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First Annual Giveaway Partay!!! Week Three

So I feel like I have been a little absent here lately.
These giveaways are so much fun and speak for themselves but I miss talking with you.
This weekend, my bestie Rebecca and I were in a minor car accident.
It wasn’t our fault, we were rear-ended during the snowstorm but the “kid”…I sound like an old lady, he was a high schooler….who hit us was scared and had never been in an accident before.
We got hit really hard but my car (aka THE TANK)  had hardly any damage.
His car was really bad.
And I felt bad for him because he had to go home and tell his parents about his first car accident.
We are fine, a little shaken up but just fine.
Going into this week though, it was a reminder.
To be safe while driving, remember that there are young drivers sharing the road with you and be nice.
Nice is always the way to go.
Week two is over and we have a winner!
Sadie has been notified via email!
Are you feeling the excitement???
We are on week three, my friends!!

A Grace Full Life Giveaway Party

A year ago I did a review for this company called HalfTees.
Little did I know how much in love with these little shirts, I would become.


courtesy of Halftee

Basically, they are layering tops you put under your clothes that LOOK like a full tee shirt but aren’t bulky or heavy.
They are HEAVENLY.
And they come in a ton of colors, fabrics, and sizes.


Halftee Giveaway
courtesy of Halftee

So Tami over at Halftee wanted one of you to be able to layer in style!
One lucky reader will win the above long sleeve cotton Halftee in the color and size of your choice!!


Go to their website to see all that they offer, kids and maternity sizes too!
And head over to their Facebook page as well and give ’em a like and tell them to thank you for offering up this cool giveaway!

15 thoughts on “First Annual Giveaway Partay!!! Week Three”

  1. I am glad you are okay, and that the teenage boy is, too. I am sure his parents are grateful for your kindness and understanding towards him. Though not so much for the fact that their insurance just skyrocketed.


  2. I really like the 3/4 length in turquoise. I have never heard of these and am now so glad to know about them.Let me just say, though…something like this would totally mess with my hubby when he folds laundry. I can just picture him trying to figure out where the rest of my shirt went. He would probably end up putting it in our daughter's basket thinking it was her. Oh please pick me so I can mess with him! 🙂


  3. Shannon- Oh yes….that. We shall see, I think they are trying to work around that. I don't say I blame them.


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