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Why Netflix Wants Me To Lie #StreamTeam

Apparently, there is this new show on Netflix called Bloodline that everyone is raving about.


And of course, I am not on board because it is all the rage.
Give me a year or two and I will be all over that.
Anyway, I guess there is all this lying going on within the storyline, sorry to ruin it for y’all but most storylines within plots of any major shows that are all the rage nowadays have lots of lying so I am sure I am not ruining much of anything which got me to thinking….what does that say about us as a society?

We sure do like us a lot of lying, scandal, nudity, and sex, don’t we hmm??? (said like the church lady).
But lying sure is a big’un.
Lying is a hard one because it is so darn easy to do.
I mean, I am guilty as charged.

Do I look fat in this dress?

I love this color so much, it looks so good on me, don’t you think???
Umm sure???

This meat pie tastes really good, doesn’t it?
Mmm tasty!

Mostly because I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings and I have no backbone.

So when Netflix posed the question about white lies this month and asked how we handle them with our children, I was like FUNNY YOU SHOULD ASK THAT NETFLIX because there may or may not have been a little incident.
In where I may have said to a certain seven-year-old that I know and love that Netflix was broken.
For a day.
Or a week.
So I could finish a series.
It has been a hell month of illness and locusts and just CRAP OKAY????

Here are a few shows that your little one can watch that will teach them that lying is a bad, bad thing.
Like mommies who tell their little ones that all the Netflixes are broken.


courtesy of Netflix

The Little Princess- I Didn’t Do It

courtesy of Netflix

Veggie Tales- Lie-Monade

For teenagers, there is Pretty Little Liars or PLL, that’s right I am all on the down low or the DL.
I have no idea what I just said.
Probably because my Netflix was broken for a week.
I swear, my Netflix was just fine, I never have a problem with my Netflix!
It is ME that has a problem.

courtesy of Netflix

Does anyone else get scared watching this show or is that just me?
I can’t watch it with my 15-year old without hiding under the blanket.
That’s probably because I grew up watching shows like this when I was 15:

courtesy of Netflix

Just kidding….kind of.
The ’80s were a much kinder, gentler and more naïve time.
But who doesn’t love The Care Bears?

Maybe I need to watch Bloodline to toughen up.
Time to tell the seven-year-old the Netflix is broken again…WHAT??????

I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team. Meaning, for the next year, once a month I will be writing posts about how my family is using our Netflix. They provided me with a Roku and a voucher for my Netflix account.

14 thoughts on “Why Netflix Wants Me To Lie #StreamTeam”

  1. We just got Netflix up here in our Flintstone cave! Right now my son and I are binge watching (he says you have to watch in multiples of two and he is 17, so of course he knows better than I do about such things)..oops, what are we binge-watching? The Office…and I am nearly in tears every epsiode…ummm…I finished the series in real time…oh, and it isn't real. Somebody told me to try One Tree Hill with my 15 year old daughter (I am sure she is just so jealous of the Office binding…um, no she isn't)


  2. I don't watch a lot of the popular shows on TV or Netflix because I'm such a big wuss. I want my Gilmore Girls and Parenthood back!!


  3. I got Netflix to stay up with the times. But let's talk about Gilmore Girls. I never watched it when it was on actual TV and like you, because it was all the rage I just said no. Fast forward fifteen years and everyone is all OMG GILMORE GIRLS ON NETFLIX so I started watching it to see what the hubbub's all about. I find it *yawn* so boring. What I'm saying is that sometimes staying up with the times means that you're watching terrible shows.


  4. OK you need to give GG another chance.Seriously.My mom felt the same exact way, she didn't get the whole thing.Then she watched it again, and was like OK IF I HAVE TO.She just finished the entire series BAWLING LIKE A BABY.I am not a joiner when it comes to shows but this one, I know you will love.If you don't? I will promise to watch something out of MY zone for you that YOU love.Do it for me….giving you the blinking eyes and flirting with you.


  5. Okay, okay. I have a partner in crime (my daughter) but even she isn't that into it. I'm a Parenthood fiend so if you aren't, I say GO. Also Mad Men Either you love it or you hate it. Eh, I don't care if you hate it. I want to watch 30 Rock all over again and catch up on Parks and Rec just because.


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