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Thanks To Netflix, Julie Will Be Playing Rizzo. FOREVER. #StreamTeam

I am not a fan of musicals.
I said it.
The only musical I liked growing up was Grease.
In fact, I owned a Grease book, a few albums and maybe a Grease lunchbox.
During one particular summer, the kids in my neighborhood and I would act out all the scenes.
The girls would always, ALWAYS fight over who got to be Sandy.
Usually, it went to Julie, which made no sense because she had brown hair and I had blonde hair just like Sandy.
So the NATURAL choice should have been me.
Am I right??
But alas, that role was never mine.
Only for Julie.
Julie, Julie, Julie.
But then I watched Frozen.
At first, I was all OMG THIS IS A MUSICAL.
Then after watching it 43 times with my six-year-old, I was all OMG I LOVE THIS.
Now I want to see ALL OF THE MUSICALS.
I have another admission:
I have never seen Rent.
Or the Phantom of the Opera.
Or Les Mis.
I know.But now I can.
Netflix has some cool new musicals on board this month.
And since the weather has been so wonderful here in Chicago (insert sarcasm font), I am planning on having a MUSICAL FESTIVAL this weekend.
I will watch Rent.
I will watch the Phantom of the Opera.
I will even watch Grease.
Because Julie lives in Akron and can’t bogart the Sandy role anymore.

Here are some musicals to get me started:

– Shrek The Musical

– High School Musical

– Grease

– Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

– Footloose

-Phantom of the Opera

– Camp Rock

Since my youngest daughter loves Frozen, I know she will love some of these musicals on Netflix this month:

– Mulan

– Pocahontas

– The Prince of Egypt

– LeapFrog: Numberland

– RockADoodle

To make the musical watching more fun, we will make my favorite movie-watching concoction: homemade popcorn with m and m’s mixed in.
Something that I know that Sandy would love.
Take THAT Julie.

I am a new member of the Netflix Stream Team! Meaning, for the
next year, once a month I will be writing posts about how my family is
using our Netflix. They provided me with a Roku and a voucher for my
Netflix account. 

I am not mad or resentful of Julie. It may come off that way but I am not. I am sure she is an amazing adult. I just won’t be watching Grease with her. Like, ever. 

8 thoughts on “Thanks To Netflix, Julie Will Be Playing Rizzo. FOREVER. #StreamTeam”

  1. I would choose Rizzo any old day. My son just played Frenchie in his middle school drama class. Yeah, you read that right.


  2. My children have asked me to stop singing along to the Frozen soundtrack. And Fresh Beat Band. And The Sound of Music. I get into the musicals.


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