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Low Fat Super Bowl. Yes, it was Still Fun

I recently migrated from my blog and some pictures didn’t make the move. So imagine pictures where captions are. 
I know what you are thinking.
Low Fat Super Bowl Sunday is the equivalent of No Novocaine Root Canal Tuesday.
And a month ago, I would have been right there with ya.
But since I have been on Weight Watchers, we have made some minor adjustments to our eating style here.
We love the Super Bowl.
OKAY, my husband loves the Super Bowl.
I love the food and the commercials.
By the way, can we just discuss how much both the game AND the ads kind of sucked this year?
I think I had two commercials I loved.
And Bruno Mars.
Because of Bruno Mars.
In all honesty, when I started Weight Watchers, I didn’t even think about how close my start date was to the Super Bowl of eating.
But there is this website called Pinterest that has been oh so good to me in finding amazing Weight Watchers friendly recipes.
Think your fave meals, slenderized, so that you can eat them and still get skinny.
So I started getting really excited and thought, I am TOTALLY gonna have a low-fat Super Bowl.
In which no one will want to come to.
My sister-in-law was in town on business and I think I scared her a little by mentioning that it was going to be a skinny Super Bowl, but she said I can quote her on here as did my kids.
It was a hit.

Here is what I made:

This pretty collage?

Let me just tell you that there are three websites that will become your BFF while on Weight Watchers looking for recipes:

– Weight Watchers

– Skinny Taste

– Skinny Kitchen

There are TONS of magnificent sites out there but these give you actual point counts for servings, which is important when planning your meals.

First up, skinny mozzarella sticks.


Weight Watchers Mozzarella sticks for super bowl

These look NOTHING like on the website.
They kind of oozed out while baking.
But these tasted amazing.
Only 2 points for two pieces!
I also made the homemade sauce but you could use canned spaghetti sauce too and it would be low in points.


Weight Watchers Queso for Super Bowl

In our home, we love Queso, but the Velveeta version can pack some serious calories.
So when I found this lower fat version, I jumped all over it.
Only 2 points for 1/4 cup.
It doesn’t sound like a lot but even if you doubled that, it’s still only 4 points for Queso!
I used baked tortilla chips and if you want to make a dinner out of it, as I did the next night since it made a ton, it is only a 7 point meal!


Weight Watchers Nachos for the Super Bowl

Think you can’t eat nachos on a diet?
You are wrong.
These turkey nachos were delicious.
The only objection I had was that the baked tortilla chips were too soggy after baking because they aren’t as tough as the old-fashioned and higher fat tortilla chip.
So next time, I would bake the toppings in the oven and use the chips to dip into this.
Still, like nachos, but less messy.
9 points for 14 topped chips.
Oh, and here is a cheat: they call for Pico de gallo and since that is more work on top of making these nachos, I cheated. We got pico from Chipotle up the street. 20 cents. BOOM.


Weight Watchers cookies for the Super Bowl

We can’t not have our sweet on Super Bowl Sunday!
So these hit the spot.
Mini chocolate chip cookies!
Basically, the same ingredients go into the regular recipe, but it is about portion size with this one.
Think half a teaspoon size.
Only one point for each one!
I ate, like, ten.
It’s all good!
I dug into my extra cheat points.
And these babies were worth it.
I will make these again just to have something sweet during the week.

So the consensus was that you would know none of these were low fat.
And for the first time in history after the Super Bowl, I didn’t feel bloated or sick to my stomach.

Just amazingly, perfectly full.


Disclosure- A subscription to Weight Watchers Online was provided to me for free by Weight Watchers. People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

8 thoughts on “Low Fat Super Bowl. Yes, it was Still Fun”

  1. Kari, congrats for staying on your diet during Super Bowl! And congrats for jumping onto Weight Watcher’s! I just lost about 60 lbs on it. Took me over a year, but I did it. Part of that time I was confined to a chair getting over broken bones. Couldn’t exercise & figured I couldn’t lose, but I still did! Proud of you! The food snacks look delish.


    1. Aww thank you! I ended up losing 25 pounds that year. I am struggling to stay on course this year. I don’t know if it’s my age or what but I start a diet, lose five pounds, get proud and celebrate by eating cake. SIGH.

      These snacks are delicious and I make them to this day!


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