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Netflix is Making Me Watch Madagascar and a Giveaway! #StreamTeam

No, they aren’t.
I just couldn’t think of a better title.
But no, I have never seen Madagascar.
When they announced this new series on Netflix called All Hail King Julien, I was all….okay.

Those who know me well know that I don’t follow movie/television show/ music trends.
I like what I like.
Not what is the newest/latest/trendiest.
I started appreciating Snoop Dog in 2003 people.
I am aware.

So I decided, I need to get on the King Julien bandwagon because I don’t like being left out in the cold.
That is until the holidays hit.
I got a case of the holidays, people.
I can’t focus.
I don’t have time to watch my favorite shows, I haven’t seen an episode of Scandal in almost four weeks.

Between driving all over God’s green Earth for cheer practices, games and competitions; having to make “mandatory” gingerbread cookies with the six year old because “every friend in my class is”; trying to keep up with the laundry situation, trying NOT to gain ten more pounds to bring me back up to where I was last year- I. GOT. NOTHING.

We have only watched one Christmas movie so far.
I don’t honestly know what has happened to me.
Well, I do know but I am not going into it amid a Netflix post.

Today, All Hail King Julien begins airing on Netflix so join me in putting down the molasses, putting away the car keys and fabric softener and propping our feet up to watch.
I might even pop some corn.

Netflix is going to be my BFF over Christmas Break because I plan to use that time to watch all the Christmas shows, like Love Actually (MY ALL TIME FAVE), Madagascar (because HELLO), Christmas With The Kranks (my teenager’s favorite movie) and get caught up on Scandal….after the little one goes to bed, of course.

Netflix is going to be your BFF too because they have generously given me the opportunity to share a year of Netflix with one of you lucky people out there!

I want you to write about why you want a year of Netflix.
I would love for this to go to someone who wouldn’t do this for themselves because its just one more thing to pay for.
So tell me what you would watch, why you would love to have it, share it all with me in a comment below.
I will draw names out of a hat on Christmas Eve in front of my family (we are all honest folk) and I will announce the winner on my blog Facebook page!

That means you need to follow me on Facebook to be a winner, so go to the sidebar up there ^^^ and press like!
That is it!
I can’t wait to hear what you write and I can’t wait to give one of you an early Christmas gift!!
I honestly wish I had 1000 of these to give away….maybe next year, Netflix?
Good luck!



A special thanks go out to Netflix for generously providing this.
I love to play Santa, so thank you for letting me do this for one of my amazing readers.


I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team. Meaning, for the
next year, once a month I will be writing posts about how my family is
using our Netflix. They provided me with a Roku and a voucher for my
Netflix account.




31 thoughts on “Netflix is Making Me Watch Madagascar and a Giveaway! #StreamTeam”

  1. I am a Netflix desirer. We've had it before, when they used to send DVDs in the mail (do they still do that?). Then we had it for a free month, because my son wanted us to watch the Walking Dead and I got through two seasons of between-the-fingers watching before the trial stopped, and I've never been so thankful because zombies scare me. We don't have Netflix because we pay WAY too much for TV because my husband must watch all. the. live. sports and I don't *think* Netflix supports those kind of habits. Over the past year while people are ooohing and ahhhing over Orange is the New Black and other programming I want to watch but I have no access to, I have pined for Netflix but we haven't gotten it because like you said: it's just one more thing to pay for, and hello, Cable Bill.My dream is to have my very own Netflix account that I can share with my family only sometimes – I mostly just want to watch it all by myself and join the rest of the world before this century is over.


  2. A year of free Netflix! Does it come WITH a year of popcorn?! lol….anyway, wow! I enjoy having the TV on while I'm busy sewing in the basement. Favorite category? Romantic Comedy! Have you seen "The Holiday" yet?!! You'll LOVE it!!!! And, you must fill me in on the appeal of Snoop Dog. I don't get it.


  3. Oh gosh, I would LOVE a free year of Netflix. Right now it feels like we are buried in bills and one less thing to worry about would be amazing. I already like you on Facebook.. and in person. =)


  4. I don't want the year of Netflix for me. I want it for my cousin, Greg. Greg is a connoisseur of all things Hollywood entertainment and loves his movies and music. He is 36 and has downs syndrome, lives with his mom in Crystal, MN and has had a hard year, health-wise. After almost losing him in May when he spent 2 months in ICU, we call him our Big Ol' Miracle. He's our Christmas miracle…and the most joy-filled person you'll ever meet! He would LOVE to have a Netflix subscription and the endless options it offers and I know his mom can't afford it. It would be a nice surprise for him this year.Love your blog. You're hilarious!


  5. Oh. My. Gosh. I typed a really witty response and it just vanished. Okay.. maybe it wasn't THAT witty. But it is Friday night. It is my last working day of 2014 and I want to win Netflix for a year so I can I want to break up with my satellite and watch commercial-free educational stuff like Gilmore GIrls and Friends… and maybe House of Cards and of course OITNB. I would love to win so pick me. Oh, and I bake… (grin).


  6. I'm only here to say…..Thank you!!! I am not one to follow the music/movie/anything trend either πŸ™‚ As in…it took me at least 3 years before I saw Top Gun….Walking Dead……gimme another 4 years…..then maybe….


  7. We could definitely use this for the nights that (by some miracle) Jax is in bed early and we have enough energy to watch a movie!


  8. I would like to watch Elf and all of our other favorites this time of the year. My kids and I would enjoy the movies.kellywcu8888ATgmailDOTcom


  9. I am not on Facebook but I hope this still counts. My mother recently retired and lives by herself. I know she would love this and get a lot of use out of it (she has a lot of free time) and she has recently been really into British shows and I know there are a ton of them on Netflix so she would be thrilled!


  10. I don't do Facebook but I do follow you on Twitter @JCHARRIES. We actually bought my parents a blu-ray player that can stream Netflix because they live out in the country and cannot get cable but do have some internet. My mother had mentioned they wanted to try Netflix and we got that for them but if I won we could give them a year of Netflix with the player. This would be so great!!


  11. I would give it to my parents. I would love for them to have a subscription because they are always talking about shows and movies they want to watch that are only on there. It would be a great Christmas present to give them. Thanks for the giveaway chance.


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