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What I Don’t Know For Sure

All over blog land, people are writing about the end of the year-ish things.
Wishing their readers Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanzaa!
Sharing with their faithful followers their stats, which posts sucked the least, how many readers they gained from the Czech Republic in 2014.
I used to do that, used to blog about which posts you loved the most, where most of my readers are coming from.
It is fun to look back and reminisce for ME.
But I have a feeling a post like that is boring for YOU.
So I won’t be composing something like that this year.
I am not Oprah, as the title implies.
I know some of you are completely shocked by this.
I am sorry to disappoint you but apparently, I don‘t know anything for sure.I thought I had a good read on you, my beautiful readers.
I thought I knew what you liked to read, look at, see here.
I don’t and that makes me feel an emotion somewhere between sad and puzzled.
When I publish a post that I am so excited about, I can’t wait to wake up and hit PUBLISH. Yes, I do it the old-fashioned way, I don’t schedule it. 
That post usually farts out like a balloon lets go of air.
But a post that I feel just eh about?
35 comments, 25 likes on Facebook, emails from readers and as much as I love that feedback, I am puzzled.
Because I didn’t put my “all” into it and you loved it.Oh yes, I also go off my “analytics” to see what you like.
I HATE that word, by the way.
Sounds like such a scientific and laboratory name for numbers of people who read my blog.
But those numbers aren’t just numbers to me, they represent you.
You taking the time to read me here.
They represent the aunt you told to read my blog.
They represent my mom, who reads me regularly and texts me, “great post!”.

My friend Rebecca who texts me when I don’t publish a post on a Monday, worrying about how I am feeling.
My friend Shannon who is almost always, without fail, the first person to comment on my posts.
My longtime blog reader Antonia who sends me pins on Pinterest that she knows will make me laugh.
My friend Jen who, along with her friends, shares my posts on Twitter without me ever asking. Weekly.

There are many, many more of you amazing people who read here, comment here, share my blog on Facebook, Twitter, etc ( Terrie, Rochelle, Sherri, Leigh Anne, and Alison just to name a few) and for that, I am so grateful.
I don’t do this for the numbers, I am not getting paid to write to you here on my blog, I do it because I love you.

I have this deep love affair with you that keeps me sane, lets me get emotions out, and makes me a much better person that I was even four years ago.
I will try and get a better grasp of what you love to read here but I want your help.
I want your input.
What exactly is it that you want to read?
And don’t tell me, ” I love you just the way you are” what specifically do you want to hear?


I don’t want to ever become so full of myself that I forget why I come here each week and write these love notes to you.
I don’t want you to ever stop bringing me flowers.
I love being wooed.
Please don’t stop wooing.


Instead of a year-end in review post, I would like to write you a thank you note instead.
I appreciate the people who read my blog.
I wouldn’t write a blog if I didn’t have people reading it.
Because then it would be called a diary.
I am heading into my fifth year of blogging in 2015 and I have gained so much since sitting down at my then basement office during my two years old’s nap that lazy June day.


I have gained friends, lots of friends.
Friends I have never met, friends I have met and regained, friends I have met through blogging who have saved my life.
Literally saved my life.
I have gained cool new experiences since blogging.
Conferences, working for major companies, skydiving, going to cool light shows.
Two words, FREE CRAP.
It’s been amazing.


I am a different person than I was in 2010.
I would maybe even say a better person.
I don’t think that comes from blogging alone, probably aging as well.
But blogging has brought me the confidence I didn’t possess five years ago.
I don’t care about the little things as much as I did back then.
I like me a lot more than I did a few years ago.
The clouds are lifting in my life and I feel writing is a huge prescription for this change.


I have to admit, I have been in a bit of a writers slump lately.
I have lots of posts sitting in the inbox as I type this but a slow computer and the holidays have gotten me a little backlogged as of late.
I write not only for the blog here but for two outside websites now, something I am excited about but also at times, if I am being honest, am a tad bit overwhelmed by.
I don’t want to ignore this blog because it is this little place where my love for writing began.
If I feel like I am ignoring you or my blog, I will stop writing for the other places because I am not built like a corporation.
I love to write, that is it.
I don’t ever want it to become a chore which some day’s it does start to feel that way.
I hate that.


I love all of you for opening the link to this page for the past five years.
Thank you so much for hanging in there for the ugly posts, the ones that weren’t that great because you knew I was in a slump.
Thank you for sending me messages about websites or products I like because you know I would love it.
Thank you for emailing me after reading a post that touched you.
Thank you for following me on my social media channels and liking statuses, retweeting links, pinning recipes.
It means so very much to me.


You were there during darkness when I was sad, you were there when good things happened and I couldn’t wait to share it with you.
You were there for lots and lots of bad DIY projects and you didn’t point and laugh.
You have given me advice about where to grocery shop, what type of leggings I should buy and what the best items are at Aldi and Trader Joe’s.
When I write to you, I think of all of you.
And I cherish every single one of you.

30 thoughts on “What I Don’t Know For Sure”

  1. Darn. Rebecca beat me to it. I am so very grateful for you and that this blogging world brought you into my life. If that is all that I ever got from my time spent in this internet place, that would be enough. I love you and can't wait to see what awaits us both in 2015. (hint: I hope it has a flaky crust and rhymes with "tie")


  2. My only wish is that I'd found you earlier than a few months ago. I am glad that I did!I love all your posts. You are genuine, funny, humble, kind, and generous. Just be you. Happy 2015!


  3. You're my neighbor so I might be bias but I think your one of the smartest funniest most together person I know and adore! I always look forward to reading your blog! Here's to many more fun memories and stories in 2015!


  4. This is another refreshing & inspiring post, so thank YOU! I love your take on the end of year blogs. It's always great to give gratitude.


  5. I just found this from someone on Twitter too – and wow! This is an amazingly awesome and refreshing post to read – especially after I just hit publish on my own "year in review" type post and as I'm doing it wondering "does anyone really want to read this?" I have only just discovered your blog today but I'll be following along now!


  6. I think we all get in writing slumps and you probably have more reason than anyone to be in one with all your other writing gigs, but the fun will all come back. Some day. BTW, I've done TWO end of year best post type things this week and I have one more planned. I plan on boring my readers to tears and then they'll be thrilled to death with my normal mildly-boring posts in the new year. Yeah, that's they plan!


  7. Here are some posts I'd like to see. And I know you can do it!!Decorating: Dust collectors, or do those little crappy trinkets really make your life better (I dont know. Maybe work on the title.)Curtains for dummies: Chapter 1- Do you really need to replace those 10 year old curtains just because they are ten years oldChapter 2: What goes up, in ten years will probably go down (AKA. Where to hang your blinds)And so forth with that one.Hmm. I know you are DIY at heart and these are all things I think will reach you, to in turn reach millions. How about, "Your Husband is Not Pinterest, and Neither is Your bank account." How to style your home like a real person.And maybe one on exercise for me "You will not get that ass in 5 minutes so shut up and eat a cookie."That's really just a pinterest rant about all the workouts that arent really work, but I KNOW you can do wonders with it. HAPPY NEW YEAR KARI!


  8. I will continue to be here for you. I may not always comment but I do always read your stuff and I love it.I ain't never quittin' you.


  9. I just love to read your random thoughts whatever they are … if you start to schedule yourself to cater to each of our individual whims then you will lose that authentic you that makes you so fascinating to read. I love your unique writing style and out of many bloggers I am subscribed to you are one of those I look forward to because you do not come across as "scripted" … please just stay authentic to your life and person and the writing will always be interesting.


  10. Your comment epitomizes why I blog.Plain and simple.I love that you took the time to comment and write these beautiful words to me.I appreciate you so much, never forget that. ❤️


  11. I've been in a bit of a blogging slump as well. I just can't figure out who I am I suppose. And I'm a tad bit lazy. But i'm glad that 2014 brought you to the Erma Bombeck Conference. 🙂


  12. Awww dearest, thank you! I love to bla,bla bla 🙂 One thing that is of incredible interest to me and so many other women I know is the whole Mineral balancing and microbiome. Have you gotten into that stuff yet?


  13. You have a unique voice which seems totally true to you. And you make me laugh. Thaz what I like about your posts. (and the occasional shrimp dip recipe) Happy New Year!


  14. (At the risk of sounding like everyone who has commented) – I come here because reading your blog is refreshing! The fact that you can make a blog completely about yourself interesting to others is a testament to your voice. Your writing style is authentic, your posts are honest, and your blog is always hilarious and true to what you're going through. There are very few blogs out there that are successful in the way that you are. Stay honest, and I know your readership will continue to grow. To answer your question more pointedly, I really love your nostalgic posts! There was one you did a while back about a teacher who told you to keep writing during a time in your life when you were trying to rebel (I may have just butchered that, but it's been months) that really stuck out to me as good, honest storytelling. I would love to see more of those! ……… Also, I follow a ton of bloggers, and you are one of the most respectful to your readers. Thank you for this!


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