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Do You Bamboo??

I have said it before and I will say it again:
If there is a trend, I will always, ALWAYS get in on the tail end of said trend.
Glass lamps?
Two years later.
Just NOW.
So when bamboo window treatments became popular, I was all, “Ooooh lookie how pretty!”.
Then I was all, “Ooooh lookie how expensive!”.
Why is it everything that is “trendy” is also “spendy”.
I made a rhyme!
Our master bedroom faces the Sun with a view of the Equator in the summer.
So finding window treatments that keep the sun out and the room cool is hard.
We have gone through four, count’ em, 4 kinds of window coverings in eight years.
First blinds.
Then sun blocking shades.
The all-mighty sun blocking curtains.
Then back to blinds.
Nothing, nothing was working.
This summer I said to my husband, “I can’t do it anymore. I love seeing your face in the morning but the blinding sun is killing me. And I think I have a sunburn. You know. From the 6 am sun wake up call”.
So off to the home improvement store we went.
This is a tip really for anything in life but especially as it pertains to your window treatment area:
Nothing good comes from going the half a@# route.
There are things in life where going the cheap route is not a good thing. Bikini waxes.
Your accountant.

Sometimes it is best to pay more for the better product/service.
Trust me.
Window treatments are at the top of this list.
OK, maybe bikini waxes are at the top.
But window treatments are definitely # 2.So here is what our windows looked like before:

Our master bedroom with the old blinds

There are mini blinds up there.
But you can’t see them.
Because of the blinding sun.

So after years of pining for the “trendy” “spendy” blinds, we finally shelled out the dough.
In honor of full disclosure, I should tell you they weren’t cheap.
I shoulda got the bikini wax instead…

I am in love with our new bamboo curtains

These blinds were up the first week of July.
And I am just now sharing this with you.
I feel like we just haven’t connected that much this summer.
Don’t you agree?
I promise to get better with this now that the kids are back in school.


The sun isn't so bright in our room now that we have bamboo curtains
I love how these look.
The blinding sun looks so much better through these.


Our new bamboo curtains are so amazing

It makes it so much warmer looking in here.
Warmer looking, NOT warmer feeling.

I love our new bamboo curtains

Very bamboo-ey.


Bamboo curtains in our bedroom

Plus bamboo is just so much fun to say.
And rhyme with.

We’ve been bamboozled.
Yoo-hoo! Is that bamboo that you got too??
Too much?

Oh pooh-pooh!

I will stop now.

6 thoughts on “Do You Bamboo??”

  1. These look fabulous! Because I can actually see them to admire them! And you made me laugh the entire way through this post–I needed this because today started with me making coffee without a filter. Bleh. 🙂


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