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Summer So Far 2015

I started these posts years ago and I don’t have the heart to stop.
So here it is.
Our summer so far.
And no they aren’t in order.
Kind of like our life.
camp luggage summer

Annie went to cheer camp this summer only for a few days but my heart kind of sank a little.
My reaction to her going makes me realize that I won’t do very well when she goes to college.


making brownies with grandma summer

Cooking in the kitchen with Mamie.
My mom doesn’t like her face in this picture.
She says she looks upset.
She isn’t, by the way.
She and I both suffer from an affliction called RBF.
Those who suffer from it know what that means.


childhood best friends summer

My childhood friend was in town for a day/overnight over the fourth of July and it was magical.
We spent an entire day reminiscing and I couldn’t stop looking at her face and remembering our past.
She is my childhood and so having her in my home was just so special to me.
I need her in my life more often.


slip and slide summer backyard

Fourth of July slip and sliding.
Nothing more American.

fourth of july summer fun midwest

We let the teenagers light “fireworks”.
They only let off smoke but they thought they were the literal bomb.
It was so much fun to watch them have fun and we were there the whole time to make sure it was safe.
Trust me, when you know what other teens their age were doing on this day?
This was nothing in comparison.


summer fourth of july fun


my girls summer 2015

My “three” daughters.
I love these girls so much.

waiting for Mamie and Papa summer

Ella waiting for Mamie and Papa to arrive from Tennessee.
I think she spent half the day in front of this window.


still twirling

Twirling in her “fancy” dress.




summer nap under Papa's cap

Taking a rest in papa’s ball cap.


hanging out with her friend

Best friends.


summer shopping at Mars Cheese Castle Kenosha

Mars Cheese Castle

Junie B. Summer reading

I got fooled by the damn Internet into thinking that Barbara Park just died.
She died two years ago.
My daughter’s both learned to read from this author, so we mourned her again.
Maybe that isn’t such a bad thing after all.


cheer summer camp Kenosha

Cheerleading isn’t what it was when I was in high school.
For reals.
Back in my day…..OMG, I sound like I should have a cane and a white beard.
But seriously, the cheerleaders in our high school were there to cheer on our teams, look pretty and occasionally kick their legs really high.
Maybe do a cartwheel and you always had that one girl who could do a backflip.
I think in our high school it was actually illegal to do pyramids.
Lawsuits and all.
But nowadays, they do things like above.
That there is nothing compared to what else they can do.
So to those that say cheerleading isn’t a sport, I say look at this picture.
I also say this is the definition of teamwork.

dog afraid of summer thunder

Meet Tink!
This is my mom and dad’s dog and my sister dog.
They were visiting us for a few weeks this summer while my husband was training for a new job in Utah, so it was nice to spend some time together since they live so far away.
While they were here, there were a few thunderstorms.
Of course, because Summer of 2015 is also the summer of Thunderpocolypse.
The never ending storm.
Poor Tink doesn’t like storms.
She shivers and shakes.
She also stares at the wall and gets the nervous farts.
This is her staring at the wall.
I will spare you the smell but I think you can get the visual.
Or rather the olfactory.


so glad to see her dad
Ella struggled with her Dad being gone for two weeks.
He has never been gone that long at one time and by day six at bedtime, she was a sobbing mess.
But she made it through and the look on her face says it all.


picking up dad from O'Hare

She even carried his luggage all the way to the parking garage.
Now, THAT is love.


summer rain storm Chicago

The day after he got home, God went bowling once again because Thunderpocolypse 2015 and decided it was the perfect time to flood the backyard.
Actually, this is the first time in the ten years we have lived here that this has ever happened.
Because of Thunderpocolypse 2015.


Fave summer burger place Kenosha

Summer is the best time to head over the border to hit one of our favorite drive-in fast food restaurants.
The Spot in Kenosha, Wisconsin is the best place to get a cheeseburger but they are famous for their root beer.
I have no idea if it is any good because I don’t like root beer but my husband and teenager say it is amazing.
I need to try those pickle chips though.
And the spicy breaded green beans??
Guess we need to make another trip.

summer date night

Last night, Mike and I went out to dinner.
It might not mean anything to you but the last time he and I did that was?
Well, we can’t remember the last time we did that.
We sat there at the restaurant and actually could not recall when it was.
Oh sure, we have been out to lunch together when the girls were in school but dinner?
I felt for the first time in a long time, at peace.
I won’t go into it here but let’s just say that we are in a really good place right now that we haven’t been for many reasons and it just felt good to be able to go out together and not worry.
It was nice to be at peace.

On our way back to our car, I realized we were just down the street from the train station where we had first met each other.
I ran down the street and he laughed at me.


I know he thought I was crazy but as we were walking down the sidewalk to that Metra station, I thought of that hot July evening and all those memories.
It is funny how being in a place can bring it all back and it seems like it was just a few days ago.
Not 22 years ago.

I want credit for that picture.
Taken as a speeding Metra train went past, to get the logo behind us.
That was pretty good if I do say so myself in one take.

Thunder, dog farts, cheer, lots of love, lots of amazing family, lots of rain, lots of fun and lots of food.
Even with the Thunderpocolypse, I would say it has been pretty amazing.
How is your Summer so far?

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