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Eight Goodwill Projects. I Swear I’m Not Running Out of Ideas

When I read posts like this, I always think, “hmmm someone has writer’s block“.
Because I am in a way, re-hashing old posts.
But there are two reasons why I like to do posts like this:1- because I feel like my Goodwill posts are worth a second look.

Also,  I wanted to create a cool graphic on PicMonkey.

So it is a selfish motive, but its a motive nonetheless.

I used to be so creative.

People would come into my home weekly and be all “OMG that cabinet is so cool! Did you just paint that??” or “OMG that pillow is so cool, did you just find that??” or “OMG did you move your furniture around? Again?”.

I have hit a mid-life slump over the past two years.
I still have good ideas from time to time but not as much as I was knocking out say, four years ago.
Why am I not as creative?
What is different?
After considerable thought, this was my reasoning: I was home a lot more back then.
Because my children were younger.
I was sitting in my house quite a bit more than I am now.
Because now includes: cheer leading/ tutoring/ doctor appointments/ volunteering/ both kids in school.

I am just not home as much anymore.
It’s kind of sad really.
I remember feeding my babies, sitting on the floor of my family room and thinking about how I could switch out the fireplace mantel.
Or rocking my them to sleep and dreaming about how I could rearrange our family room.
Now, I barely have time to think, in the shower, about how I am going to get from the high school to the elementary school in time for orientation all the while getting food into my children and myself and oh did I mention they BOTH have dentists appointments at the same time.
In two different towns?
Oh yeah.
Never mind.

Times, sadly, change.
And I don’t see it slowing down any time soon.
But it’s OK!
I can always pull up my old stuff.
And look at how creative I used to be.


My 8 Favorite Goodwill Projects
Goodwill Tray

By the way, that number 4 up there?
Used to be my Blogger and Twitter profile picture.
You are wondering how I don’t fall down more, aren’t you?

Goodwill Tray

Goodwill Valentine Craft Made from Kitchen Items

This is what happens when you go to Goodwill for a picture frame.
And end up with a wooden heart and a jello mold.

Goodwill Valentine Craft

Goodwill Chalkboard Hearts

These chalkboard hearts are really cute.
And proof that chalkboard paint DOES make anything look good.

Chalkboard Hearts

Goodwill Menu Plate

A cool menu plate.
That never got used as a menu plate.

Menu Plate


If you don’t want to read the post, those addresses are all places the hubs and I had dates.
Then I looked at the sign and was all, “WHAT THE FRESH HELL DOES “no. 10″ STAND FOR??”
I still have no idea.

Subway Art

Goodwill Song Lyric Art Work

Where you learn how indecisive the hubs and I were about our first wedding dance song.
Rascal Flatts or Etta James.
Rascal Flatts or Etta James.
Rascal Flatts or Etta James.
You decide.
No, YOU.
No, YOU.

Song Lyric Art


Goodwill Mirror

This isn’t really a “mirror”.
But it plays one on TV.

Goodwill “Mirror”

Goodwill Kitchen Island

Aww, it’s our possessed rolling island!
And one of my favorite DIY blog posts.
For Timmy alone, go read this.
Timmy wants you to.
And you don’t want to upset Timmy.

Rolling Island

Writing this made me realize that it has been a solid three or four months since I have stepped foot in a Goodwill.
Maybe I need to go back.
Or just re-read these posts.
I will do that instead.

Visit Kari @ A Grace Full Life’s profile on Pinterest.

8 thoughts on “Eight Goodwill Projects. I Swear I’m Not Running Out of Ideas”

  1. Ahh the writer's block. I am re-hashing an old post as we speak. I am always impressed by people who have such success at Goodwill. I clearly lack the vision, or motivation, needed to overhaul furniture like this. You are way crafty.


  2. Thank you!Although it has been a solid three years since I created anything.Which is why I have to re-hash old posts.


  3. I love doing stuff like this. Unfortunately, I never get around to the actual doing. My MIL took me to Savers on day, where I got some cool stuff to start my gallery wall. They've been sitting propped up against the wall since November.


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