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Back to School Movie Night. Thanks to Netflix, I Don’t Care if I Have Popcorn in My Couch Crevices. #StreamTeam

*I recently migrated my blog and some of the pictures didn’t make the move. So please excuse the words where pictures should be. 
School has been in session a good month here and to be honest, the weeks are long.
Long for the girls, short for me.
Heh heh.
No seriously, when my six-year-old wakes up on a Tuesday morning and says, “how many days until the weekend??”
Yeah, I need the motivation to get to Friday night.

So I decided that we were going to have a family movie night.
Which would have to be on a Sunday night.
Because football games, friend sleepovers, Daddy working.
I landed on having a fun make your own pizza/eat in the family room/ movie night!

Those who read here with any regularity know I am a neat freak.
Actually, I don’t even own coasters.
For as much of a neat freak, I own crappy furniture.
On purpose.
So I don’t ever say PUT A COASTER UNDER THAT!!

 I am a Monica in a world of Phoebe’s.
My husband is Chandler.
My oldest daughter is definitely Rachel.
And my youngest is a mix of Phoebe/Chandler/ Mr. Heckles.
And quite possibly Marcel.

On Sunday evening, we made some pizza.

ingredients for pizza movie night


half pepperoni half sausage pizza for movie night


pizza for movie night

Sat some blankets on the family room floor.

movie night on the family room floor was a hit

And watched the Gabby Douglas Story on Netflix

Ella loved movie night


my teenager watching movie on the floor

And it was amazing.
Thank you, Netflix for giving us back our Sunday night.
We plan on doing it again every single Sunday.
What a great way to start a new week.
And not a coaster was used.


I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team. Meaning, for the
next year, once a month I will be writing posts about how my family is
using our Netflix. They provided me with a Roku and a voucher for my
Netflix account.

16 thoughts on “Back to School Movie Night. Thanks to Netflix, I Don’t Care if I Have Popcorn in My Couch Crevices. #StreamTeam”

  1. This freaked me out a little because I have almost the exact same configuration with our TV, couch, and fireplace. And now I'm convinced I need a little "fall" bunting hanging in my living room.


  2. Netflix is my best friend. I'm pretty sure you may have mentioned Orange is the new black on a blog post.. someone did, and it intrigued me.. and now dang it, I can't stop watching. I put my head phones in and watch on my laptop since I don't really want my youngest (15) to see or hear it ~ The other day she asked what I was watching and I told her … and she says, Did such and such part happen yet? What!!!!! lol. Her friends told her all about it. As much as paul and I love the stage our family is in now.. we were just talking the other day about how we miss "little people." Enjoy this time because it will fly by!!!! : )


  3. I am trying to enjoy this time as my six year asks me for the 10th time today if she can try on her Halloween costume. 🙂 OITNB is so huge, all of my friends LOVE it.I think I need to give it more than just three episodes.


  4. I will be there next Sunday. And the following Sunday you can come for the extended family dinner…..and on Monday we will hit the road for a Dirty Dancing road trip.


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