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First Annual Giveaway Partay!!!! Week One

A Grace Full Life Giveaway Party

Before I get started, it has been a week since the tornado that leveled parts of little Washington, Illinois.
These amazing people are so close to my heart and I am praying for them daily.
You can head to the Red Cross website here and donate.
Even 10 dollars makes a huge impact.
You can also go to the Facebook page dedicated to the recovery here to find more ways to help.

So I mentioned on Facebook last month about something I was so excited about!
Wait, you don’t follow me on Facebook?
Well head on over here and like my page!
I will wait……

Anyway, I had this brainstorm while, of all places, getting a massage.
Now before you think I am bragging or sound all high brow…I got this massage for free.
Let’s just say it pays to be nice.
I had a gift card to get a massage, went to a said appointment and they told me that they had to cancel.
I was really nice and said “no problem” even though I was a little miffed because it was pouring down rain, early in the morning and it isn’t always easy to get out of the house when you have kids.
And a husband.
But I smiled, said “no problem” and scheduled another appointment.
Two days later, the manager of the salon called and said she felt bad about this and gave me a free 90-minute massage!

So during this free massage, I came up with this idea!
See what happy vibes from a massage can do for YOU?!?!

Here is the deal, I love you.
All of you.
A lot of you are new here, some of you have been here since the beginning and a few of you just found me recently.
You make me happy, you make me glad that I write here and you have no idea what you do for my ego.
Everyone should get a blog.
OK not everyone but most people should get a blog.
I love to write but writing on here to you every week gives me extra purpose and that is such a rewarding thing for a stay at home mom.

So to honor you and show how much I love you, I am having a fun Kari’s Favorite Things giveaway each week starting this week through Christmas.
Ala Oprah.
Ala Ellen.
I wish I could give 12 days of stuff away and I wish I could give everyone something.
But I only got three responses from the six companies I emailed.
Who shall remain nameless?
Naaaahhhh lets name them!
Thanks to World Market, Lowe’s and Spa Finder, you will NOT be receiving anything from them.
Because they didn’t respond to my lovely email.
And it was very lovely.

If I were you, I would email them right now and complain!
Heh heh.

But three amazing companies DID respond so you will be getting the chance to get something pretty cool each week.
In the final week, I am ponying up something a little special as well.
So that is 4, count ’em, FOUR weeks of giveaways!

So, are you ready?!?!

This first giveaway is makin’ me a little jealous.
Because I totally want this.
Raygun is special to me.
I wrote them my first pitch email and they didn’t point and mock me.
Ok, they might have but they did respond to me.
You can read all about my email here.
You want to read it because you need to know how special Raygun is.

Goodwill shirt by Raygun
courtesy of Raygun


Cleavage shirt by Raygun
courtesy of Raygun


Chicago shirt by Raygun
courtesy of Raygun


Pinterest shirt by Raygun
courtesy of Raygun


Tee shirt by Raygun
courtesy of Raygun

They have more than just tee shirts, by the way, but they are so damn funny, I just had to share.
So I approached Raygun and they sent me a gift card for one of you lucky readers, no questions asked.
I got pull over there now, sniff sniff.

Here is your chance to finally look cool!!!
Raygun is giving you $25 to spend in their cool shop!


Thanks to Raygun for providing for this giveaway!
Go on over to their Facebook page and give ’em a like for me.
I mean, they are one pretty cool company, wouldn’t you say?
Now, what are you waiting for, ENTER TODAY!!

29 thoughts on “First Annual Giveaway Partay!!!! Week One”

  1. I adore you. Not because you are giving stuff away because your heart is gigantic and I'm blessed that there is some love in it for me 🙂


  2. Love, love t-shirts just as much as I love your blog.!! No wait, but not as much as I love your blog. That's what I'm trying to say:-)


  3. As I read this I'm wearing my "Damn it's good to be a gangster" shirt AND my Raygun sweatshirt. They are a GREAT company and I love that they're giving your readers a fun gift!Oh, as for ordering tips… I don't like the skin-tight babydoll t-shirt look, so I order men's sizes. Jen may want to get the Blogger T in a men's size… I have a men's large and LOVE IT! =)


    1. I am referring everyone to yourComment about sizing issues!Kind of like the issues I am having right now with typing this on my phone….


  4. I love the wind turbine tshirt. I am mesmerized by the wind farms that I drive past on my way from Northern Illinois to Central Illinois. Would love to win a gift card. But, I'll probably go to raygun and take a look at what else they have.


    1. My parents lived in Central Illinois for seven years and we would see these on the ride down each of the hundreds of times we visited. My youngest has always called them airplanes. Still does. I love that.


  5. I would get the wind turbine shirt in a heartbeat! My dad helped design them way back in the day and my hubby did some of the site work for a couple of the installations around our town. In face, one of the BEST dates we ever went on was to a "turbine farm" so I could see those amazing things up close and personal. The shirt would be a perfect reminder! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! Love your blog – we could totally be buddies if we lived in the same zip code!


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