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Old School Taco Bowl

  I am kind of an anomaly when it comes to food. When I was young, I loved the cafeteria food my school system served. I hear jokes about school food and I laugh along but secretly, I don't know what is this "joke" you speak of. Because apparently either my standards are lower than… Continue reading Old School Taco Bowl

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BBQ, Big Brown and Burgoo

When you have a family you dearly love that lives far, far away, you will do anything, ANYTHING to see them. You will brave busy, crowded airports. You will drive hundreds of miles on lonesome stretches of road. You will put up with terrible weather, illness, and destitution in order to feel their hug or… Continue reading BBQ, Big Brown and Burgoo

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A New Couch for Under 200 Dollars? You So Cray Cray!

  I mentioned before how I had a hate/hate relationship with my red couch. Before I go any further, let me offer up a piece of advice. Never, ever buy your everyday furniture from the section of a furniture store called the "bargain garage". Don't do it. RESIST THE URGE.   We bought this gem… Continue reading A New Couch for Under 200 Dollars? You So Cray Cray!

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Another Trend I Was Not On Top Of & a Giveaway!!

So we have established that me + trends are like strangers passing in the night. Neither the two will meet. At least WHILE said trend is, well, trendy. Case in point: My friend Jen texted me a while back and asked if my teenager was into these rubber bandy type bracelet things. My first reaction… Continue reading Another Trend I Was Not On Top Of & a Giveaway!!

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Six Cans of Spray Paint + One Room = WINNING

  I have this room in our home. It's called a family room. Ever heard of one?   It is where we spend most of our time in this house. Besides the kitchen. And the bedroom. But most of our awake time is spent in this room.   In fact, after we brought Ellie home from the… Continue reading Six Cans of Spray Paint + One Room = WINNING

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  So I alluded to some "crappy" stuff happening earlier this week. And compared it to an Oreo. Which is silly because I love Oreos. And Oreos are not at all crappy. This past weekend, I was a part of a really cool reunion back in my home state of Ohio. Let me give you a… Continue reading How OHIO Turned Into OHEEEEEELLLLLLNO