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It’s The End of the Year As We Know It

I am one of those people who love those cheesy end of the year round-ups.
The news specials, the shows on VH-1, year in review blog posts, you name it and I will read it.
I think I started writing an end of the year post a few years back, maybe even my first year.
Not sure but I do know that I am probably writing it more for myself than I am for anyone else.
I say that in the nicest way.
Meaning, I am not bragging about my year, just keeping a record of cool useless trivia on my blog.
And really it’s not useless.
I love knowing what you love to read here, where you come from, even what type of device you read me on….survey says- laptop with a smart device in second place!
It’s funnnnnn.

So here is my year in review according to two sources: Google Analytics and Blogger.

Here are the top five countries from where you are visiting!
Source- Google Analytics

1- USA
2- Canada
3- UK
4- Australia
5- Germany/India/Ireland are all too close so I am calling it a tie.

Here are the major metro cities you are visiting from!

1- Chicago (YEAH BOYYYY!!!)
2- NYC
3- Atlanta
4- LA
5- Houston

According to Google Analytics, 45% of you are female. 54 % are male. THIS IS A HEAD SCRATCHER FOR ME. I was literally shocked when I read this. I think there might be a glitch in the system, honestly because I have had maybe one comment on my blog from a man. So either there is something wrong with the matrix or I have a stalker problem.

As far as age demographic, here is how Google laid it out for me:

27%  of you are 18-24  33.5% are 25-34  15.50% are 35-44….WAY TO REPRESENT!!!…..12.5% are 45-54    5.50% are 55-64  and 5.50% are 65+ (HI MOM!!) Mom, you need to get your friends reading my blog. That is one of my new year’s resolutions. I want older readers. Because older people rock.

According to Blogger (NOT BlogHer, it’s confusing daily around here, trust me), here are some fun stats!

Your top five favorite blog posts of all time:

Fave post of year- dollar tree glass holders

1- Dollar Tree Glass Holders of Schtuff

This has been at number one since I published it in 2011 with a total of 10,444 and counting page views.

Fave post of year- master bath makeover

2- Master Bath Makeover

8,359 people saw that I had Monistat on my bathroom counter.

Fave post of year- farmhouse table

3- Old Kitchen Table Makeover

5,413 people saw me transform this kitchen table into a desk.
That now sits in our basement.

Favorite post of year- Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

4- Four Ingredient Recipe- Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken

4,658 people saw this recipe that I can no longer make because it gives my husband wicked acid reflux.

I will stop here.
Because there is something that kind of bothers me.
See those posts above?
What I didn’t add is how many comments I had on those posts.

Dollar Tree post that almost 11,000 people read? 36 comments.
And probably half of those were my responses.

Master bath makeover with almost 9,000 reads? 34 comments.

Buffalo Chicken with almost 5,000 views?
Only 6 comments.

Why aren’t you commenting?
I mean, if you have nothing nice to say, that’s ok but why aren’t those of you who like to come read here writing a response?
I am serious, what is it about this blog that makes it hard to comment for you?
My mom reads this blog every day and has never left a comment.
I want to change that.
I have been mulling over making a change to this blog and 2014 is the year I am going to just do it.
I want to have a greater connection with you.
When you comment, the only way that I can respond so that YOU can see I responded is via my phone.
That needs to change, so that is my blog resolution for 2014.

Top referring sites (meaning what other sites are sending you here)

1- Pinterest …..the buffalo chicken one alone I owe to Pinterest.

2- Google

3- Thrifty Décor Chick ….this is a head-scratcher as well and I can hear Jen laughing from here (inside joke) …..

4- Facebook ….so I can’t be too mad at Mark Zuckerberg.

Thank you so much for a great year.
I say this every year and I mean it every year, I love you all.
I am heading into year four of writing at A Grace Full Life and I really never thought I would be doing this four years later.
Do you know why I am still doing it?
I love meeting you, reading your comments, listening to your stories, sharing my life with you.
Thank you for the support, love, and kindness I feel daily.
Thank you for coming back each week to read.
Thank you for messaging me on Facebook about where I can buy stuff on the cheap because you just know I would like it.
Thank you for considering me one of your friends.
Thank you.
And Merry Christmas!

6 thoughts on “It’s The End of the Year As We Know It”

  1. You are an inspiration! Best wishes for another great year of blogging. Love you Kari…from Wendy on her Kindle Fire at 2am in San Diego..take that Google analytics..hee hee!


  2. YOU ROCK!!! I love to read your stuff too so please keep it coming. Hope you have another great year. Blessings from a 45 (soon to be 46) year old homesteading,God loving,always looking for frugal living ideas,mother of 7 and grandma to 2,in the middle of Missouri. Woo- that was a mouthful :))


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