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One Room, Two Ways


Before I share anything else, I want to share this picture with you:

I got the honor of getting to volunteer for the Halloween party at Ellie’s school on Thursday, and it was so much fun.
I think there is a dirty rumor going around about how not fun these things can be, and I know why.
You need some amazing fellow parents, and this will make the party move smoothly.
Case in point, the mom who put together all the above.
All of us were in awe.
She got all the ideas on Pinterest, but she did this all by herself!
So I totally signed up for the rest of the parties through the year because I want in on this action!

It’s been a while since I have written a post about decorating.
I started this blog with my main MO as decorating, organizing, and cooking on the cheap.
But sometimes we all go through “slumps”.
I mean, how can you possibly come up with a new craft, decorating idea, and recipe EVERY SINGLE WEEK?!?!
Oh wait, that is what bloggers are supposed to do.
Never mind.

So there is this “thing” I do.
I learned it from my mom and her mom before her.
It doesn’t have a name, but I gave it a moniker here on the blog a few years ago.
Workin’ with what ya got.
I flip the furniture and rooms ALL THE TIME.
People laugh when they come into my house and see the table that was in the kitchen now in the family room.
Or the lamp that was in my bedroom in our dining room.
Or entire rooms flipped.
My family gets confused and runs into furniture all the time.
But my husband doesn’t complain.
Because I don’t have to spend a dime to create these “new” rooms.

Let’s be honest.
It is expensive to keep up with trends.
People who can do that are very lucky and are in the minority.
So why not work with what you already have and “fake it til ya make it”?

One Room Two Ways

I have onebigroom in the front of my house.
No foyer, my front door empties into this onebigroom as soon as you enter.
When we bought the house eight years ago, the owners had the front room set up as a living room.
Which makes perfect sense.
And the back part of the room was a dining room.
Again, perfect sense.
So when we moved in, we set it up that way as well.
Even though we have no sense.

But a few years in, I started tiring of looking at this setup.
I even thought of moving the dining room to the family room in our home because the fireplace is there and I thought it would be cool to eat by the fireplace in the winter.
But the cable hookup was in there, and it would have been a lot of work.
That, and since there are enormous windows in the living room, I didn’t want our neighbors to see how much TV we are actually watching.

This was the most recent layout:

Dining room

Which has been this way since early spring?
The only problem was that there wasn’t direct lighting over the table but since spring and summer are LIGHT, it wasn’t a problem
Now that we are coming into the soul-crushing doom that is winter, I needed to rethink this arrangement.


Dining room


If you have a dining room, do you ever sit in it other than the holidays?
I have been seriously thinking about this lately.
I feel like from January to November, we only use this table when we have company or on birthdays.
And that makes me sad.
It’s not like we live in a huge house but we do have two eating areas and only one gets used most of the time.
And I want to rectify that.


Living room


And here is our living room portion.
We sit in here a lot.
See that brown cabinet?
The playdoh is in there.
See that black cabinet?
We lock the liquor up on the top shelf
So it’s a magical room.
Living room now a dining room


One afternoon, I enlisted the help of my 13-year-old and switched things up.
Like I do every six months.
And it only took me 30 minutes from start to finish.
Here we go…
Moving rooms around
I liken it to putting a puzzle together.
You slide the coffee table to one side…..
Moving rooms


Pull the table back into the former living room…..
Dining Room Move
My lovely daughter took this picture of me mid-move.
I want a picture like this in my obit.
Because this is what I did most of my life.
And what also will probably be the death of me.
Remind me to tell you the story of my mom and me carrying an entertainment center up a flight of steps.
The crazy train doesn’t stray far from the nutso station.
After 15 minutes of shuffling, here is the final product!
Living Room
Nothing added.
Using what I already had around but moving it to a different space.
To those who are new here, I bring this room to you by:
Goodwill, your local yard sale, Wal-Mart on clearance, and Dollar Tree.
Oh and Hobby Lobby, 70% off.
Living Room


Even my husband said he likes this arrangement so much better.
That is saying so much, you do not know.
OK, I will give you an idea.
I once moved around an entire room and it took him a week before he noticed.
So here is your reference point.


Living Dining Room Now

And the dining room is now much closer to the liquor.
Which makes complete sense.

Dining Room Now


12 thoughts on “One Room, Two Ways”

  1. I love it when you move furniture around! I was just talking to Kelsey about how I use to move furniture around in our house. It's fun!


  2. Maybe you should just have liquor in every room. Except the girls' rooms, and the bathroom. Strike that. Put it in the bathroom. Looks great, Kari.


  3. This is exactly what I do too…right down to the goodwill shopping and dollar store finds. I am really good at moving furniture around by myself. I have even moved things up and down the stairs on my own. It's the best way to get a new room feel with the same old stuff! I think you are much better at decorating though. I love your wall colors!


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