.
OK, here is where I left out…I only mixed.
But I didn’t “let sit an hour.”
In fact, I just saw this extra instruction AS I WAS WRITING THIS POST.


They also didn’t add this tip, you will need somewhere to put that DIY shaving lotion.
I bought the above at the grocery store.
I figured if I didn’t end up loving this recipe, I could always use these for future plane trips.

So measure out your ingredients and add to a large mixing bowl.

Boy, that’s a lot of hair conditioner.
Cheap me was not happy at the prospect of wasting this much hair conditioner on a possible DIY shaving “lotion” fail.
Hair conditioner isn’t cheap people.

Oh, and then this happened:

My handwriting alone is why I became a blogger.


I was squeezing the rest of Ella’s baby lotion into the bowl.
It was making those farting noises, Ellie was laughing uncontrollably at me from the other room and then this happened.
Fart, fart, fart…..splat.

Son of a biscuit.

Only I didn’t say biscuit.
Ellie was in the other room and didn’t hear me say it.
She can hear farting and belching noises from the basement but asks her to clean her room sitting next to her and she “can’t hear you”.


And don’t even get me started on this stupid baby oil bottle.
It took me literally 10 minutes to open this thing.
I almost threw in the towel.
But I had already dumped in TWO CUPS of hair product into the bowl.
There was no turning back.
I almost called the company.

Really Target?
I can’t open a bottle of baby oil but a bottle of children’s Ibuprofen I can open while holding a toddler with a fever and a leaky diaper.

Mix it all together now.
It looks like yogurt.
It doesn’t taste like yogurt.
Trust me.


I laid out my bottles on a towel because we know how neat I am not.


Pinterest tests

I poured my shaving “lotion” into a large measuring cup with a spout because of said messiness.
Don’t believe me?
Evidence # 332920

Making stuff from Pinterest

Told ya.

Look at my pretty bottles!




bottle of lotion from Pinterest

I am trying to take better pictures.
How do these look?
And this is with a point and shoot digital camera.
Not one of those fancy-schmancy cameras most bloggers have.
I totally need to get one of those someday.
I have said that for three years but I love me my little camera.
She has been with me for over two years now and takes the best pictures.

So the outcome?
But I still like my foam better.
So I will use this when I run out of my foam.

So Pinterest struck again and had some wins and some losses.
But it is keepin’ me of the streets, so it really is a win for everyone.

9 thoughts on “Pinterest Busters. Kind of Like Myth Busters. Only Not”

  1. Wow! Your toes are blinding. I was going to go for my first ever pedicure today, but maybe I'll just go to Spa Kari instead.


  2. Those are some WHITE toes. And the tiny feet model is precious. So here's the deal. If you want Shaving lotion you can use baby oil, or hair conditioner, ALONE. I do it all of the time. You can use the hair conditioner if you are having without even using water. No razor burn, I swear it. But what fun is a Pinterest Pin that says "Use hair conditioner for shaving lotion.Your welcome."And that is why I am a Pinterest flunkie.Plus you wouldn't have those really cute bottles, either. That's Pinterest for the super lazy. But I totally believe you about the acne. Happy Monday!


  3. Shannon- I betcha spa whatshisname doesn't offer free booze like mine does. COME ON OVER! Oh and I am TOTALLY lookin' at your toes first thing when I see you Thursday. Rebecca- I am getting a real life pedicure on Wednesday. So that means THAT nail polish will be on my toes til Thanksgiving.Denise- The acne one is proven! I just have to look for that pin……


  4. Two MORE things we have in common:1) I have the driest feet ON EARTH. My heels have more cracks than an 80-year-old sidewalk. 2) Big feet. Size 10, to be exact. (And thank you for trying that foot soak one before me … and saving me the trouble! I figured it was too good to be true!)


  5. Oh no, I was counting on the Listerine foot bath thing working! They made it sounds so easy and I really need about two inches of skin to just fall off. So disappointing. Glad you did all the legwork so I won't have to waste my time on that one.


  6. You had me at, "we keep this around for the pukes." I have almost the same exact receptacle! You have an awesome sense of humor. I really enjoyed reading this.


  7. Bec- SEPARATED AT BIRTH.Pam- I know, I am sorry to say it didn't really work but as I said, I might be the exact wrong model for this. Richella- YOU ARE SO GOOD FOR MY EGO!!TKW- I am so honored you came to my blog!!!


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