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“Kiddy Table Re-Do” RE-DO Do Be Do Be Doo

*I recently migrated my blog and some of the pictures didn’t make the move. So please excuse the words where pictures should be.
Almost three years to the day, I published a post about overhauling an old Ikea kid’s table.
This table has been around since my now 14-year- old was a toddler.
It was starting to show some wear even though my oldest was pretty gentle on things like miniature furniture.

IKEA kids table

Fast forward three years later.


Ugly kiddie table


Sad kiddie table

In fairness to my DIY skills or lack thereof, my sweet, adorable youngest child was like the Godzilla’s of toddlers.
Stomping on furniture, toys and small towns in her path to get to her destination.
Which usually involved food.

It looked so sad.
I wanted to bring it back to life.
It had one last show left in it within this household before it would be either saved for my grandchildren or sent to live with another Godzilla.
And I wanted it to shine.

I decided to sand off the numbers on the edges of the table.
Easy enough, right?
Hellz no.
It took me three days on and off of sanding with a sanding block and finally a power sander to get some of the adhesives off.
I was sweating.
Seething by the time I got some of the adhesive off.
Apparently, it isn’t a good idea to put numbers or letters that are meant for mailboxes onto wood furniture.
It was still on there when I went to paint the table.
So instead of keeping at it, giving it some more elbow grease, giving it the ole’ 1-2, I did what I do best.
Half-assed it. 


I pulled out some wall decals that I got at Dollar Tree three years ago.
I found them in my basement with my craft supplies.
That I no longer use.
I don’t know why I don’t use them.
All the creativity is sucked out of me.
Since I turned 40, I don’t have one creative bone in my body when it comes to artsy fartsy stuff.
But I can half-ass with the best of them.


Dollar Tree stickers

I decided to put the decals OVER the areas where the letters from Hell used to be.
It’s time for me to turn in my DIY license, isn’t it?
Be honest.
Just a little? 
I know.

I spray painted the table white.
Plain old white.
99 cent white spray paint.
Paint that ran all over the place, left drip marks left and right and made me swear and sweat some more.
I sanded the drip marks and re-spray painted the table again.


light blue painted kiddie chairs

I painted the chairs Blue Ocean Breeze by Krylon.
Much better paint meant no drips.
Well except for the drip doin’ the project.

Kiddie table makeover

After the table dried, I added the decals.
You can totally see the remnants of the numbers.


Kiddie table with Dollar Tree stickers

If you need hurricane proof letters and numbers for your mailbox, come see me.

It was like a glaring neon sign.

Kari is a half ass blogger!

I am essentially the Gilligan of the do it yourself blogging genre.

But it does look better than this:


Old nasty kiddie table

So I am takin’ what I can get.


14 thoughts on ““Kiddy Table Re-Do” RE-DO Do Be Do Be Doo”

  1. Wait! It was a turning 40 thing? THAT is what happened to me? Thank you for finally giving me a place to put the blame for my lack of creativity. I love the table! Our 97 cent can of white spray paint went out back to line our badminton court!


  2. You should come see my kids' table. There is no saving it and I can barely bring myself to care. Also, I am the most craft-challenged person on this planet.


  3. Hi, Kara, you've done a wonderful job with the Kritter chairs and table (though I've never seen a Kritter table so worked out as it is on the before picture – your kid has to love using it, there's no other explanation 😉 Good job.


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