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Just Another Halloween Mantel

Aren’t you getting sick of these posts yet?
I mean, people have posted pictures of their Halloween mantels since August.
It’s a wonder you even want to click on the link to see this.
If you are here, thank you.
I appreciate you.
Be ready to be wowed!!
Just kidding.
It’s just another Halloween mantel.


My Halloween decorations on the counter
What Halloween decorating looks like in my home.

I love decorating for the holidays.
Fall is my most favorite.
Mostly because I don’t have to put up a tree.
Or lights.
But especially because I love the colors, and I love some fall weather.
Although the day I put this up, it was 90 degrees here.
The end of September.


Who ate the apple?
Who took a bite of the fake apple?

For the first time in six years, I could decorate for fall without the help of children.
Not that I don’t love my girls, I do.
So very much.
But I have to say, it was heavenly.
Not to have to yell, “no you cannot have a third helping of Goldfish!” and “stop biting the fake fruit!” at the top of my lungs while hanging up fake leaf garlands was pure bliss.


Halloween decorating is messy
What it looks when you can decorate for a holiday without children,
Looks the same as when you can decorate for a holiday with children,


It took me two hours to create my mantel.
My time is precious.
I have even downsized my fall/Halloween decor over the years.
It still took two hours.
Now in my defense, I was multitasking.
I was cleaning, doing laundry and talking on the phone to a friend.


Getting the family room ready to decorate for Halloween
This is my method of decorating: throw things on the floor and say really loud, “OK DO SOMETHING WITH YOURSELF YOU LAZY BUM.”
It works.


So on a 90-degree day at the end of September while listening to John Denver, I created the following:


Halloween mantel

This is why I love my mantel: I fill it with many items I have amassed over the years.
The HALLOWEEN sign is my all-time favorite fall decor piece.
I got it at a flea market last summer.
I wish I could keep it up all year; I love it so much.
But then I would be that woman.
Who keeps Halloween up all year?
Not that there is anything wrong with that …..


the beginnings of my Halloween mantel

That black crow Dollar Tree two years ago -one buckaroo.
The FALL banner- my friend Melissa made for me a few years ago.
The foliage, I do not know. It’s been around since Clinton was president.

I even put a little pumpkin in my work area.
Because I can.

Burlap ribbon makes me smile


I got this burlap ribbon at Hobby Lobby.
Then I didn’t know what to do with it.
I love some burlap and for years was looking everywhere for it.
But now that it is in these handy little packages, I have no place for it.
I love this fall wreath so much

How does it look?
It looks stupid, doesn’t it?
Level with me.


Scary Halloween Wreath

I added a BEWARE sign I got at Dollar General for a buck.
I made it worse, didn’t I?


Ribbon for my wreath

Then I found this cool ribbon at Joann’s for, like, a dollar.
So I used it to hang a hand-me-down wreath.


Orange wreath for Halloween


Orange berry wreath for Halloween

I bought these cute little owl salt and pepper shakers at Wal-Mart a few weeks ago while grocery shopping.
They were only $2.88!
But I don’t have the heart to put salt or pepper in them.

My new salt and pepper shakers

They are so cute.

Cute owl pepper and salt shakers

I named them, of course.
Phil and Leslie.


Halloween Mantel with green chair


This is my favorite room in the house now.
Halloween decor


My newly painted green chair.
Stay tuned for the details.


Halloween Tutorial

Lots of changes in this room
Stay tuned…..


Halloween Mantel Tutorial


Happy Halloween!

16 thoughts on “Just Another Halloween Mantel”

  1. Kari, I am so happy that things are going well with Kindergarten and that you got to see your folks. I LOVE FALL. I wish it could be fall all year long. Okay, maybe not all year. We can have a month of winter and a month of summer. Then fall the rest, okay? And the color of pumpkins makes me very happy.


  2. 1. Love the new look here.2. So glad to hear about your kindergartener doing so well–I was just wondering about that.3. You have the best show-ready home. My house could never look like that. I like the burlap, in case you were wondering. 🙂


  3. I love your Fall decor! Really festive while remaining classy with great attention to detail. Cute!I'm glad to hear the positive update on kindergarten 🙂


  4. That looks like the Snow White apple…uh-oh!!! You could rock that mantle year round with some minor modifications…(this coming from a woman who recently started power walking in a cape, soooooooo)


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