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Go Roma or Go Homa. My Dad Will LOVE That Blog Title

It is no secret that I love to eat.
So when I get the opportunity for free food, I take it.
I am all for being transparent here on the blog.
There are amazing opportunities I get with blogging that you don’t see sometimes.
Do you realize that bloggers get emails, daily, sometimes hourly, from people all over offering them things?
Things like advertising for major events on my blog!!!
For free!!!
Or events in the city that I can attend on a weeknight without my children so I can pay a sitter a lot of money and end up in the hole AND get absolutely NOTHING IN RETURN!.
Or offers like, would you please wire $500,000 to my friend in Sweden so he can live a happy life forever?
Yes, sirree I am one lucky girl!
Yes, us small bloggers get cool perks!
Then something cool comes along like really awesome PR reps who say, Hey! would you like to come to an Italian restaurant for a free lunch this week? No strings attached. Blink.
Umm, what did you say? Wait.
Don’t say anything.
You had me at free.
I had actually heard of Go Roma before because I had their dessert with some friends.
We had eaten lunch at a different restaurant then headed in to eat dessert there.
It was amazing, so I was excited to try their actual food because I have a theory about desserts.
Restaurants who don’t specialize in desserts usually don’t have good desserts.
Don’t you agree?
But you want something sweet.
So you eat it and you say, ok it’s eh but by that point, you don’t really care because FULL.
But these desserts were so good…I mean GOOD.
So if you are a restaurant that doesn’t specialize in the dessert and you can do it up?
YEAH BABY.So my husband and I headed out to their brand spanking new Glenview location here in Chicago for our free lunch!
We might have even skipped in the parking lot.
Okay, walked at a brisk pace.


Go Roma Chicago Illinois

First off, mad props to my PR friend “no strings attached” Bailey.
She even threw in a giveaway for you beautiful people.
BUT, big but, this wonderful establishment is only in Chicago.

Sad trombone.

Which only means one thing.
You need to come to see me eat dinner.
The decision is really easy, folks.

Isn’t this place pretty?
Like it should be in a Pottery Barn catalog.


cool red stool Go Roma

I mean really.
I want to move in.
Italian food and good décor?
It’s like, they know who I am.
Go Roma has its finger on the pulse of Kari.
Bailey did her homework when she emailed me.


Go Roma Chicago

Worth the drive/flight/boat/taxi/rickshaw to Chicago.
Get your fingers ready to enter the giveaway, Y’all.


Go Roma menu

I take pictures of green chairs and wooden tables.
What you didn’t see were the people sitting at the table across from me, who I can assume were also there to get a free meal, staring at me.
Mouths open, meatballs a’rollin on the floor.
Doesn’t everyone take pictures of cool chairs in restaurants???


Go Roma Chicago

Another reason to enter this giveaway is that not far from this restaurant location may or may not be some John Hughes movie homes.
The nerds’ house in Sixteen Candles.
And we may or may not have been working on another project at the same time.


spaghetti at Go Roma

This picture doesn’t do this justice.
I also didn’t take a picture of the calamari appetizer they brought out to us as well.
OMG, it was amazing.
We didn’t order it either but they just brought it out.
Don’t expect that at your restaurant experience because this was a grand opening but seriously, order it.
Maybe we just looked like the calamari kind of people.
Or we looked really, really hungry.


chicken parmesan

My husband ordered the Chicken Parmesan and it was divine.
Wanna know how I know?
Because I do this endearing thing when we go to restaurant’s where I eat off his plate.
In addition to eating my food.
Maybe that’s why they brought the calamari to our table.

There are three locations in the Chicago area for my local readers:  Bolingbrook, Northbrook, and Glenview.
You can go here for all the information because I know you want to visit.

So here comes the fun part!
Bailey has sent me a $25.00 dollar gift card to Go Roma to give to one of my readers!

*this giveaway has ended

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You have until Monday night to enter as I pick the winner on Tuesday!
Good luck and remember, it is open to anyone!
You don’t have to live in Chicago to enter BUT you have to come to Chicago to eat!
If you do, I will personally give you a tour of the nerds’ house.
I don’t want to get us arrested.
At least not on the first visit to Chicago.
Good luck!

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