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New York City, Baby! (How NOT to Look Like a Tourist)

This is the last reblog in the series. I find myself missing traveling, missing people, missing being normal, and I felt like these posts were a fun diversion especially with what has been going on this week. 

First published November 22, 2013

New York City is so many things to so many people but to me, it is where Sesame Street is.
The first show I can remember ever watching was Sesame Street and I simply adore that show.

My children have loved that show as well but to this day, I will stop and watch Sesame Street alone, if it’s on. It is mesmerizing.

So when I had the opportunity to visit New York City with my friend Jennifer, I was so nervous and excited (nexcited) to finally get the chance to see this city up close and personal.
Here is my guide to the things we got to see in the few days we were there.

Garbage in NYC
See the garbage?

I had heard rumors that New York City has garbage on the street, but you never see it on TV so in my narrow mind, that was a dirty lie.
But it’s true.
On the streets.
My friend said it’s because they don’t have alleys to put garbage dumpsters, which makes complete sense but it still takes some getting used to.

Columbus Circle STation Sign NYC
The first subway sign that I saw, I got quite excited.

See all those little circles and numbers?
I have no idea what they mean.
Subway math is like Algebra.

Columbus Circle fountain
Columbus Circle

The trees to the right of Columbus Circle are Central park. We only walked very briefly in Central Park because we didn’t have much time but I want to go back and take time to walk it. I also want to come back during summer or at least when it is warmer, so I can explore a bit more.

Lights in NYC

This is totally what New York City looked like in my head. This is also what the inside of my head looks like.
Also on somedays this too:

Garbage was EVERYWHERE in NYC

So my friend said we had to eat at Ray’s Pizza while here.
I had never heard of it but I am not one to ever turn down pizza.

NYC style pizza


Ray's Pizza in NYC

It was really good. I am not comparing it to Chicago pizza like people do. It is completely different.

Times Square in NYC
Times Square


This whole section is very touristy and as cool as it was to run through, it was too much for me.
I get overstimulated very easily. That sounds dirtier than it really is.

Naked Cowboy in NYC
Naked cowboy. Holding on to a small boy.


Not by him, though.
Cool shop in Bryant Park NYC

We stumbled on to this amazing little shopping area called Winter Village in Bryant Park where I got the coolest sign at a booth called Brooklyn Made.


Cool item I got in NYC
Now I will always have a piece of New York in my home. 🙂
2020 note- I still have it in the same exact spot. 🙂 
My boots in NYC

I am standing.
In New York City.
It almost didn’t feel real while I was experiencing it.

2020 note- my anxiety had kept me from doing so many things that I would feel this way when I would get places. I felt this way when Anna and I went to California in 2018. The entire time I felt this euphoric feeling of just BEING there like OH MY GOD, I AM IN CALIFORNIA! I felt the same way when I was in New York City, OH MY GOD, MY FEAR DIDNT KEEP ME FROM GETTING HERE. I can’t explain it to you if you don’t suffer from it but it was a surreal, cool feeling. 


Bryant Park NYC
Bryant Park Skating Rink



Cool little gift shop in NYC
Pamela Barsky


I loved this little shop at Winter Village.

Grace in NYC

Wherever I go, I find Grace.

Don't block the box NYC

Sir, it would serve you well in life to learn what the sign says.
Is that Bruce Willis?!


30 Rock in NYC


30 Rock.
Of course, if you call it that, you will sound like the tourist I am you are.


Rockefeller Center in NYC
Skating at Rockefeller Plaza

In my heart, I wanted to strap on skates and scoot around.
By the way, this looks so much smaller in person than it does on the big screen.

Setting up the Today Show in NYC

They were setting up for the Today Show the next morning.
Today Show in NYC

I don’t really watch the Today show (I am more of a Good Morning America girl) so I don’t know what kind of shenanigans go on outside here.


Where SNL is filmed in NYC



Radio City Music Hall in NYC
The Rockettes Christmas show was starting the next day.

This one is for my mom. I felt like she was with me the entire time. I “bring” people with me if they’ve never been.

Jimmy Choo in NYC

I get excited about fancy stores that I’ve never been inside of, so I take late-night pictures instead.

One of my favorite movies is Serendipity with Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack so one of the places I wanted to visit if we had time, was the restaurant namesake of the movie. NOT just because of the movie though. It was because of what they serve IN the movie.

Serendipity in NYC


The frozen hot chocolate.


Frozen Hot Chocolate in NYC






Serendipity in NYC

ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS? The amount I would pay to eat John Cusack’s leftovers.


The next day, I got to ride the subway for the first time and I was so excited!

NYC Subway

I even texted a picture of the inside of a subway car to my mom and my husband, like the subway virgin I was. We were on the subway mid-afternoon and there wasn’t anyone on it, so it was nice.


Best Drink Ever in NYC
The above drink did me in. Thank you bartender.


My friend and I decided to be spontaneous and went to a restaurant in the Financial District to eat dinner.
At 3:30.
On a Thursday afternoon.

It was so much fun, it felt like we were doing something wild and crazy.

Steve Martin and Dan Ackroyd would’ve been proud.

We split a jumbo crab cake, a bowl of sour cream mashed potatoes and we each got a cocktail.
Which must have been made with ALL OF THE ALCOHOL in the state of New York, because I was drunk before I even left the table.
MAJORLY drunk.

So I rode the subway.
I walked the streets of New York City during daylight.

I strolled through stores in the middle of the damn day in a foreign (to me) city.

Then came back to the hotel, stumbled past the lobby, smiled at the people in the elevator like a goon, stumbled down the hallway, giggling the entire time, tripped into our room, went pee in the bathroom, took my bra off, flung it onto the bed, and planted myself face down for a 45-minute power nap.

THE bra in NYC
That bra is kind of famous…



Kari, Ree Drummond and the bra.


After my drunk-ass power nap, we wandered out to the streets of the city on our last night to take in the sights.
But after having to sit still and be a good girl at the Bethenny show, subway riding, all that crab cake, walking the streets of NYC drunk, and I needed to ditch the bra.
Yes friends, my last night in New York City, I walked the streets of Manhattan BRA-LESS.

“I am out there Jerry and I am lovin’ every minute of it!”

2020 note- yes, we did all of this on the same day we did the Bethenny show. It was a jam-packed trip BUT it was so much fun. I slept for 10 hours the night we got home though. 🙂 



Corner Deli in NYC

These corner deli/bakeries were on quite a few of the corners we saw.


Corner newspaper stand in NYC

I took this on our last morning before we left for the airport while sitting in one of those little corner bakeries.
I see why so many people love living here; it felt like home even though I’d never been here before.

Maybe it was because I had been here, many times. Through the television screen, through the movie screen, this city has been a part of me for almost 45 years.

If I could recommend going to one place in your life that is out of your comfort zone, I would suggest New York City. I definitely want to come back but next time, I want to bring Mike and the kids and I want to explore smaller neighborhoods and the different cultures that make New York City so unique as well.

Thank you so much to my friend Jennifer for graciously taking my anxious self along for the ride and being my tour guide. What an amazing trip of a lifetime, friend.

12 thoughts on “New York City, Baby! (How NOT to Look Like a Tourist)”

  1. Awesome pictures! Except that deli sandwich. Gross. You two should have gone to the Carnegie Deli. But I guess you can do that next time! 🙂


  2. Dying with Laughter! So glad that I got to go with you on your first of (hopefully) many braless, drunk adventures through NYC. Wait, that doesn't sound so good . . . . . LOL! Love you bestie!


  3. As you know, I've never been to New York, but this totally makes me want to go even more. Even with the garbage in the street.


  4. Yep, garbage. That was something that stuck out to me as well.You're hilarious.And serendipity. I still dream about that freaking dessert.


  5. I’ve been to NYC a few times– my grandmother used to like to go in during the winter and we’d wander FAO Schwarz, grab lunch at a hotel with a view of Time square, take in a show. I went on a bus trip with my dance troop to see the Rockette’s Christmas show. I always enjoy the city and all there is to see and do. However, my husband and kids really do not like any cities so it’s impossible for me to get them to go to NYC.

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