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A Dyson Party is like Going to a Frat Party. Except No Toga’s

I recently migrated my blog and some of the pictures didn’t make the move. So imagine pictures where captions are. 
A few weeks ago, I got to go to a cool party in the city.
AND the hubs got to come with me so it was like a date night.
Date night and a business party wrapped in one.
For someone who has been to PLENTY of my husband’s work-related things, this was exciting.
Like I was all fancy and city-like.
I have no idea what city-like even means.
But it sounds cool.
So I have a history with Dyson.
If you haven’t read about it, go here first.
Then go here to see my sexy photo shoot!
I will wait.
Sexxxxxy, huh????I have my friend Marianne to thank for these opportunities.
I feel like I need to erect a cool monument in honor to her.
I also feel like if I didn’t acknowledge that I used the word erect in the last sentence, she would disown me.


Mike and I goofing off at Dyson
Proof that Mike and I do get away from our children. Also, proof that I don’t take a good picture. Post soon to follow.

There were food, drink, and dessert at this party.
And lovely conversation.
And no children.
Just lovely, lovely adults all talking about a whole slew of things including but not limited to: cleaning, flooring, Dyson machines, colleges attended, goals and aspirations, blogging, wine, how long it took in traffic to get there, how many glasses of wine in my hand makes me look like a lush.
Or maybe I was just thinking that.

Scmoozing at Dyson
See? Only one glass in my hand.

Nothing about double ear infections, the science project that is due on Monday or the lice letter that was sent home from school.

Just lovely adult convo.
And the hum of Dyson machines.
Is this Heaven?
It’s River North.

Kari, Zach and Marianne at the Dyson party


Kari, Zach and Marianne at the Dyson party

Marianne, Zach and I got to play Charlie’s Angels with some of the cool vacuums.
I totally see us in a movie about the Dyson story.
Marianne get to work on THAT screenplay!
I want to play Cassandra!
I want to play Zach!

It was such a fun evening for two old people who never get out of the house other than to go to the pediatrician, work, school, and Chipotle.

The hubs and I loved getting time away from real life and it was cool for him to see me in my element.
And not with yoga pants, bed head and a sponge in my hand.
Thank you, Dyson.
For making me feel like a part of society again.


4 thoughts on “A Dyson Party is like Going to a Frat Party. Except No Toga’s”

  1. Erect. Erect erect. Erect erect erect erect. Sorry. I had to get that out of my system. Glad you had fun and I can't imagine a vacuum party without you!


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