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My Weight Watchers Must Haves. YOU CAN STILL HAVE BROWNIES. And a Weight Update.

I recently migrated my blog and some of the pictures didn’t make the move. So imagine pictures where captions are. 
My jeans are loose.
The ones that used to be tight after you wash them?
Then you reason that it’s because you just washed them so of course, they are tight!
I mean, who has jeans that fit absolutely perfect just out of the wash?
But then they don’t get any looser.
Even after you wear them for two days.
THOSE jeans are loose.
Like, I have to wear a belt.
On like the fourth hole.
I am not a believer kind of person.
I see people who lose weight on TV and think, pshaw, yeah if I had a trainer and chef I could be a size whatever too.
I am a negative Nelly by nature,
Negative Nelly is harsh, maybe more of a doubter.
NOT a doubting Thomas more like a doubting Susie because who can’t trust a Susie?
Anyhoo, I don’t always believe “the hype”.
Suuuuure you can lose twenty pounds on a weight loss program in two months.
And I have some amazing land to sell you three miles east of Lake Shore Drive in Chicago.
That’s Lake Michigan for those who don’t live here.
When I started on Weight Watchers back in January, I was a little skeptical.
I knew it was a good program and that I would indeed lose some weight but I didn’t think it would be life-changing. It is life-changing.
I said it.
Example: Last month on Fat Tuesday I had a breakthrough.
Fat Tuesday in Chicago means Paczki Tuesday.
A polish treat that is basically a cream-filled donut.
I don’t turn donuts down.
Like ever.
I wanted to get one but instead went to the gym and had a salad for lunch.
So on the day after Fat Tuesday, I was in Jewel and saw three packages left of Paczkis.
They looked awfully lonely.
There were six in each package.
I looked at the hubs and said Nope.
Yes, I know the girls would eat them too but I couldn’t do it.
Old me would have bought TWO packages, ate one for a snack that day, one for dessert that night and one for breakfast the next morning.
It’s like I don’t even know who I am anymore.  I have lost 18.2 pounds so far!!!!
OK let me brag a little because when you lose weight, any amount of weight you deserve to brag a little.
I went to the doctor a few weeks ago for a checkup and told the nurse that I wanted to take my boots off to weigh in.
SIDE NOTE- normally I weigh-in naked, so trust me, I wanted to strip right there but know that boots off weigh-in is more socially acceptable than birthday suit weigh in.
I also told her I didn’t want to know because the day before I cheated.
Not cheated myself just ate some good food.
Think pie.
And Portillo’s.When we got into the exam room the nurse said, “are you sure you don’t want to know your weight?”.
I laughed and she said, ” because you are 15 pounds lighter than you were three months ago!”
I told her how I lost it and she said, NO LIE, “that is what your doctor recommends as a weight loss program”.
There ya go Weight Watchers
How about that for an endorsement.

THEN I went to the bank a few weeks ago and I was bundled up like Randy from A Christmas Story.
“Like a tick about to explode” because of Polar Vortex.
And my friend and fave teller said, “OMG Kari, have you lost weight??”

It is working.
I am losing.
And I am not hungry.
I feel great.

I am not trying to sell you on anything.
Because I am not getting paid by WW other than getting this trial for free.
But I need you to know this, I will be doing WW for the rest of my life.
My struggle with keeping healthy and thinner has been long and hard.
Never has it been easy since giving birth to my two girls.
The only way I was able to keep thin was by smoking when I was younger and in between my girls’ births,
I never smoked while preggo, in fact, I quit a year before even getting pregnant with both of them.
But when I wasn’t preggo I was smoking until I quit for good in 2007.
And since then, STRUGGLE.

Since on Weight Watchers, I have some fun secrets and favorite recipes to help me get through.
Because even though I am not hungry on most days, it is the realization that I can’t eat whatever I want that does get me down at times.
But its all good, I have some help for you.


Writing Weight Watchers points on cans

Write on yo cans.
That isn’t a reference to anything dirty.
Write the points on everything in your house.
There is a points calculator in the app you get with your membership and it will be your bestie.
When I want to eat something, the math is done for me.
I get the Sharpie out when I am putting away groceries.


Redi Whip is a Weight Watchers BFF

Redi Whip will become your BFF.



Weight Watchers Brownies

Or put it on these brownies.
Four points for a large piece.
Secret ingredient?
Black. Beans.
OK, I was SKEP to the TICAL about these.
I had heard about black bean brownies for years and was like, Um. No.
Give it a chance.
But here are some tips.
Don’t use Target brand black beans (sorry Target, they taste AWFUL).
I use Wal Mart brand black beans or brand name just the Target brand taste awful.
Don’t come to sue me Target, I am broke.

I use the blue Pillsbury boxed brownie mix.
And that is all you need.
Drain and rinse the black beans; put bean back in the can, fill can with beans in it to the top with tap water.
Add to blender and blend until smooth.
Mix with brownie mix and bake as directed on package.

Tastes like Portillo’s chocolate cake.
That is good if you have never had Portillo’s chocolate cake.
Oh and put that zero point RediWhip on top of it.

Weight Watchers Friendly Hot Chocolate

Speaking of sweet treats, here is another cheat I love.
Diet Swiss Miss hot chocolate is one point when you add water.
(If you were to use milk, it would be more. So don’t use milk.)
Top with the zero points whipped cream and you have a one-point sweet treat.
This is my Saturday afternoon salvation because I usually treat the girls to lunch out on Saturday and “lunch out” is code for “diet out”.
Kind of like “Seacrest Out”.
So this gives me a lift without adding extra points to my day.
Because I like to save ALL OF MY CHEAT POINTS for Sunday.
I know, I am doin’ it wrong.
But I am still losing so I am OK with that.


Weight Watchers Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes

This is “mashed potatoes”.
I say “mashed potatoes” because there aren’t any “potatoes” in this.
It is cauliflower.
And it is amazing.
Tastes like mashed tots only better.
AND better for you.
AND low in points.
I topped it with 0 points Tastefully Simple Bacon Bacon seasoning and 0 point spray butter.
O M G.


Weight Watchers Salad

No these aren’t apples.
It’s a bad picture.
But it is a delicious dish.
Think cucumbers, red onion, tomato (I forgot to add) and buffalo sauce.
0 points.
I served this as a side dish with the potatoes and a Weight Watchers shrimp recipe and it was amazing.
It tastes like buffalo chicken.
Without the chicken.
In fact, I am under the belief that if you put buffalo sauce on ANYTHING, it will taste like buffalo wings.

Thank you Weight Watchers.
For making me fall in love with eating healthy again.
For making it easy and dare I say, fun??
I love how I look, how I feel and I know I will want to do this forever.
Thank. You.

Disclosure- A subscription to Weight Watchers Online was provided to me for free by Weight Watchers. People following the
Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

Head here to follow me on Pinterest for more Weight Watchers recipes!


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12 thoughts on “My Weight Watchers Must Haves. YOU CAN STILL HAVE BROWNIES. And a Weight Update.”

  1. Wow!! 18 points!! That is so great. I think the last time I saw you, you were at 7. Am I going to recognize you?I was doing so well, then I went on this trip this past week and I am pretty sure I gained back anything I lost. How did you do while traveling?I'm proud of you, Kari. Really, really impressive.


    1. I don't know because I am not weighing in until Saturday. 😉 I hope I am the same or only a pound or two under.But the food alone was worth it.


  2. Yay!! And BTW the brownies are awesome!! I do use Target brand black beans and brownies were good! But if Walmart brand will make them taste better then I'll have to try!


  3. Holy crap — you are AMAZING!!!! I knew you would succeed!!!Weight Watchers DOES rock. (It's the ONLY way I've ever lost any weight!) I just wish I could get the motivation to start again. Maybe this will do it . . . maybe I'll go do it. Oh, and Jillian is responsible for me dislocating a rib. No, I'm not kidding. Anyway … SO SO SO proud of you, Kari!!!Now, please tell me you're not going to get SKINNY-SKINNY??? You look pretty darn great to me!Big hugs!!!!!Bec


    1. I HATE JILLIAN!I am not skinny skinny.My love for McDonald's and chocolate will make sure of that. ;)Thanks friend! Big hugs back!


  4. Congratulations! Are you going to be doing a photo in a bikini when you reach your goal weight? You know, like Valerie Bertinelli. Just curious though – do the brownies make you fart? Totally being serious here, because I would think the beans would act like . . . beans?


    1. OMG this made me laugh so hard.Ok so no, they don't. Broccoli TOTALLY does.So don't put any of that in there.


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