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4th of July Mantle. It’s Been Awhile I Know


*I recently migrated my blog and some of the pictures didn’t make the move. So please excuse the words where pictures should be.

Back when I first started this blog in 2010, I would write a post about my mantel.
For every season.
Seems a little frivolous but all the DIY genre blogs were doin’ it, so I joined in because back then I was a follower.
A proverbial sheep in the blogging world.
It wasn’t until I wrote the worst post ever about my mantel herethat I was all, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? WHY MUST I WASTE WORDS ON MANTEL DECOR. I AM TOTALLY POSITIVE THIS IS NOT HOW JUDY BLUME GOT HER START. 

Now in my defense, it wasn’t so much the post that was bad.
It was the actual mantel.
It wasn’t blogging worthy, that is for sure.
Wasn’t worth writing an entire post around to put out into the Universe.
It was moderately OKAY at best.
I published it on May 20th.
Which means I probably wrote it in April.
It takes a great writer time to compose an opus about a mediocre fireplace mantel, so it seems.
There are a great many things I could have written about instead of my stupid mantel.
The weather.
The stock market.
My socks.
It was a filler post.

So my promise to you here is this: I won’t subject you to any of that filler rubbish again.
You deserve better than that.
That is why I am back with another mantel post!
I swear this one is better!
Not at all filler!
I promise!
I have lots of ideas so far this summer.
I have no idea why because summer and Christmas are my blog slump times.
But for some reason this summer, I gots ideas.

I was on Pinterest a few weeks ago SHOCKER and saw the cutest display for the 4th of July.

I love the 4th.
I have for years but especially in the nine years we have lived in our neighborhood.
Because the city fireworks are literally a stone’s throw away from our driveway.
Stone’s throw is code for close.
Keep up.
We have had many a BBQ, party and gathering at our home for this holiday that always ends with a firework viewing party in our driveway.
We haven’t had to fight fireworks traffic for a decade plus because before we lived here, we went to my parents home a mile up the road and watched it from THEIR driveway when they lived here.
We are spoiled.
By the way, fireworks traffic is a thing in the Chicago suburbs.
Not sure if it is everywhere but I know people who will spend the night on peoples couches just to avoid fireworks traffic.

So the 4th is kind of a big deal around here.

I saw this cute display and thought to myself. “self, you have flags and a metal can. You totally need to do this. And you look really nice today!”
It is good to say nice things to your self.


Bucket of Flags 4th of July Mantel

See that owl?
I love that owl.
I got him at Kohl’s last year on clearance.
Why I feel the need to tell you that, I have no clue.


He has been on my mantle since Christmas.
But sadly…..


Simple 4th of July Mantel

He didn’t make the cut.
Hey, it’s tough business getting into the “MANTEL ISSUE” here at A Grace Full Life.
Don’t worry, he is on the entertainment center next to the mantle.
I knew you were concerned.


Stars and Flags 4th of July Mantel

This is one of my favorite mantles.
Like, ever.
Maybe it’s because there is hardly anything on the mantel.
Neat freak me is in love with that.

Flags in a Bucket for the 4th of July

Dusting knick knack paddywhack is not my idea of summer fun, ya get what I am throwing down?


Flags in a bucket for the 4th of July

Those flags were in the ground four hours ago.
I took them out of my front garden bed from Memorial Day.
Yes, I realize Memorial Day was a month ago.
I am patriotic.
Sue me.
And yes, I cleaned the dirt off!
No, I didn’t. 


Simple 4th of July Mantel


Simple 4th of July Mantel

Yes, it’s a banner summer here at the blog.
Makin’ 4th of July mantels, blogging about it, wiping the dirt off flags.
Yep, I see this as a turn in the right direction.
Updating my resume on LinkedIn right NOW.

If you want to come over for fireworks, I only need days notice.
And the promise that you are bringing either tacos, brownies, booze or all three.
Bring all three and you can sleep on our couch.
Because I loves you like that.

23 thoughts on “4th of July Mantle. It’s Been Awhile I Know”

  1. Holy moly, you are kicking ass, taking names, removing dirt and mantelling (totally a word, and you know it…you own it)…I cannot believe I am about to go check the size of the metal bucket I have…oh, but what's this about dusting seasonal stuff on the mantel?


  2. I have mantel envy. Mine only has one thing on it. And that's one more thing than was on it about two months ago. Clearly I suck at mantel decor.


  3. The mantel is totally cute. Please come decorate my house. But most importantly your blog header is so great! Love it. Hope you are feeling better!


  4. I took down my Christmas decorations the day after Christmas and my mantel has been neglected since then. I guess I'm going for the minimalist look, otherwise known as the lazy look.And now I'm hungry for tacos.


    1. I told ya, tacos and you can come enjoy the view.Actually you don't need to bring anything.Just you.


  5. I'm a sucker for little mercury glass owls… Glad he's not stuck in a box.Now, I need to get a bucket, flags, and paint some old barn stars (that are currently orange – don't ask).Oh wait… I'm supposed to be working. Darn.


  6. You crack me up. I'm pretty sure Judy Blume didn't get her start blogging about her mantel … but she could have. We just don't know.Your mantel is sassy and awesome – much like you!


  7. (I LOVE your new blog header! Everything looks new and beautiful here!) I needed this mantel post. I have a year-round mantel, only changed during the holiday season because stocking holders. I think I'm gonna have to kick it up a notch because your mantel rocks!


  8. And I loves you enough that I would definitely bring brownies and booze. I'll leave the tacos to you. :)Your mantel looks perfect for July 4! I'm pinning this to my Independence Day board, and I'm featuring you at this week's Grace at Home. Thanks for linking up!


  9. Hilarious. And, oops — my last post was actually about my summer mantel. (Earthshaking, I know). I’m thinking those stars on your summer mantel could pass for seasonal Christmas decorations if you simply drape some tinsel over them — right?


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