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Schooling My Girls Is Semi-Easy With Netflix. #StreamTeam

I say “semi- easy” because I have a 14-year-old.
So sitting with her to watch something educational on purpose is met with a blank stare. There’s still time for my six-year-old though!
So I choose my battles.

We have been working hard around here to keep school the focus, as much as^^^^ some people^^^^^aren’t completely down with that.

This is what my dining room table has looked like since June 6th:

Summer School

A mini classroom.
Designed to help my six-year-old keep school in her cute little brain all summer.
Because we need a little push around here and this seems to be a good tool to do that.
And the 14-year-old has occasionally helped by being the “teacher” here and there so she is keeping school in her cute little brain as well.
In between Pretty Little Liar episodes.

Since I am a huge supporter of working to keep the “summer slide” at a minimum around here, I love that Netflix offers television options to help the kids climb out of the abysmal learning pit that can be Summer.

For the bigger kids there are titles like:

Lewis and Clark: The Journey Out West

Walking With Dinosaurs

Secret Yellowstone

The Blue Planet

When We Left Earth: The Nasa Missions

Here is a list of documentaries that your kids might like to watch this summer and each one has an age-appropriate next to the title to help you decide which one would be best for your child.
I love documentaries, so does my 14-year-old.
We watched Serving Life at the beginning of summer together as well as The Waiting Room.

Your little ones might like these titles:

The Great Mouse Detective

Busytown Mysteries

LeapFrog: Math Adventures to the Moon

Turtle: The Incredible Journey

The Magic School Bus

My youngest has always LOVED the Busytown gang so will check it out and for sure we are watching the Leap Frog Math Adventures because MATH.

How are you keeping the slide from getting too slippery in your home this summer?


I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team. Meaning, for the
next year, once a month I will be writing posts about how my family is
using our Netflix. They provided me with a Roku and a voucher for my
Netflix account.

11 thoughts on “Schooling My Girls Is Semi-Easy With Netflix. #StreamTeam”

  1. I like any lesson that involves lemons in a jar. Also, does a Harry Potter Marathon help prevent summer slide?


  2. If it does then I'm set. Just caught the marathon last weekend. That doesn't say much about my summer, does it?


  3. NICE. We are so addicted to our beloved Netflix, but for some reason I haven't even thought to watch documentaries with Fen. What is my freaking problem? What?! Okay, thanks for the suggestions, and I will make sure I pull her away from Dr. Who for long enough to take in something educational. Right before I switch it over to watch Orange is the New Black.


  4. According to all the Pinterest quotes I do not understand, I need to start watching Dr. Who.


  5. Funny. I spent an absurd amount of time yesterday Googling 'Netflix shows for 6 year olds' in an attempt to mix it up and avoid the lame shows she is otherwise drawn to (is it just me, or are the majority of kid shows aimed at young girls beyond stupid?). Magic School Bus is always our go-to, but I will add these others to my list!


  6. Luckily my kids have required reading to do, so I command them to read every day that we're home, which isn't much recently. My son had to start a blog this summer which is AWESOME AND EXCITING! for me but a complete hassle and cheerless chore for him. Humph.


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