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Turning a Little Girl Room into a Big Girl Room


Two weeks ago I mentioned I was part of a cool DIY project/contest/challenge with some amazing bloggers.

We all know each other and have met in person.
And we STILL really like each other.
You can read my original post for the rules here.

So we had two weeks to get our crap in order and create something cool.
I chose to re-do my Ellie’s room instead of the laundry room because mom guilt won.
But I plan to overhaul that laundry closet some Saturday mid winter when I am in a funk and the only thing that will make me better is more cowbell.
And less Downy dryer sheets.

Here are the before pictures to remind you:


Ella little girl room before

Now I realize that this is not an awful before but it was more of a request from the tenant of the above room.


Ella's REAL little girl room

She said, and I quote, “I want a big girl room. Big girl rooms aren’t pink.”


Ella's sweet little pink room


Here it is all neat…aka- when we have company coming……I literally took this picture five minutes before my parents arrived for a visit last year.
Pink paint peeling


It needed a new paint job though. The walls looked like someone had sliced them with a box cutter.
Apparently, my children are trying to break out.
Ikea dresser in little girl room

And sadly, we lost a friend while doing this renovation.
Goodbye Ikea dresser.
You were good to us.
We purchased this dresser for Annie’s room while I was preggo with Ellie.
It lasted through a 7-11-year-olds’ wrath then lived with a 4-5-year-old traumatizing it.
Until it came apart at the seams, literally, while we were painting in here.
Goodbye, old friend.

So my goal was to spend less than 50 (ideally 25) dollars while making my five-year-old’s room less girly and more…big girly??
This is what we ended up doing to transform Ellie’s room:

– painted her walls a light purple (her request)
– got rid of the Ikea dresser of death
– put up new curtains
– new bedding
– figure out what to do with all the clothing that was in the Ikea dresser of death
– bring in some furniture from different rooms

And here is the after:

from little girl to big girl room makeover



Sweet little girl room makeover

Less little girly?


Peaceful little girl room makeover


But completely appropriate for a five (almost six) year old.
Peaceful little girl room

And the weird thing? Purple seems like it is darker than pink, but this room looks lighter!


Peaceful little girl room

The exact color is Lavender Verbena by Martha Stewart.
But I totally didn’t use Martha Stewart paint…NOOOO.
We used Glidden, which is a lot cheaper.
And Glidden doesn’t talk smack about bloggers.

Wire basket holding books in little girl room makeover


This cool metal locker basket was tucked in our basement, not being used.
I got it at a flea market a few years ago and it looks perfect here holding her books.
Little Girl Room Makeover

That nightstand used to be downstairs in our living room so I switched it with the nightstand she had up here, which fits in much better downstairs.
Did that make any sense to you?


Magical purple in a little girl room

Angel watching over her.
Aka- my gramma, who we named her after.

Little Girl Room After

That desk was a hand-me-down from Rebecca’s daughter’s room.
First, it was in Annie’s room for a few years, then banished to the basement.
It now has a home in Ellie’s room, which is perfect for a girl who loves to draw and color.
I did nothing to it but have plans, eventually……

chair in little girl room

The only change I made to the desk is I painted this Ikea chair from Annie’s room purple.
It has been at least five different colors over the past six years.

Desk in little girl room

I am thinking of painting this desk ivory and leaving the cool green knobs.
Again, saving this project for the dead of winter.


Little Girl Room Makeover After Picture

Oh, and just so you can see how rinky-dink I am here at the blog, THIS is what I used to give extra light to a room that is hard to photograph.
A floor lamp from my family room.

Here is the price rundown:

– one gallon of paint (which we didn’t entirely use) = 22.00
– bedding (on clearance at Target) = 25.00….I am so excited about this because 25 is amazing for a comforter, sheets, pillowcases and all!
– rug (on clearance at Target) = 10.00
– curtains (on clearance at where else….) 14.00 for both panels
– accessories- free…already had them before or were from Annie’s old little girly room!

Grand total-$ 71.00

….ok a little over what I really didn’t want to spend but not bad to transform a little girl’s room and her reaction was priceless.
Since I don’t show my children’s faces here on the blog, let me re-enact it:

Kari on the set of the Bethenny Show

Exactly like that.

Little Girl Room Before and After

Oh, I ended up putting all the items that were in the IKEA dresser of death into bins on her closet shelves.
I know you were on the edge of your seat waiting to hear! 😉

Head over to Julie’s blog, Chrissy’s blog and Katie’s blog to see what they created!

14 thoughts on “Turning a Little Girl Room into a Big Girl Room”

  1. I have to redo my daughter's room (from tween to teen…where did the time go!) so I love seeing others work their magic. I love the little pop of red above her desk.


  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE it! That is the PERFECT little big girl room. The polka dot comforter is just about the cutest thing ever. You went big man. I would not have painted a whole room, even for Joules LOL!


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