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Why I am Failing Christmas. Behind the Scenes Expose on Bloggers and How They REALLY Live

This is my fourth Christmas blogging, and every single year I cannot seem to get motivated to create a new craft.
Or blog about it.
OK, I can hear you out there saying, “why do you need to create a new craft, K-Dog??”
In my head we are tight and you call me K-Dog.
Go with it.

But this is what you don’t know.
My name is Kari and I am a DIY blogger.
When I took the oath and went to the secret meetings and learned the handshake, I vowed to create a craft for my readers.
Keep them entertained.
Give them motivation.
Send them home with a cute craft to make in under 30 minutes.
But then I was kicked out of the club because I didn’t use bokeh on my Instagram photos or paint a wall chevron.
And it got all ugly. In my heart, I love to DIY.
I love to create fun little things for my home.
I love to pin many fun décor ideas to my walls with the dreams of creating all of them in a budget under 25 bucks.
In reality, this is too hard to accomplish even on my stay-at-home mom with kids in school part of the daily schedule.
I want to do but I just can’t find time or funds to do it.
And Christmas is for a head.
This should be my tax season.
The season this type of blog lives for.
Instead, it sits dormant.
With a weekly giveaway and re-posts of old Chicago Parent articles.
I got nothing.THIS is the reality of Christmas in my home.

Kenny Rogers, I still love you

“I can’t wait” until I have time to play these CDs.
Yes, Kenny, I see you there.
I promise I will hear you out.
After I get the kids to school……or the groceries get bought…..or I put makeup on……wait, that NEVER happens.


Menu board from hell

When the HELL is the Crockpot Pasta Fagioli gonna be made?

Christmas cards getting ready to be mailed

I gave everyone crap on Facebook about Christmas cards.
And here mine sit.
Oh, they are all addressed and ready.
But here they sit.
Waiting for the Christmas elf to take them to the post office to mail.
That and 30 bucks for stamps are expensive.

Charlie Brown Christmas tree

Even the JOY is falling off the tree.
Next to the 29 dollar IKEA light fixture directions that are useless and mocking me.


Christmas Nativity on the floor

The three wise men just gave up.


Christmas bow on the floor

Bows are fallin’ off mirrors and trees.
We were sitting in the family room watching Ellen’s 12 days of giveaways on DVR when this guy fell to the floor.
He must not have liked the 300 dollar thermostat she was giving away.


Look at all of those Christmas cards. Nope.

You all are giving up too.
As evidenced by our lack of cards by mid-December.
Two of those cards up there are ours, by the way.
I know.


Even Santa isn't ready for Christmas

I feel ya, Santa.

I think it’s because Thanksgiving fell late this year.
I have glorious news.
It falls late next year too.
I am just a ball of fun.

I’ve got news for you, you can expect the same low expectations from me each holiday.
Don’t think that this will be “the” year.
Yeah, no.
Therefore, I will never give away 200 dollar gift cards here on the blog.

I will be back in January.
January will give me my motivation back.
I have fun ideas….even a …dare I say…..craft!
Enjoy your families, snuggle in good while watching Charlie Brown, enjoy the lights, the music and the season.
I love you all so much.

Now, will someone come over and make me my Pasta Fagioli?


16 thoughts on “Why I am Failing Christmas. Behind the Scenes Expose on Bloggers and How They REALLY Live”

  1. Oh K-Dog. I just love you! I gave up too! It should be our tax season!!! But I was all like, mehhh. Not feeling it. But you. YOU. You said it so well. I laughed and I cried and my stomach hurts a little. And I want some Pasta Crock pot Faggoli. I dont even know what that is. And I love how you updated your menu plan. That was awesome. I hope your joy can hang on for a few more days, and when I do my Christmas cards, even if it be January, I will send you one. Much Love!


  2. I haven't done a Christmas craft in years. And I don't have a menu plan either. The kids ask "What are we having for dinner?" at 5:00 and my answer is usually, "I haven't decided yet." Their response: "Oh, that again."See. Don't feel so bad, K-Dog.


  3. Want to know a secret? Remember those gold glitter candlesticks I did for our awesome DIY thingie…yeah, they're still sitting on my sewing table…Also, my mom and two sisters are in Disney World this week and I'm so incredibly jealous that I make a weird grumbling noise every time one of them posts another picture on Facebook.


  4. I see frozen pizza on your list. just go ahead and pen that in for every night and you have my food planner. Have a wonderful holiday. Valentine's Day will be here before you know it!


  5. I haven't done a Christmas craft in a few years… And you know I'm a crafty chica! But…. This year bc funds are a little tight I remembered something we used to do with my brothers and sisters at Christmas. For our gift exchange either some or all the gift had to be made. It was so fun once you got an idea for your chosen person. I remember it being fabulous to see what everyone came up with. So I decided to reignite that flame and make something (or part of something) for my person this year. Knowing that I will probably be the only one makes me so excited to bring something awesome that I didn't just pick up at the store off of somebody's list!-Steph


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