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Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner. Except When Baby Holds Magazines. Then It’s Okay

I recently migrated from my blog, and some pictures didn’t make the move. So imagine pictures where captions are. 
When my girls were babies, they slept in cribs.
Scratch that.
When Ellie was a baby, she slept in a crib.
Annie slept in her crib for maybe five hours.
Then she slept with me on the floor of her room, next to her crib.
Until we inched all the way to the couch, back, and into my bed.
She rarely used her crib.
Oh, wait, yes she did!
She used it for trampoline jumping contests during playdates with her little toddler friends.
But for sleeping?

When I was pregnant with Ellie, my neighbors were being transferred to Virginia with the military, so they gave us their crib and dressers for free.
Which made me so happy since I thought I would go through the same “no baby sleep in crib” scenario with my next child.
I had grand plans, but I am weak with a baby crying.
Ellie slept in that crib from week two until she was four-years-old, bless her heart.
I stood strong.
And yes, I know, she was in there a little longer than most kids, but I wasn’t ready for her to give up the crib.

Maybe because this was the last baby for me, maybe because she never once crawled out of that crib, maybe it was the security for her and she just loved her crib so much.
Anyway, we finally got her into a big girl bed and I said to Mike, “don’t throw the crib to the curb, I am not ready yet”.
Not ready yet, meaning not ready to say goodbye to the crib.
I mean, I was totally done with the whole baby-making thing.
Because baby crying.

So the crib sat in our basement storage room from March 2012 until a few weeks ago.
I have seen lots of ideas to salvage cribs and crib rails on Pinterest into benches, jewelry holders, even craft room organizers.
Cool ideas, really, all while preserving the environment.
But nothing spoke to me.
Until I was thinking about my love of ladders one day. Not aluminum ladders, but those old wooden ladders.
I have always wanted one or two in my home to hold blankets or magazines.
But didn’t want to go through the execution of placing one in my home until the past two years for fear my then-toddler would climb the said ladder.
And she would have climbed the crap out of that ladder.
This has a point, I swear to God. 

So while thinking about my love of ladders, I had a brainstorming moment.
An A- HA moment, if you will.
I have a “ladder”!!
It has been sitting in my basement for two years!!!


Totally said like Chandler Bing.
My internal voice is Chandler Bing.

Here is the “ladder” aka “crib rail.”:




And here is the wonderful after:



I spray-painted it off-white… Valspar Hotel Vanilla to be exact and gave it two coats.
Then I took sandpaper to it because I wanted it to look like an old wooden ladder.

Then propped it up in my favorite reading corner.


And put some reading material on the rungs.

Baby is indeed in a corner.

Oh yes.
I went there.


I love this so much.
I look at this and remember that this was once used to hold my youngest when she was a baby.
And now it holds Chicago’s 20 best restaurants and Rachel Ray’s favorite recipes.



Baby likes being in a corner, by the way.
It’s a lot better gig than holding a screaming child with a dirty diaper.


10 thoughts on “Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner. Except When Baby Holds Magazines. Then It’s Okay”

  1. You included both Friends and Dirty Dancing in this post. I think you deserve a medal.Also, my internal voice is more of a Joey.Oh, yeah. I like your magazine holder, too.


  2. Kari, you are the awesomest! I am going to be an auntie again, but my very first crib has gone through 5 babies and is shaky as a loose tooth, so DH wants to buy a new crib for my SIL. But here I was thinking, but all that nice wood! It's such a waste to toss, but not safe enough to use (hardware fail). This is BRILLIANT. Now I'm going to snatch back my crib that I am NOT going to toss because I.Just.Can't. Magazine rack FTW! (Or even a kid's art display rack!)


  3. Oh wow Kari! I have been looking for the same wooden ladder…..with no success. You, my dear friend, are amazing! Guess what I'm (my husband) pulling out of the garage tomorrow m……


  4. You’re so fancy with your trendy decor! I’m still balls-deep in toddlerville so I know without a doubt that I could never have a decor ladder – my kids would be climbing that thing every single second. One day though … one day I’ll have ALL THE LADDERS. xx


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