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How Weight Watchers is Making Me Look Less Like Jabba the Hutt

I recently migrated my blog and some of the pictures didn’t make the move. So imagine pictures where captions are. 

I had to Google “how to spell Jabba the Hut”.

For the past five years or so, it has been no secret how I have fluctuated with my weight.
It started with my second pregnancy.
Or what I like to call, “HowLongWillItTakeMeToLookLikeVioletBeauregard”.
It is a Willy Wonka reference.

With my first pregnancy, I was working full time and on my feet all day.
I was really careful about what I ate, read What To Expect When You Are Expecting every day and made sure I was following the doctor’s orders to the tee.
I gained 28 pounds.
The size of a two-year-old child.


With my second pregnancy?
I was shoveling every single thing in my visual path into my mouth.
I gave my What To Expect When You Are Expecting book to Goodwill and I lied to my doctor about how much food I was consuming and how often I was consuming it.
I gained 55 pounds.
The size of a seven-year-old child.

I naively thought that “it takes nine months to put it on, it takes nine months to take it off”.
Heh heh heh heh heh heh.

Over the past five years I have run, walked, walked with Leslie Sansone on TV, ran/walked, ran in two 5K’s.
I have “changed my eating”, dieted, given up, watched my weight go up. And down. And up. And up AND down and down AND up.

At that time, I have gone from my highest weight of 190, which was my weight before I gave birth to my youngest child to 145 which has been the lowest I could go since 2006.

I have broken up with the scale many times but “for good” last March.

I reasoned that I could tell when I was gaining because of how my clothes felt.
THAT IS A LIE, by the way.
Clothes LIE.
Because of Lycra.

So when after a fun visit to the city with my bestie Marianne, I saw this picture:

Marianne and Me (before Weight Watchers)

I wanted to make a change.
I stared at my thighs for a good ten minutes.

Literally a few days after editing this picture for a post about our trip, I  was approached about an opportunity with Weight Watchers.

I am not a vain person.
As evidenced by the hair on my upper lip on most days.
But I don’t like to feel heavy and when I get heavy, I feel awful.
Sluggish, depressed and achy.
Over the past month, I had experienced six migraines.
Not normal for me these days.
There would be WEEKS I would go without eating a piece of fruit.
Then there was the food baby incident.

A few weeks ago, Ellie and I were playing on the floor, goofing off.
When she grabbed my tummy and said, “aww you have a baby!”
An innocent mistake on her part.
I didn’t hold it against her.
OK, maybe I ate her last cookie after she went to bed.
But it made me laugh and cry all at the same time.
Mommy does indeed have a baby in her tummy.
A food baby.

Then I got on the scale for the first time in 10 months on January 18th.
And I saw that I had gained 20 pounds since last winter.
And was four pounds heavier than I had been in four years.
Then I cried.
And cried.
And cried.
Then I ate a brownie.

I started Weight Watchers on Monday, January, 20th and was apprehensive.
I felt like it was going to be just like the “others”.
But I hate HATE counting calories and I needed help to lose weight.
And I need to make up with fruit again.

It has been officially almost two weeks and I have to say, I LOVE THIS PROGRAM.
Reasons why I love it so far:

– Points.
You get a certain number of points each day based on your weight and height.
You also get a certain amount of flex points (think cheat points) a day OR a larger number of cheat points a week.
Shout out to my bestie Kari for pointing that out to me!!
So basically Weight Watchers does all the work for you.
When you sign up, you get access to their website and app.
The app will become your bestie. Your homie. Your boo.
I use it to calculate my points after every meal, look up how many points are in foods that I eat at restaurants and there is a cool calculator that you can use to look up points from just the nutrition label!

– I am not hungry.
In every weight loss endeavor in the past, I have always been hungry.
Think IWouldEatTheStainOffTheCoffeeTableIfIDidn’tThinkItWouldGiveMeHorribleGas hungry.
But since starting this program, I am completely satisfied and if I have an extra hungry day?
I usually have leftover points.

– I have not heard one person say one bad thing about Weight Watchers.
Not. One.
My mom and dad did it for years and STILL, rave about it.
I even got my bestie Rebecca on board and my bestie Kari is doing it as well alongside me.
And bestie Vikki starts next week!

-Which brings me to my next point: DO THIS WITH FRIENDS!
Support is huge and I don’t know what I would do without my besties sending me recipes, texting ideas for snacks or just moral support.

So here are the basic dets about starting Weight Watchers:

Weight Watchers now has a starting plan called Simple Start.
Basically, it eases you into Weight Watchers by creating a food list, sample menus, and guidelines for drinking water, etc. without the points system.
If you have never watched your weight before or been on any healthy living plan, this is a good place to start.
I did not use the Simple Start program for myself.
I dove right in and started with the points system.

You will need to weigh yourself before you get started but that is OK because you will lose.

Because they do all the work for you.
You enter your weight and height into your profile once you sign up and they will give you a goal weight and how many points you can consume each day.
My total points per day are 29 with 7 cheat points extra per day or a total of 49 per week.
Meaning I can cheat every day if I choose!
I happened to use up ALL 49 of my cheat points in one day during my first week.
It’s OK.
I will get more this weekend and with the Super Bowl on Sunday, I will need them.

The beauty of this for me is that once I reach my points, I am usually full.
I like having an invisible hand going STOP once I reach my point level.
I need that kind of motivation because nothing else in the past has worked for me.
I also love that ALL fruits and veggies are 0 points.
I can eat as many as I want.
Which isn’t the case with other diets so I would give up most of the fruits I love.
I have never eaten more fruit in mah life!

I have lost seven pounds so far and although I know some weeks will be better than others, I like how I finally feel in control of my eating and my weight.
Stay tuned for the results and I will be posting some of the amazing recipes I have found that I can eat on Weight Watchers!

Disclosure- A subscription to Weight Watchers Online was provided to me for free by Weight Watchers. People following the
Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

18 thoughts on “How Weight Watchers is Making Me Look Less Like Jabba the Hutt”

  1. Congrats Kari! I love you no matter the points or pounds. You know that, but I'm happy for you. I've never done Weight Watchers before, but have always heard good things!


  2. oh Kari! i'm not sure what you were staring at for 10 mins, as i don't think your thighs look big at all!!!, but, we are our own worst critic and i totally get it. i hope you get the results you are looking for with WW. good luck!!! XO


  3. I'm so proud of you — 7 pounds is AWESOME! I started my new diet/exercise/DietBet thing on 1/26 and I'm only down 3 pounds so far… but I'm doing the happy dance too. If you ever think 7 pounds (or even 2) isn't a big deal… go play with a 7 pound weight for awhile!


  4. Yaaaay! Congratulations. I had similar eating habits with my pregnancies. My second child will forever be known as "Pound Cake Baby". I did WW then and lost weight. The program was great and I have used some of the recipes I got 13.5 years ago all these years. Now, go drink some more water!!!! Keep up the good work!


  5. Good for you, girl! It's never too late to take control of your health again! I've done Weight Watchers and loved it. It taught me what real portions are supposed to be like. It will hard at times, but hang in there, mama!!Visiting from Midwest Bloggers ; )


    1. Yes portion control is such a big deal and I am seeing how much I can eat and still feel full.Thanks for the support!


  6. WW will work. I started one year ago tomorrow. I have lost 27lbs on my 5'1" body! I am down to a size 2 from a 10. It was my goal to do it before I turned 40 and I am proud to say I did in and have been maintaining since August still following the points plus program. You can do it!


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