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DIY Challenge for the DIY Challenge Challenged

You know what I always wanted to be a part of?
A DIY challenge team.
Those who follow DIY blogs know what I am talking about.
They get stuff done!
They create cool headers!
They form a cool little cult-like circle around them and their blogs!









Look at that!!!
I am a part of something with other bloggers!!!
AND I have met all the above in person so I can honestly say they are cool chicks.
Julie, Katie, Chrissy.
Especially that one with the blonde hair and the green door.

So when my friend Julie over at Pocketful of Joules invited me to do this cool DIY challenge, I was in.

Here is the down and dirty:

– we have to attempt a DIY project in our home that we have been wanting to tackle

– it can be inspired from anywhere…Pinterest, a blog, HGTV….anywhere.

– I will show you what I plan to do today and then I have two weeks to achieve final product status

– then on November 26th, we reveal what we have done!

– and the winner wins $100,000!!!! Just kidding. Maybe next year when Oprah funds this!

So I have two ideas.
I just don’t know which room I plan on attacking yet.
It depends on what Home Depot has on sale this weekend, really.
Oh and did I mention I want to spend less than 50 dollars?
Actually, closer to 25 dollars.
I know.

Here are two rooms that are proverbial thorns on my side:

DIY laundry closet

In case you were wondering, this is a laundry closet.

DIY laundry hallway

Not a laundry room.


DIY laundry closet

A laundry closet.
With the worst lighting known to man.
It’s ugly.
Which is why I keep the doors shut.
Even when I am doing laundry.

I have been pinning ideas on Pinterest for laundry room closes for a long time now.
Or hoping for a laundry closet fairy to come down with a magic wand and make this happen one night while we are sleeping.

The other project might not seem dire but it is close to my heart.


DIY little girls room

This is my five-year-old’s room.
The name of the color is PEPTO BISMOL PINK.
No, I am kidding.
But it really should be named that.


DIY challenge my daughter's room

I picked the color while pregnant.
On happy hormones.

But over the past year, my almost-six-year-old has been begging for a purple room.
Every day.
“Please Mommy, paint it purple!”
“I am not a little girl anymore, I want a big girl room!”
Because in her sweet little head, pink equals little girl.

I have ideas for her room, simple.
But definitely purple.

So this most likely will be the room to get the change.
And I will live to shut the laundry door another day……

Stay tuned to see what room got voted off the island!!

16 thoughts on “DIY Challenge for the DIY Challenge Challenged”

  1. YAY, I love both of your project ideas. I would probably go for the laundry room/closet because I think it would be nice to actually smile/be happy when doing laundry.. =) I can't wait to see your project and thank you for playing with me!!


  2. I begged for a pepto bismol pink room when I was about 7. And it was amazing. Until I was 12. And then I made my brother switch rooms with me. And he lived with pink walls. Bwahahahahaha.YAY DIY! ON THE CHEAP!


  3. Are you sure you don't want to pick a room at my house? The before & after would be far more dramatic. Like war-torn Bosnia transforms into Paris Café. Just a thought. 😉


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