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Donut Decorating Birthday Party is Much Better Than a Steak Decorating Party. Ask Around

*I recently migrated my blog and some of the pictures didn’t make the move. So please excuse the words where pictures should be but I don’t have the time or energy to find the pictures. 


January is a tough month for those who live up north.
So I guess anything north of Kentucky in these parts.
It plain sucks.
When it isn’t below zero, it’s 30 degrees slushy and gloomy.
When the sun is out here in January, it usually means it is 2 outside.
That Mother Nature sure is one funny minx.
Except she isn’t funny and switch minx with a word that rhymes with ditch.
Yes, much better.

When I first found out I was pregnant with my Ellie, I immediately counted on my fingers when her possible due date was.
Smack dab in January.
I even said, “I am sorry” aloud to my belly once realizing it was gonna be lots of blizzards, sick kids who can’t come to her parties, and just plain ick.

So I need to have ammo to combat the winter bleches around here to make her birthday party special.
The first word of warning if you are planning a birthday party: don’t go on Pinterest.
It was on the night before her party when I was typing in “party games” into the Pinterest search engine that I finally got what all the Pinterest haters have been talking about for years.
When did kids birthday parties become such a production?
I just wanted to play a simple pin the tail on the donkey and instead, I was inundated with elaborate games with rules and game pieces and like, prizes;  tables that had FABRIC napkins, cakes that were shaped like Elsa’s ice castle.
Made by hand.
With Nutella and mason jars.

The only thing I had planned was for them to decorate donuts because those are Ella’s favorite dessert and that would take the place of the cake.
I didn’t want to spend more than $100 on everything from the food, plates, decorations, invitations, pop, etc.
I know $100 sounds like a lot but it isn’t, trust me.
To give you an idea, if you rent a local bouncy house room for two hours it costs $250 for the room alone.
That’s a lot of donuts.
Just sayin’.


You all know how I feel about Walmart.
I am not a snob to those just reading me for the first time but I like my grocery experience to be happy and it just usually isn’t at Walmart.
I was planning on going to Dollar Tree to get all the plates but it was a Frozen theme party (of course it was) and they don’t have the blue I was looking for.
You know, “Elsa blue”.
Don’t act like you don’t know what I am talking about.
So into Walmart, I went…said like Eeyore.

I have to admit, Walmart hooked me up.
Not only did they have the “Elsa blue” plates etc. I was looking for but it was three cents cheaper per item than Dollar Tree.


Toppings for the donuts


The silver paper cups were in sets of eight for 97 cents, so I used those for all the donut toppings.
For the donut toppings, I used frosting from a can (I can hear the collective sighs from here. KIDS LOVE FROSTING FROM A CAN, OK?), those cool blue candies were also from Walmart, sprinkles I had in my pantry and little Frozen picks that I found there as well.


Donut Decorating Birthday Party!

We got our donuts from a local chain because we had a gift card.
If you are planning a donut decorating party, make sure you get your donuts first thing in the morning or they will be gone.
Then you won’t be decorating donuts but rather decorating something like steaks and kids don’t like to decorate raw meat.


Get a variety of donuts for the kids to decorate

Ella wanted a “donut cake”.
So I stacked some on a cake plate I already had.
We also got donut holes too because GIFT CARD and I wanted extra little donuts for the kids to eat because NO CAKE.
By the way, the day of this party I couldn’t eat donuts.
Long story.
I will be sharing it with you in a post very soon.
I want credit.

Plain donuts waiting to be decorated!

OK, so the pretzels were a last minute addition because I didn’t have enough sprinkles.
They turned out to be a hit.
Who knew?


Donut birthday party table

Tablecloth? 97 cents.
Napkins? 97 cents.
Paper cups? 97 cents.
Bag of balloons? 97 cents.
Hot air to fill balloons? Free thanks to my husband.
He’s got a lot to spare.
He does.
OK so do I.

Donut decorating for a birthday party was a huge hit!

Who knew??

The balloons hanging from the chandelier were a huge hit with Ella.
I made it while she was in the basement playing and when she came up she was beaming.
97 cents for joy.
You can’t beat that.

It is so happy that I am leaving it up till they fall down.

Blue balloons for the birthday girl!

Because January looks a lot better with Tiffany blue balloons hanging from the ceiling.
Especially when you can’t eat donuts.

26 thoughts on “Donut Decorating Birthday Party is Much Better Than a Steak Decorating Party. Ask Around”

  1. Donut decorating party – GENIUS. You win at all the birthday party idea competitions forever and ever amen. I'm sorry you couldn't eat the donuts. But because they are donuts I'm assuming it was for a reason that has a magnitude related to a volcano erupting or a comet crashing to earth.


  2. I can't believe you didn't eat the donuts. I bow down to you. Donut decorating party is an excellent idea. I'm sure she loved it! I think I want one of those for my birthday.


  3. Wow. You really are fantastic- and I think I might even want to do this for my next birthday. They're cuuuuuuuuuute! And the very best part about this is that I popped on the old web for a quick minute because I was procrastinating having to go to Walmart to buy a fabric marker, and they're the only place close to me that I know will have one. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


  4. You deserve more than credit for not eating the donuts. Much, much more. Well done, on both the restraint and a most fantastic birthday bash!


  5. I love canned frosting! We made sugar cookies during the holidays and used canned frosting to decorate them. Yummy! Or you can just spoon it up and eat it from the can like I have been known to do.:)


  6. A donut party sounds incredible, and Ella is a GENUIS for deciding that this was thing. Oh my God, I'm doing this for my birthday. I just am.


  7. I hate elaborate kids' parties, because who is it really for? Kids don't care about all the extras, they just want their friends, cake/ donuts, balloons and more sugary treats. Well done, you!


  8. OMG, a donut decorating birthday party?! That’s what I want for my 50th! 😉 Thank you so much for linking up to Funtastic Friday!


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