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A New Couch for Under 200 Dollars? You So Cray Cray!


I mentioned before how I had a hate/hate relationship with my red couch.
Before I go any further, let me offer a piece of advice.
Never, ever buy your everyday furniture from the section of a furniture store called the “bargain garage”.
Don’t do it.


Our bargain garage couch

We bought this gem six and a half years ago.
While I was pregnant.
Here is another tip: don’t buy furniture when you are high on pregnancy hormones.
Or on your period.
Or peri-menopausal.
Or postmenopausal.
In fact, just send your husband, life mate, boyfriend, Uncle Lou, or any male role model out to the furniture store to make the big purchase.


Oh, this couch was comfy enough
It wasn’t too lumpy.
It was even halfway comfortable sleeping on it.
But the stains.
Oh, the stains.
Silly me thought a red couch will hide all the stains my then seven-year-old and soon-to-be baby would be providing.
Oh, the stains they would be providing.
Yes, red is good.
Better than white.
Surely better than ecru.
Red is THE way to go.


Ella's toys on the red couch

Let me be the one to level with you: RED IS THE INSTIGATOR OF ALL UPHOLSTERY COLORS.
It’s like the red was inviting stains to our home while we were out.
I couldn’t keep this couch clean, even if I paid the damn thing.
I scrubbed this stupid piece of furniture five times a week.
And that was on a good, low stain week.

Ella playing on the red couch

I banned food.
I banned beverages.
I used stain repellent products.
I cleaned it with pet stain removal products.
I practiced voodoo chants near the stains.


Our ugly red couch

So this summer, I said to my husband, “we need a new sofa”.
Because people are laying napkins down on our sofa before they sit down.
Only cheap me didn’t want to pay for a new sofa.
The structural part of the couch was fine.
I mean, we already had our butt dents comfortably placed.
And you know how long of a process that is.

So I decided we weren’t gonna pay over 400 dollars for a new couch.
I do not know how I came up with that number.
Because even that number makes me shudder.
And the only place I could think of that would even come close to my cheap price?
Only the couches I loved were $900 +.
Of course they were.
They were so pretty, though!
I am not gonna pay a grand to have stains from hell make their way onto the new couch.
Because as much as I didn’t want to admit it, the old couch wasn’t making the stains.
My old family was.
And I couldn’t put them out on the curb come garbage day and go to IKEA and buy a new family.

My red couch with stains from hell

Then I remembered!
My best friend Rebecca has experience with slipcovers!
I could turn to her for help!
Because my history with slipcovers isn’t pretty.

When I was a newlywed back in 1995, my parents gave my then-husband and me their old sofa.
We were so excited to get it because we were so broke.
But it didn’t go with anything in our home.
No problem!
I will put a slipcover on it!
I got it at Kohl’s (where I worked at the time) for 50% plus my discount.
I was so stoked!
I could do this!

My circa 1995 couch
My apartment. And the slip-covered couch. Circa 1995. Apparently, I didn’t know how to clean up before taking a picture.


After I finished it, it looked like I was hiding bodies on my couch.
And what was worse was that after anyone would sit on it, you would need to reposition the slipcover all over again.
Every. Single. Time.
One day I came home from work and the slipcover was hanging entirely off one side of the sofa.
It was like the sofa was suffocating under the slipcover and trying to shake the thing off.

Needless to say, I was slipcover phobic after that.
And bought ugly red couches for 60% off in bargain garages.

Rebecca to the rescue!
She had ordered these slipcovers from Overstock called Sure Fit.
And they looked amazing on her couches.
Not at all like slipcovers.
And $129 was a lot cheaper than $900.

Adding the slipcover to our couch

Starting the process of being a less ugly couch and a more pretty couch.


My ugly red couch cushion


Goodbye, hideous red cushions.
Goodbye hideous red couch cushions!

Hello, brown cushions of goodness and light.


Our new couch without pillows

It took Rebecca and me all 15 minutes or fewer from start to finish.
Then we went to Hobby Lobby and bought pillow covers.
Remember the pillows I “made“?
We “made” more!

Rebecca helping me make our new pillows

Ooh, look at the pretty colors!

"Making" our new pillows


And here, my friends is the finished product!
Our couch looks so much better!


I don’t even recognize this couch.
A slipcover on an old couch can make a HUGE difference

It’s like I don’t even know who you are.

I love the new couch

So I figured, if we bought a brand new couch, it would have set us back at least 400-500 dollars.
Maybe more if it included shipping, haul away, etc.


Easy to "make" chevron pillows on our new couch!

The slipcover alone was $129.00.

I love this couch so much more

The pillows, five total was 50 dollars.
Not bad, considering the cheapest pillow at Target on clearance was 12 bucks a pop.

Our "handmade" chevron pillows on our "new" couch

Soย for a “new to us” couch, it cost us a grand total of 179.00.

It was so easy to create this new couch with our slipcover

We love it.
Love, love, love.


Our new-to-us couch

And yes, I am allowing my kids to sit on it.
Okay, maybe not on it but definitely near it.


14 thoughts on “A New Couch for Under 200 Dollars? You So Cray Cray!”

  1. I LOVE IT!!! And I've always wanted a red couch one time before I die, but I do believe you've talked me out of it. Much obliged.


  2. It looks great! I have decided to spruce up my couch with new pillows. It's the little things that make such a huge difference.


  3. I detest shopping for non-wood furniture. All I see when I look are the future stains and saggy cushions. Just think of how many expensive umbrella drinks you could buy with all the money you saved.


  4. LOVE the couch "renovation!" It looks fabulous. And the pillows! The pillows! They're beautiful. I need to "make" some pillows like that, too!


  5. WOW! That looks great! I am having the same old couch problem, except I mistakenly purchased a cream colored couch before kids and now stuck with it after the kids.YUCK! I will need to try this! Thanks for sharing. Informative and entertaining ๐Ÿ™‚


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