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LTYM Does Not Stand For “Look Through Your Makeup”


The city I love. That’s Chicago, by the way.

Or Listen To Your Math Teacher.
Except there is no T at the end.

I literally thought of other meanings for LTYM for a good hour.
This shouldn’t come as shocking to those who read this blog with any regularity.

Y’all, I did something really scary a week ago.
Like out of my comfort zone scary.
See that tiny black dot over there ————>>>>>.
That’s me.


There is this amazing stage show called Listen to Your Mother.
It is in 32 cities nationwide and it is an amazing tribute to mothers everywhere.
I sat in the audience last May with my friend Jen and watched 17 amazing women, several of whom were our friends, read their stories, tell their deepest mommy secrets, or tales about their mother’s; funny and poignant, sad and devastating.
I scanned the audience while waiting for the curtains to draw up before the show and saw a crowd full of husbands, daughters, and sons, mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, friends and grandparents.
The looks on their faces could be summed up in one word: proud.
Moms were dressed up anxiously waiting to see their daughter’s bare their soul in front of hundreds of people maybe even secretly wishing that there was an outlet like this available for them when they were younger.
Fathers were bursting with pride, pointing at the program and whispering, “that’s my girl”.
Friends were holding hands in the audience and filled with excitement for their amazing besties and the words they were about to hear.
It was just so amazingly cool.
It was after this show that I secretly hoped that I would someday get the chance to stand up on the stage and tell my story.

So on a cold day in January, I quietly hit SEND and submitted a piece I wrote.
Then on an equally cold day in February, I nervously headed to the city to audition my piece.


LTYM audition at Calumet

There are many reasons why each person auditions and I won’t begin to name them because for everyone it is a totally different reason.
Here is why I auditioned:

I am a stay at home mom.
Most days, my kids see me in my uniform of old jeans or leggings, a sweater, and holey socks.
Not Holy socks.
HOLEY socks.


LTYM audition room

I rarely, if ever, wear makeup.
In fact, when I do happen to put makeup on for the occasional school concert or going to lunch with a friend, my youngest child always ALWAYS gets so excited.
And says “wow mommy you ARE pretty”.
Thank you?

LTYM shenanigans with Jen
A nervous Jen and Kari. I am so glad I had her next to me in the waiting area or I might have tinkled myself. Or maybe I did.

I am in the audience when my children win citizen of the month, honor roll or for the talent show cheering them on with tears of pride in my eyes.
I am the one on the sidelines rooting for them or coaching them as they drive the ball down the field to the goal.
I am the one driving them here and there to practices, physical therapy and lessons to better themselves.

In the "Waiting" room for LTYM

They know how much I love them and support them on a daily basis.
But for one day, I would love for them to see that mommy is a person too.
Not to say that they take advantage of me, they are children.
If they tuned into my needs like an adult I would be worried.
But how cool would it be for them to be able to see mommy in a dress, wearing heels, WHILE having curls in her hair and lipstick on her mouth?
How cool would it be for them to hear their mommy bear her soul about her faults as a mom admitting that yes, we are human? That it’s OK to mess up?
How cool would it be for them to see my name on the program with a little bio, like the ones they have seen at plays they have attended?

How cool would it be to see their mom surrounded by amazing, empowering individuals who all have a story to tell?
How cool would it be for them to get to cheer mommy on from the audience?
Me warming up before my LTYM audition
See, normal people practice reading their piece before a big audition. Not take gangsta selfies. BTW, I am not affiliated with any gang. I have no idea what I am doing. So please don’t come and kill me.

I did this journey for not only me but for them as well.
To hear mommies and other strong females tell stories about motherhood.
To see that we cry.
We laugh.
We feel.
We struggle.
That we make mistakes. BIG ones. But can laugh about it, cry about it and talk about it.
On a stage.
In a dress.
With our family and friends in the audience.
How amazing would that be?

I am proud to say that I was selected to be a part of the 2014 Chicago Listen to Your Mother cast! You can get your tickets here! Hurry, they go FAST! OR head to the LTYM website and see if there is a show near you! PS- This show is considered a PG-13 show so my youngest will not be attending but my teenager will. And hear me swear. PLEASE, she has heard me swear before. Just not with a microphone. Heh. Heh.

38 thoughts on “LTYM Does Not Stand For “Look Through Your Makeup””

  1. I. Love. You. I am so happy for you and I know, truly, deeply know what you are talking about here. It will be amazing and I cannot wait to witness it. Sidenote: My kids ask me where I am going whenever I put on makeup. And they ask who is coming over when I am cleaning the house.


  2. Oh, now this IS super awesome news! Congratulations, my friend! Oh, and your gangsta selfie made me blow coffee thru my nose. Just so you know, coffee smells way different when blown thru the nose. I do not recommend it.


  3. I know I may be a bit biased, but I have a feeling your piece is going to MAKE LTYM this year. Not that I ever play favorites… 😉


  4. Congratulations! I think all of your reasons for doing this are just spot on. And kudos to you for representing all the moms out there. I wish I could make it up there to check out the show. That's just a little far from Texas. 😀


    1. I wish you could be there too!If you live close to a city that has a LTYM show, you really need to go.It is AMAZING.


  5. We have a 3year olds ballet recital weekend but for any other weekend I would TOTALLY be there. Plus. See a baseball game whilst in the greatest city ever. Rock on Mama!!


  6. That is SO exciting, Kari!!! Congratulations!!!! My friend + neighbor did LTYM in Milwaukee last year and I was so proud of her. And my other friend casts people for LTYM in DC. I think its such a fantastic show!


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