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Changes. I Won’t Say Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes Because That Title Has Been Done to Death

You may or may not have noticed something different about my blog.
Something is missing.
That something is the absence of my BlogHer ads that used to be right over there >>>>A few months ago, I decided that I needed to make a change.
I had been a part of the BlogHer Advertising Network since February of 2012.
It was such an honor to be chosen, such an ego boost for a small blogger like myself.
It made me feel straight up legit.
Like, SEE? Blogging IS a real thing.
I got amazing opportunities because of Blogher.
I met amazing people who became my friends because of Blogher.
Then I met more amazing people who became my friends because of meeting those original friends because of Blogher.
Michelle.But for me, it wasn’t a good fit anymore.
In a nutshell, I want to be able to write about anything I want.
I don’t want “restrictions on the content that I write”.
A friend told me to say that because I couldn’t write it as a professional.

I am not at all upset or leaving BlogHer with a bad feeling.
I am grateful.
Grateful that I got chosen to go to a blogging event in 2012 that connected me to amazing women that I now call friends.
Because of those women, I have friendships that have lifted me up, validated me as a writer and made me proud to say “I am a blogger” instead of saying “I am JUST a stay at home mom”.
Because of these women, I have learned how to create a business card, how to use SEO in a blog post and how to talk to companies without sounding like a dork.
Well, I haven’t nailed that down completely but I am getting there.
Very very slowly.
Because of these women, I realize that it is OK to have a bad parenting day, to yell at your kids for eating your last candy bar and to be real.
It is OK.
It is always OK.
Because of these women, I have gotten opportunities that I never thought I would ever be able to do….Chicago Parent, Listen to Your Mother, Erma Bombeck, Bethenny in NYC.

To be honest, at first, I was scared to make the ads go away.
It was like this security blanket.
Like it was the reason all of the above happened.
Then I realized, no, don’t be silly.
Having those ads on my blog didn’t make the above happen.
I made it happen.

So I no longer run ads for BlogHer and I can now control what I write on my blog which is so exciting to me.
I feel like the kid whose parents went away for the weekend, planning a kegger.

So keep on hanging in there with me and I promise it will be good.
Because hello, KEGGER.


20 thoughts on “Changes. I Won’t Say Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes Because That Title Has Been Done to Death”

  1. Congrats on making this decision that feels right for you! On the other hand… I've applied to the BlogHer advertising network twice and they denied me both times. WTF?!


  2. WTF is right? YOU ARE AMAZING.And you are another friend I have met because of Blogher.Well, because of Twitter.But we got to have fun in person at Blogher. πŸ˜‰


  3. KEGGER. You had me at kegger. But seriously, congrats on taking that step! I was in a smaller ad network a few years ago and suddenly it didn't feel right. I wanted my space back. So I totally hear you on this, and look at all YOU have done!


  4. I said bye bye to BlogHer ads too, with no regrets, over a year ago. But I still feel very much part of the network because I still do social media stuff for them (much better money than the ads to be honest). And, and, yes, YOU made the connections, YOU made your blog what it is. Yay to changes!


  5. I took mine off over a year ago as well. No hard feelings, they were just taking up valuable real estate in my sidebar that I hoped to fill up with other things. I've never gotten around to those other things, but whatever. I never felt restricted about what I could write, other than other sponsored posts had to be done differently. But i felt the exact same way – sad, but a little free. They're just ads. πŸ™‚


  6. Long ago I did what was required of me to have ads put on BlogHer (apply? answer a questionnaire? I don't remember what needed to be done to have BlogHer ads) and I was told that I wasn't selected to run their ads.As usual I didn't think it was a big deal. No wonder they didn't want me.


  7. A lot of amazing bloggers didn't get chosen.I was told because they may have too much of that genre.And your genre is AWESOME so of course, it is clogged with tons of bloggers.Trust me, best decision I ever made.


  8. I feel like I won't fill mine up either.But its all good because now it is soley MY blog. πŸ™‚ AND SOLEY ISN'T A WORD AND I DON'T CARE BECAUSE MY BLOG.;)


  9. You know what is funny? I am getting more emails for opportunities from Blogher since leaving! So I am excited to still be connected. πŸ™‚


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