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Six Cans of Spray Paint + One Room = WINNING


I have this room in our home.
It’s called a family room.
Ever heard of one?


It is where we spend most of our time.
Besides the kitchen.
And the bedroom.
But we spend most of our awake time in this room.


In fact, after we brought Ellie home from the hospital five and a half years ago, my mom (who stayed with us for the first two weeks) and I “holed up” in this little room with her.
Like we were in a bomb shelter.
For a marathon nine days straight.
Just my mom, newborn Ellie, and I.
We slept, ate, and watched marathon amounts of The Facts of Life and Beauty Shop during those two weeks in January.
I credit my mom, Tootie, and Queen Latifah for getting me through those first few weeks.


So this room has lots of memories.
But a month ago I started looking at this room a little differently.
This room, the room that we do most of our “living” in, has gotten a little ignored.


Maybe it’s because when we have people in, we are rarely in this room?
Unless there is a game on TV.
Maybe it’s because when we spend most of our time in this room, we are preoccupied?
With board games, reading books, or watching marathon Facts of Life episodes?

It started with the red couch.
I have a name for this couch.
But I can’t share it here.
For fear of being shut down by the FCC.

It looks innocent enough.
But trust me, this couch has a dark side.
It got so dirty; it was so hard to clean and just looked hideous.
On a good day.
I couldn’t take it one more minute.
I literally scrubbed this couch on average five times a week.
I am a busy woman, ain’t nobody got time for that.

As I was sitting on my dirty couch (insert bad name here), I came up with a plan:
I was gonna re-do our family room.
On a budget.
And the superstar ingredient?
Spray paint.
Could I transform an entire room with spray paint?
Don’t think it didn’t cross my mind to spray paint that dirty couch (insert bad name here).

Deep down, I wanted to re-paint the walls, but that is so much work and kind of pricey as well.
And I just wasn’t in the mood to take everything off the walls, tape the trim, and make our living room less livable for a week while we re-paint.
For fear of missing an episode of Facts of Life.

So I thought, why couldn’t I spray paint the accessories, change-up our workstation, and add some lighter curtains to change it up.
For less than the price of two gallons of VOC paint plus the tools to go along with re-painting an entire room?
I am up to the challenge!

The first plan of attack was to change up the desk situation.

This table has a history.
You can read all about it and its renovation here.
But here is the thing: it was way too large to be in this small room.
And it became less and less a workspace and more and more a landfill.
For every single person’s junk in our home.
So giving us more room to move and less room to throw random shin guards into, I took action.
Remember this table?

First, he was puke tan.
Then he sat in our garage all summer in 2010.
Then he was in our dining room, front and center.
Then in our living room, front-ish and center-ish.
Then he got relegated to the basement.
Where he lived with the spiders.
And the dolls with one eye.

Until a few weeks ago, when I decided he needed to be a part of our family once again.
I hauled him upstairs and three coats of Valspar Hotel Vanilla spray paint later (a little less than two cans), he was replacing the old desk/table.
By the way, we harmed no furniture in the making of this blog post.
The old desk/table is safely tucked away in our basement awaiting its next home.
Either in our home or set aside for Annie’s someday home.

Since the Goodwill table we were using as a desk was lower and smaller; we needed a new chair.
But I didn’t have to run very far.
Just my basement.
Boy, my basement has seen a lot of action in the past few weeks.
Bow chicka wow wow…


The above chair, I purchased at this cute little antique store about 11 years ago.
I loved it as soon as I saw it, and it cost next to nothing.
Think under ten dollars.


When I first bought it, I had it in my laundry room/ pantry as a desk chair in my old home.
But when I moved to this house eight years ago, I had nowhere for it to really fit in.
So it went to the basement.
With the spiders.
And the one-eyed dolls.

See those two paint cans up there?
They look like googly eyes if you look long enough.


I decided this chair would fit in perfectly with our new desk!
So I took it apart.


And spray painted it…wait for it…!
My front door.

Originally, I was going to paint everything in my path off-white.
But then I was at Lowe’s and found this green spray paint, Valspar Tropical Foliage, and fell in love.
It looked so much like the green front door I love so much!


So I hauled all of our accessories in the room into the yard on a beautiful sunny September day to paint!

I mixed it up a bit and paint some accessories that cool green as well.
Sidewalk chalk makes a great rock to hold down a windy day tablecloth.
When you don’t have rocks.

Remember this piece?
Our first song/didn’t get played song/ wedding song/ too slow to dance to song artwork?
You can read all about it here.
STILL my second most favorite project to date.
But I wanted to kick it up a notch.
Plus, I think green is Rascal Flatts’s favorite color.
See, read the original post to get that joke.


The thing is, the artwork doesn’t come out of the frame.
Didn’t think this through.
Typical Kari.
Until I brainstormed and covered it up!
With wax paper!!

I just make stuff up in life as I go along.
You are realizing this, aren’t you?


I reasoned that with wax paper, I could see through to make sure nothing was getting covered by spray paint!
That makes no sense whatsoever, but I was on a roll, so go with it.

Loving it already!


I got some on the print.
And wait until you see where this goes.
It is funny, actually.
And fitting.
Every time I write a blog post, I look up and get to see my mistakes.
There is nothing more grounding than that.
Except for the button in my car with a picture of me in my high school band uniform.
And bad 80s blue eyeshadow.
Now THAT is grounding.


Then, as if fate wanted me to have more chevron in my life, I found these bad boys at Target!
On clearance!
I had my eye on these cool green print panels at Lowe’s but they were 24 dollars each.
So for the cost of three panels, I would have only gotten one at Lowe’s.


I am all for being transparent on this blog.
So I feel inclined to mention my partner in crime.
The Clyde to my Bonnie.
The Ernie to my Bert.
The Bartles to my Jaymes.
My hubs.
He does the grunt work in my project realm.
The above picture is him being a smartass.
I asked him to hold still, so he “posed”.


Are you ready to see the big reveal?
Let’s see some before and after action, shall we?




Hello, brightness.
Spray painted the accessories with Hotel Vanilla and added my ten-buck curtains from Target.

From dark accents…..



To much brighter accents and the room actually looks bigger too!
Added my 10 buck panel, a 12 dollar mirror from Lowe’s, some 50 cent gold pears from Goodwill and Hotel Vanilla spray paint to the accessories.

Goodbye red couch (insert bad name here)…

Hello, lighter couch (insert good name here)…


No, I didn’t get a new couch.
Stay tuned for the details on this one.


The puke tan turned black Goodwill table gets some Hotel Vanilla spray paint, the accessories get some Tropical Foliage green spray paint, add in the pendant lamp I already had from Lowe’s and we got a new work area!



I love how the green really makes this artwork pop!

I literally took 30 pictures of this area.
I cannot stop looking at it.
I am writing this post in my new work area and I love it so much more.


So here is the breakdown that I love to do.
How much did my six can spray paint re-haul of our family room cost?

1- spray paint (four cans of Valspar Hotel Vanilla and two cans of Valspar Tropical Foliage) at almost 4 dollars a can = 24.00 for paint.
2- new curtains- RE (Room Essentials) curtain panels: on clearance for 10 bucks each = 30.00
3- pendant lamp- at Lowe’s on clearance for 10.00
4- mirror on the mantel- at Lowe’s on clearance for 12.00
5- gold pears at Goodwill for 50 cents each = 1.00

Grand total: $77.00 to completely change our room.
I haven’t changed this room since we moved here.
So essentially $77.00 over eight years.

You can’t even buy throw pillows at Pottery Barn for under 77 dollars.
So did I live up to the challenge?
Less than the cost of two cans of VOC paint, primer, and the tools that go along with painting an entire room?

A can of low VOC paint usually costs anywhere between 25-30 dollars per gallon.
So two at 25 dollars = $50
Primer = around $20
Tools = ballpark $20
Grand total if I just painted the room = $90

I win.
I win, I win, I win.

12 thoughts on “Six Cans of Spray Paint + One Room = WINNING”

  1. Loving all the colors! Truly truly! I'm trying to find a way to make our family room a little less "blah there's another room with a TV and a crap load of toys" into "Ooooo, that's cute and cozy, I want to watch 30 Rock in there" I think those frames OH and that chair are just the right amount of pops of color I would need. PS Pinning!


    1. I LOVE spray paint too but I don’t know that I would create an entire room with it again. OH THE HEADACHES. Literal headaches.

      I am so glad you have that reaction when you read my blog. 🙂


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