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What The Heck is a Vignette Anyway?

This weekend.
Y’all… inner Dolly Parton comes out when I have something exciting/frightening to share…….it was something else.
I wanted to compare it to an Oreo.
Like some AWESOME stuff mashed between some really CRAPPY stuff but I like the chocolate wafer just as much as the cream filling.
I will have details.
And pictures.
And stories to tell.
But now, I am knee-deep in the laundry.
I think I heard my washing machine sigh loudly when he saw me this morning.
Or maybe that was me sighing loudly……
Being a DIY blogger, I love to attend these things called link parties.
They are parties where you go to see cool things other bloggers are making.
I like to think of it as a big ole’ quilting bee.
Except no quilts are being made.
And we aren’t in the same room.
OKAY, it’s nothing like a big ole’ quilting bee.
But it’s fun.
And I have found cool projects over the years thanks to these parties.
One of the parties I am attending this year is all about vignettes.
What is a vignette you ask?
Good question.
I have no idea.
Well, I know but I don’t know the real dictionary term.
So I will tell you what my definition of a vignette is.
A vignette is a studly man who plays doctors on TV.
No silly, that is Anthony Edwards.
A vignette is a little decorative area in your home.
Maybe you have a little end table.
And you put a little pumpkin on it.
Then you add a candle.
You, my friend, have just created a vignette. Here is my take on a vignette:

Fall Vignette

I placed this Goodwill tray I refurbished two years ago on top of my garage sale end table/nightstand I mod podged last summer.

Fall Vignettes are essentially JUNK ON A TABLE

I just put all sorts of pumpkins in this tray.
I have had these pumpkins for years.


My little Fall Vignette

Then added the boo sign I made a few years ago.
Just a Dollar Tree frame + computer paper with the word Boo typed on it.

That’s it!
Essentially free to me because I bought nothing recently to create this.

I also have another “vignette” or “fall stuff on a table” in my dining room:

Vignettes are really easy to create


Just an old metal fruit holder that I stole back from my 13-year-old’s room.
Well, she actually gave it back to me.
Because she wasn’t “feeling it anymore”.
FALL sign


The FALL sign I made a few years ago.
That I deleted the tutorial for accidentally.
Think: frame, plus scrabble letters plus paint chip in your desired color.
I score at blogging.
Fall vignettes all around

Nothing fancy and again, just items I had.
I didn’t have to go out and buy anything for fall to make both vignettes.
In fact, I haven’t had to buy anything for the past two years.

So there you go!
Creating a vignette on the down-low.
And Vignette in French means Kari is pretty.
So there’s that…..


18 thoughts on “What The Heck is a Vignette Anyway?”

  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Loved this, your vignette (s?) and your pics are awesome. Um, I don't do vignettes because I just see it as more stuff to dust. Therefore, a bunch of tables with nothing atop them. Except for maybe some boxes I am saving for who knows what, or toys my kids left when I asked them to "clean up." But yours are awesome. I already said that.


  2. LOL. I had to laugh when I saw that word. (Vignette)The other day, one of the DIY bloggers I like/follow posted on Facebook "Come check out my Fall Vignette!" … complete with a picture that had text that SAID that, of course. And for whatever reason, I just got a kick out of that. It's just a goofy word, for starters … and yes, like you said, is just another way of saying, "Come check out a bunch of crap I threw together on a table!" (not that it's actually crap … at least, I hope not, but you get my drift.)Anyway … just had to tell you that. Miss you!Hope all is well!Bec


  3. Just when I was going on overload of all the pumpkins on every blog, I see yours and just sigh. How refreshing! I love what you did. It wasn't so much in your face as some of the others I've seen. I love the simplicity of this. Thanks for showing us what you did.


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