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Desk Makeover. Because IKEA

*I recently migrated my blog and some of the pictures didn’t make the move. So please excuse the words where pictures should be.
A few weeks ago, I shared with you my hate/hate relationship with Ikea.
This excludes their Swedish meatballs because I love the crap outta those little buggers.
Not as good as Al’s but being this far from Sweden or Northern Wisconsin for that matter, I will take it.
Nothing like eating a “traditional” Swedish meal to the hum of the cart escalator five feet away.
I am pretty sure that is what Sweden sounds like.
That was sarcasm. Anyhoo, I was looking to renovate the furniture in Ellie’s room one piece at a time.
And I was NOT trekking to Ikea to buy new furniture.
I tackled the nightstand first:

And when I say tackle, I mean TACKLE.
I still have glue on my hands.

The next project I decided to take on was her desk.
Except it wasn’t “her” desk to begin with.
It was a hand me down desk from my friend Rebecca’s daughter given to Annie three years ago.


Desk ready to be painted

It was a nice white desk when we received it.
No marks on it, pristine condition.
Her daughter has always been like that.
Clothes with no stains, desks with no handwriting.
MY children?
It looks like they vandalize anything and everything they touch.
They get that from me, the “eats a grilled cheese sammich and STILL manages to get pizza sauce on my shirt. Even when no pizza sauce was present”.

So knowing my then 11 year old would manage to “vandalize” the desk, I decided to paint it a darker color.

AND paint the top with chalkboard paint.
To encourage MORE vandalism.


Chalkboard topped desk

It turned out pretty good, she loved it.
Well, you can read about it here for yourself.
2011 Kari is pretty much 2014 Kari except for I couldn’t keep my paragraphs together.

Oh, and I put foil on my knobs.
So there’s that.
Wink wink.

This desk moved to Ellie’s room last summer because her sister wanted to get a vanity for her room for all the makeup applying.
A whole new form of vandalism, by the way.
So we slid this next door to her sister’s room.
And it stayed just as it was for the past 10 months.

The only plan in my head was that I wanted it to be lighter in color.
Because gray?
Really, 2011 Kari?
I feel like I don’t even know her.
Maybe it was because I also had a three-year-old at the time who had just discovered markers.
Maybe it was because I was in a gray period.
Maybe it was because of markers.
Who knows.
But I decided that in 2014, I was gonna lighten up and that was going to start with furniture color.


Desk makeover

So here is where you will see my brain in action.
At first?
Paint the entire desk in off-white.
Hotel Vanilla by Valspar because that is what I had in the garage.


Rainbow desk

Including the drawers.
I was all, paint it all off-white, ALLL OF ITTTT.
But then I realized I had a plethora (I like big words. And I cannot lie.) of spray paint in a menagerie (did I use that wrong?) of colors!
Lagoon blue!
Leaf green!
Hot pink! (Way to be original Rustoleum)

My head was exploding!!!!

Not surprisingly, most of my good (or bad depending on who you talk to) ideas come to me WHILST spray painting.


Desk makeover

It doesn’t at all match her room.
Because I didn’t have purple spray paint.


Little girls desk

I love this!
Yes, I see that leg of the chair.



Brand new desk!

She loves it, “look how happy it is now??”
It does look happier, doesn’t it?
Maybe it inhaled too many of the fumes too.

20 thoughts on “Desk Makeover. Because IKEA”

  1. I have a confession to make. I have never used spray paint before in my life. Can we still be friends?


    1. OMG , yes! I'm a spray paint virgin. Welcome to the club, Shannon. And Kari, the table doesn't match but it totally goes with the room. Great job!


  2. This desk is so so happy, I am dying of joy! I am on the hunt for a desk to refinish so that I have a place to write in peace! OMG I hope mine turns out as happy as this. Think of the thoughts and the funnies! KARI!!!!!!!!


  3. That is the happiest desk I've ever seen. I will not show you the desk I am using right now. It's special.


  4. Ooooh, I love it! We have some furniture pieces that have seen better days. When we bought our son's bedroom furniture, we picked it by price and the salesman told us you get what you pay for. We said, "No way. Our son takes CARE of his things!"Years later, it really just needs to go into the garbage.


  5. I have so many of my former projects that I have worked on here on the blog that look pathetic now.I need to get a day job.


  6. Shannon, I too am a spray paint virgin.Kari, the desk totally goes with the room!! It's a happy desk.:)


  7. Oh….I LOVE LOVE LOVE this desk! I found you via a link party and so happy that I did. I can not wait to look around your blog!


  8. It's SO MUCH GOODNESS. Look at that happy desk! It makes me want to go out and buy spray paint pronto and just go to town on everything in my house. I love your DIY projects. lady. I also want to stay at Hotel Vanilla someday.


  9. Hotel Vanilla sounds good.Meet ya there.Wait.That sounded dirty. I love your two ingredient pizza and your header. And YOU.


  10. If I apply makeup in a similar style to that desk, I wonder if I will look as happy as the desk does!!!! Simply awesome!!!


  11. I found you via linkin party and like your witty and interesting style. When I saw the photo and thought to myself: this one must be into Ikea just like I am. Not because of the desk. It was the chair that brought attention to me, instantly. Funny, surrounded by all the beautiful colors, and what I notice first is white 🙂 How long-lived is the paint on a chair like this (with a toddler in the house?) I beileve you can spray it again when the kids get hold of permanent markers, right?


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