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Fave Projects of 2013

So Christmas is over at our home and we were so sad to say goodbye to Mamie and Papa. But here at A Grace Full Life, I like to make you feel a little better about your life. It really is the least I can do for you. Let me paint a picture. Soak it… Continue reading Fave Projects of 2013

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Christmas Is

This post was originally published at Chicago Parent where I am a regular contributor.  Christmas means many things to many people. Here is what Christmas Is to our family. Christmas Is..... - a day to celebrate a new birth. - hoping for snow but never usually getting it. - singing Silent Night by candlelight at midnight… Continue reading Christmas Is

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It’s The End of the Year As We Know It

I am one of those people who love those cheesy end of the year round ups. The news specials, the shows on VH-1, year in review blog posts, you name it and I will read it. I think I started writing an end of the year post a few years back, maybe even my first… Continue reading It’s The End of the Year As We Know It

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Vanilla Ice Has Got NOTHING on this Company

  So last week, I got to be a part of something pretty cool. I have met so many amazing friends blogging but I am very lucky to have some really cool blogging peeps that live right here in the Chicago area. One of those is MJ Tam. Never heard of her? Not for long.....she… Continue reading Vanilla Ice Has Got NOTHING on this Company

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Why I am Failing Christmas. Behind the Scenes Expose on Bloggers and How They REALLY Live

This is my fourth Christmas blogging. And every single year I cannot seem to get motivated to create a new craft. Or blog about it. OK, I can hear you out there saying, "why do you need to create a new craft, K-Dog??" In my head we are tight and you call me K-Dog. Go… Continue reading Why I am Failing Christmas. Behind the Scenes Expose on Bloggers and How They REALLY Live

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Rolo Cookies- The Cliff’s Notes Version

If you know me at all, you know my favorite Christmas cookie is the elusive Rolo Cookie. I say elusive because as amazingly yummy as these morsels of all things right with the world are, they aren't too easy to make. When I say "easy" I mean that there are steps. And processes. You have… Continue reading Rolo Cookies- The Cliff’s Notes Version

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Remember Meatloaf?

  Do you? Do you remember meatloaf? What the heck happened to meatloaf, anyway? I would wager a bet that there is even a population of our younger generation who has no idea what meatloaf even is. I plan to change that today. Growing up, my mom made the best meatloaf. When my friends would… Continue reading Remember Meatloaf?