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Working With What Ya Got- Ugly Wall Re-Do

I am so sorry.
For neglecting you.
I haven’t tweeted, Facebooked (well, on my blog page), or pinned anything in…gasp…..a week.
That is UNHEARD in the blogging community.
I have been in Heaven… aka Tennessee….all week visiting with my mommy and daddy for the past week.
And I will have a post for ya next week all about it.
Check out my post about my first-ever blog conference.
It was fun!
There was booze.
And hot chicks.
And boobs hanging out.
It sounds kind of like a bachelor party.

This project was my evil genius, hard at work.
To get my hubs on board to paint the walls in our home a different color.
When we bought our home eight years ago, every single wall in our downstairs was white.
Builders white.
It was chalky and ugly and showed every single mark, ding and dent.
And our home wasn’t brand new.
It was five years old when we bought it.
Two sets of owners lived in this house for five years.
And they had big dogs.
Like Great Dane size big dogs.
Do I need to elaborate?

So we painted them this color called Peanut Butter by Behr and loved how they looked.
After looking at Peanut Butter for eight years, though, I am getting a little tired of it.
There are dents and dings all over again.
And I wanted a change.

Then there was this wall in the landing of our stairwell that was so banged up, I couldn’t stand to look at it any longer.


I got so frustrated with it, that I just hung up a corkboard with Ellie’s preschool artwork there.
To cover up the crappy marks.



There is really nothing wrong with it.
Well, except for said marks.
It’s just so, so……peanut buttery.


Ugly wall Before

You can’t even see the marks with the camera.
I swear they are there.
Not just in my head.
They. Are. There.

I think a lot of the marks are from my children throwing themselves down these stairs.
It’s like a launching pad of sorts.
They sprint down the stairs two at a time and then smack into this wall.
And nothing says marks on a wall like flying children.

So then knowing this, the next idea in my head makes complete sense.
Let’s paint it a lighter color.
I know.
I know.
THIS IS WHY I am never gonna be famous.

I decided I was going to use my leftover Revere Pewter paint from my kitchen makeover last fall.
No money spent!
Look at me being frugal!
And it wasn’t white, per se.
It was “pewter”.

I started this project at 8 at night on a Monday evening.
I thought it was safe to start a project that late in the evening.
Even though I am exhausted, it is a quiet time in these parts.


My sweet girl wanted to help paint the wall


My, normally couldcarelesswhatyouaredoingasitpertainstothehome five-year-old decided that this would be the day she wanted to take part.
Most parents would have just said no.
In a moment of weakness, I gave in.
Painting the ugly wall

Two paintbrushes and four stains on the carpet later, she was over it.


My sweet little girl painting the ugly wall


I have to admit; I wasn’t feeling it in the during stage.
I don’t do well with the during stage.
It is during the during stage when I have second thoughts.
The average human being gets these second thoughts BEFORE.
I get them DURING.
Prepping the ugly wall

I also failed to show you how much paint I had on me.
I had an “incident” with a belligerent paint can.
The can won.
I had paint in my hair, on my glasses, on my face, toes, arms, and clothing.
Did I mention that my first ever blogging conference was three days after starting this project?
Didn’t I?
So there was that.

When my husband got home from work late that night, he saw me covered in dry paint.
And said…”do I even have to ask?”
I don’t know what you are talking about, honey.

The next day I stumbled down the stairs and totally forgot that I painted the night before.
When I looked up at the landing, though?
Oh, my word.

I could keep taking pics of this wall all day

I loved it.
I added an empty frame for some interest.
Kind of making it look like wainscoting.
Yet nothing like wainscoting.
In a cheap, I am not good with tools, fashion that I am known best for around here.

This wall looks so much better now

I love it.
It adds interest.
It looks so much more crisp and clean.

Our ugly landing wall after


I give it a week before a stain gets on here.
Maybe less.
My ugly wall after

I did a project.

5 thoughts on “Working With What Ya Got- Ugly Wall Re-Do”

  1. Next time, I demand to see a selfie with you covered in paint. The picture in my head had me cracking up. I love how adventurous you are!


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