9/11 Memorial- I Will Never Forget

While in NYC, one of my must-visit places was the 9/11 Memorial or Ground Zero.
I wondered how I would react, how it would make me feel, or if I would feel anything while standing there.
I wanted to dedicate an entire post to my visit there.
Because it is important.
And because I will never, ever forget.

The hallowed 9/11 memorial

I felt like the rain looked like teardrops.

tear drop rain on 9/11 memorial

No one talks about the smallest victims.

smallest victims of 9/11

We saw roses here and there on names.
It wasn’t until we left we found out it was to signify that person’s birthday.
I literally broke down crying.


names on the 9/11 memorial

This land was the site of such a horrific act.
Yet look at the beauty.

beautiful trees at the 9/11 memorial

It was such a hallowed place, you could feel the energy here.

walkway at the 9/11 memorial

That little church didn’t budge when the towers fell to the ground.

little church in background of 9/11 memorial

It was an amazing, gut-wrenching, and beautiful experience being able to walk here and read/touch the names.
If you ever get to NYC, you need to visit.

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