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Nighty Night Stand Part Deux. How Cheap Can Kari Be. I Need To Get A Job

I recently migrated my blog and some of the pictures didn’t make the move. So imagine pictures where captions are. 
That title was a stretch.
But I do need to get a job.
Because I am too cheap to buy furniture from IKEA.
Or I just don’t want to make the trip.
Plus IKEA is fun and all but seriously, the hours suck, the place is ridic busy.
Like annoying, want to smack someone busy.
And the customers at certain times of day, suck too.
Basically, what I think Hell will be like.
So I guess what I am saying is I need to find a different IKEA.
Or not go there at all.
I had gotten this basic nightstand at a garage sale back in the summer of 2012.
I did it up right and it looked like this when I was done:
Chevron night stand
It went to my oldest daughter’s room when she was 12.
She loved it.
“Oh, mom!”, she said, “it’s perfect!”, she said. That lasted about a year, maybe a year and a half.
When she finally had the guts to tell me that she hated it.
I understand it was a little chevron, crafty, flowery. So I used it in my living room for a good year.
Then it ended up in my six-year-olds room.
And here is where my disclosure will tell you how much of a bad mom I think I am.
I have never bought a new piece of furniture for my youngest child.
I said it.
She got a hand me down crib, changing table and dresser before she even entered this world.
The mattress she sleeps on was her sister’s.
The bed frame and headboard was my grandma’s.
The desk in her room was her older sister’s as is the nightstand.
Heck, even 75% of her closet of clothes are handed me downs or resale clothes.I am cheap.
I have kids who are rough on everything in their path.
We can’t have nice things.

But while laying in bed and doing hair with Ellie one day, I looked around her room.
Everything was someone else’s at one point.
And I felt a little sad for her.
Growing up, I never had garage sale end tables or beds that once belonged to a sibling.
I was very lucky.
Don’t get me wrong, my girls are very lucky too.
They have a roof over their heads, full bellies when they fall asleep and health care when they get sick.
They don’t really want for anything.
But the whole furniture thing bothered me.

So “cheap me” had a plan.
A plan to make it a little more girly.
Not at all chevron, fake flower, artsy fartsy crafty.
I wanted it to be whimsical.

But still not buy a new piece of furniture because DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH NEW FURNITURE COSTS???

Here is the before again:

Garage sale night stand

Here’s an even better one.


Crummy night stand before

Here is what I decided to do:

Scrapbook paper and knob for a new night stand

I like to take the familiar road.
The safe route.
The path well traveled.
So when deciding to makeover this nightstand, I decided to do exactly the same technique that I did the first time.
Spray paint the furniture with the exception of the drawer.
Then mod podge the drawer with some scrapbook paper and slap on a new knob.

So I got my scrapbook paper and knob and headed home so excited!
I was finally doing this!
I am so excited for Ellie!!


Mod podge-ing a night stand

I got the mod podge out and tried to open it!


Let us try the rubber can opener thingy.

Ok, let’s try knocking off the mod podge crust that formed around the rim with a kitchen knife.

Ok, let’s try running warm water over the lid.

Oh, my sweet biscuits in butter.
Who does this??

Not one to be outdone by a silly Mod Podge container.
And definitely not one to run to the craft store and buy another container for six bucks, I improvised.

Mod podge on a night stand? Yes!

With spray adhesive, I have had for three years.
Does spray adhesive go bad?
I didn’t care.
I was IN project mode.
I was not stopping for something silly like an adhesive snafu.

I sprayed the suckers to the drawer.
In an enclosed room.
With no ventilation.
I may or may not have almost, possibly asphyxiated myself while the kids were at school and the husband was at work.
While trying to save money on furniture.

Then I used chip clips to hold the paper in place.
Because spray adhesive fumes.
I also had spray adhesive all over my hands for 24 hours.
It reminded me of Clark Griswold with sap on his hands.
Everything was sticking to me.
All day.
Random sticks, laundry lint, food.

It was totally worth it because look:

Little girls room with made over night stand



Night stand with mod podge drawer

It looks so feminine.
I know, I see the crease too.
Go with it.


Little Girl's room with garage sale night stand

Ellie didn’t even notice for an entire day.
She even went to sleep in here and didn’t notice it.
My children are nothing if not perceptive.

But the next evening, as I was getting her ready for bed, she spied it.
“Oh, MOM!! OH, MOM!!”
” I have a pretty room!!!”

The sticky hands were worth it.

20 thoughts on “Nighty Night Stand Part Deux. How Cheap Can Kari Be. I Need To Get A Job”

  1. My first bedroom suite is split among my two girls and I'm pretty sure the youngest has never had new furniture and I'm pretty sure I never thought of it til now. If that makes you feel any better.


  2. A few more sniffs of adhesive and you won't see that seam! (or perhaps the adhesive caused the seam to begin with). Either way, how adorable! But why are there not socks and laundry and papers all over the floor in cute little piles? Please pan to the other side of the room…please…


  3. The only thing in Kelsey's room that didn't belong to Kris at some point is her desk and that includes her comforter. I do the same thing! Furniture is expensive and IKEA is so far away. We are resourceful and we should embrace it!!


    1. Yes, YES!By the way, Kelsey's desk is in Ella's room and I am in the middle of renovating THAT right now. 🙂


  4. Seriously, we are DIY twins, except you actually get the projects done, whilst I sit here and thinking about doing the projects and then go take a nap.But I would totally go out and get the spray adhesive from the garage that my SIL gave to me when she moved….like 10 years ago. Still works.


  5. "Oh my sweet biscuits in butter." -keeping that gem to use. This is so how I DIY. Now, Mark? He is a DIY master with measuring twenty times, cutting once, using all the right materials. Me? Let's just GET IT DONE.Love the nightstand, especially that your daughter didn't notice it until the next day. Glad to know it's not only boys who are oblivious!


    1. Thank you Missy!If I lived in Texas, I would say Oh my sweet biscuits in butter every day.Because they look at me strange when I say it here.:(


  6. You are my friggin hero. I don't even know how to use the giant jar of modge podge that I've had for 5 years and never opened. We are getting CRAY CRAY in the new house. I love the look. And the chip clip.


    1. I think I just propelled the chip clip into the next level of DIY. Lets just get you a NEW jar of Mod Podge.Consider it my housewarming gift to you.


  7. So cute! Again! I saw a free shelf on a street corner yesterday that looked almost identical to that one with loads of DIY potential and I thought of you. No joke. But I didn't take it because then I thought of me. And my inability to ever finish a DIY project within 2 years. I also have no idea how to mod podge or what that really is, but I always pretend like I do when other people mention it. I am one giant DIY Fail.


  8. I LOVE this! And can we just agree that the one horrible thing about being alone for any amount of time is not having back-up when you can't get stuff open?


  9. So great! Love the color for a little girl. Everything in my house is blue….fun, but I'd enjoy a little pink from time to time. I totally agree with you about buying new furniture. New furniture, even expensive furniture, is not necessarily made better than the older stuff. So I tend to just continually "re-diy" what we already own. And it works!


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