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My Name is Ella and I am AMAZING

Normally I don’t use this forum to vent.
Oh yes, occasionally I write about things here and there that bother me but in an oh so snarky way that keeps me out of trouble.
But I blame social media for my cup a boiling over.
And the hard part is that I am in part to blame.
Not me personally but my blogging/website writing/ tweeting sisters and brothers.
Why do we need to know so much?
I am not talking about current events, don’t even get me STARTED on the stupidity that is going on in this world.
Why do I need a list of Five Things NOT To Say to Your Daughter?
Why are we offended when someone says WOW YOU LOOK GOOD FOR YOUR AGE?!?!
Why do we need to sue Target because boys sizes offer more than girls sizes?
Better yet, fine, go ahead and sue Target but why do we need to share it with GMA, Huffington Post, and Blogher?
It was an “article” and I use quotations because I don’t even know why it was written, that got my blood boiling.
An “article” about the naughtiest girls and boys names in the USA.
A full list of names highlighted with Nicest Girls, Nicest Boys then Naughtiest Girls and Naughtiest Boys.
Some “survey” of 650 children or some nonsense was given according to things like principal office lists blah BLAH BLAH.
It even went on to mention which names, in particular, received the least amount of accolades.
Which names equated being looked over for achievements.
Who even cares?
Have we run out of things to read?So this is why it bothers me so much- it is personal.
My youngest daughter’s name is number one on the list.
And in turn, number one for being looked over for accolades.
When I saw the list a few days ago, it gave me a pit in my stomach.

Trust me, we have amazing teachers in our district but when something like this is written and a teacher reads it, don’t you think it puts a mental Post-it note inside their brain?
Oh yes, she is an Ella. 
That explains a lot.

I know, I know…I am totally overreacting.
Overtired from taking care of two sick kids this week, I have other posts that I need to write but instead, I am writing this one.
Venting about how sick I am of reading how we are doing every frigging thing wrong with how we talk to our daughters about sex and how we shouldn’t be telling them they are beautiful.
How we shouldn’t make our sons feel entitled yet also don’t make them feel bad about themselves.
It is exhausting.

So this is what I am going to do.
For every naughtiest girl and boy name, I am giving a personal anecdote.
To how amazing they are.
To stop generalizing, and make it personal.
I am doing this for all the Ella’s and Olivia’s out there who are amazing in their own right.
That a name is just that- a name.

You parents who named your kids’ unusual names are laughing right now. 
I see what you did. 


Ella when I am sick or sad, she brings me a blanket and water and she rubs my feet with lotion. Every time.

Bethany she was a neighbor of ours and she was always sweet and fun to play with because she was one of the only tomboys on my street.

Eleanorlet’s see…she was only the first lady of the United States and was one of the first delegates of the United Nations.

Olivia- she is my dear friend Shannon’s daughter and is much older than my Ella. But every time we go to her house, they play together, have so much fun together and are so loving towards each other.

Lauraevery single Laura I have ever met was sweet, kind and loving and OMG LAURA INGALLS DAMMIT.

Hollyone of my closest friends growing up was a Holly. I will never forget when she ate an entire industrial-sized bowl of popcorn at my house in fifth grade. Right after she got braces. She was a gem and still is.

Courtney one my oldest daughter’s friends helped watch my Ella at a football game this fall so I could enjoy watching Anna cheer.

AmberI got nothing. Sorry, Amber’s. I need to meet more Amber’s apparently.

Caitlinthis is spelled in a myriad of ways. Is it only this spelling, Miss Writer? Because the Katelyn I know is very sweet and a good friend to my child.

Jade again, I don’t know a Jade but I bet she is nice.


Cameron nope not a one but the guy in Ferris Bueller wasn’t a troublemaker, FERRIS PUT HIM UP TO IT. Where the hell is Ferris on this list?!?!?

William my nephew. You don’t mess with my family.

Jakeone of the nicest teenage boys I know. When he was little and I was babysitting him, he left me a note saying I make good lunches. I still have that note somewhere.

Joshua  I know no Joshua’s. Do we notice a trend, there is like two Duggar names so far…hmmmm.

Jamiethis is both a girl and boy name. So you are telling me that the boy Jamie is bad but the girl Jamie is good? I didn’t even know boy Jamie’s existed anymore? Is that even a thing???

Lewis is anyone naming their kid this? Is this list from 1980??

Benjamin Come on, GENTLE BEN?!?! Geez.

Ethan There are like a trillion Ethan’s. I mean come on. OF COURSE, they are gonna be on the list. It is a ratio thing.

Luke as in Danes? Or as in Dylan from 90210. Don’t be messing with my Luke’s.


So I guess what it boils down to is that for every bad Ella or Luke, there is an amazing Ella or Luke.
So why put a list out there like this?
Is it a reference point?
Is it so we stop naming them these names?
Do we really think a name will cause a child to be bad?
It was a slow news day at Yahoo Parenting, that is all.
So go name your baby Bethany Olivia.
I dare you.

24 thoughts on “My Name is Ella and I am AMAZING”

  1. The sweet delicious irony is this very article is so true and poignant that it should be on Blogherhuffpoyahooofboverload within an hour (I can't promise it will, but it should be).Says the mother of "girl"- Dylan (because Luke Perry is dabomb, despite my lifetime love of the original Dylan, Bob, that is, but Luke's character was probably names after that Bob anyways, so What now?)Always a pleasure, Kari!!


  2. "Joseph – DOES NO ONE READ THE BIBLE??" LOL. And the continued war on unity marches on. Wait. I think I have a new blog post! Love you ,doll!


  3. ERM MY GAWD! Seriously thought the same thing in a Nyquil haze last night; "If I see one more,' How to win at life by doing X,Y,Z post' I was going to go off of Facebook forever!". Drastic. Probably not true, but the Nyquil would have made it happen.


  4. OMG….I hadn't read the article! My nieces and nephew are Luke, Ella (of flat playing fame) and Olivia!!!! I love your amazing shout outs!!!!


  5. I didn't even click the link to that "article" when it came across my feed about 20 times but I know an Olivia that I am quite fond of. Mostly because I birthed her and she is AWESOME!


  6. I saw that article (I say 'saw' because I didn't read it), and skimmed through the names. STUPID STUPID STUPID. If kids with particular names fall into particular categories, it says more about the people who put them in those categories than the kids themselves. My nephew is Ethan. I know many Lauras and they're all good. I know a few Courtneys and Hollys online – all good people.And the list posts. OMG I want to claw my eyes out. Doesn't anyone write things of substance anymore? (You do, yes, you do)


  7. I have been on an internet hiatus, in part because junk like that article makes my brain cry. Glad I missed the original, but I like your version. I know an Amber. She used to drive a car shaped like a hot dog, so I think we can all agree that Ambers kick ass.


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