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From California to Maryland, Flat Kari Gets Around. Wink Wink. Nudge Nudge

I know, I know.
These posts aren’t as regular as I thought they would be.
It is hard getting them done because people are having so much gosh darn fun with “me”.
I AM fun.
Pass it on.
I started my latest adventure when my friend Jen took me to BlogHer in San Jose at the end of July!



Chillin’ at the hotel



For those who don’t know who The Bloggess is, go here.
For those who do, THAT IS THE BLOGGESS!


photo courtesy of Blogher

That’s right.
I got in a picture at BlogHer with The Bloggess AND I DIDN’T EVEN LEAVE THE STATE OF ILLINOIS.


My friend Julie knows how I like to party.

Thank you for taking care of me Jen!
The “handoff” apparently took place right before the keg stand above.
So I might have been a little hungover for the first part of Julie’s time with me.
It’s all good.
I took some paper Advil and slept the whole way home on the plane.

Here is my visit to Maryland in the words of my friend:



Upon returning home from BlogHer. Flat Kari was NOT
impressed with my messy desk.




Checking out my Wantable box. She tried to convince
me that my two new bracelets looked WAY cuter on her, but I won. Because I’m
big and she’s flat.

Julie always gets cool, cute things like this in the mail.
I get things like bills and free key chains from the local dealership.

Flat Kari totally helped out and worked the camera
for my latest Stitch Fix photo shoot. I mean, she kind of made fun of my poses,
but I would have made fun of me too.

What is that new-fangled camera stand thing?? 


Even though she is dressed super cute in her little
strapless dress, Flat Kari was totally on board with working the staple gun for
a DIY project.

What is that newfangled staple apparatus thingy?? 


We celebrated finishing the project with a gigantic
glass of wine. Go, Flat Kari, Go!

This is my favorite part of any week….oooh cute placemats!!! 


But then I totally caught her snuggling up with Ollie
and I think he might have tried to slip her some tongue. Which is gross.

I told you, we were spooning SPOONING. Must’ve been the wine……


Flat Kari found my marshmallow stash… which means it’s
time for her to go home.
No. No No No! Marshmallows?? Nobody said there was gonna be marshmallows! I don’t wanna go home!!!! 
Thank you, Jen and Julie, for taking good care of “me” for a few weeks.
Right now, “I” am in three places.
At once.
It’s good to be “me”.



11 thoughts on “From California to Maryland, Flat Kari Gets Around. Wink Wink. Nudge Nudge”

  1. It was a pleasure hanging out with Flat you. I mean, I would have preferred to hang out with REAL you… but at least this way I got to drink all the wine… 😉


  2. I would LOVE that!!!Email me and I will add you to the schedule!Yes, there's a waiting list. I wish I were this popular in real life.


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