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Why Did You Stop Commenting? A Tutorial to Get You The Hell Back

Was it something I said?
You got sick of the complaining.
Or the constant talk of tacos?
Or Bruce Hornsby?
Or not enough Bruce Hornsby?
It was the third post about John Hughes that did it.
I knew it.
I will write something I think is crap and get like 30 comments, then I write what I think is a great post about macaroni and cheese and spend an evening creating a graphic on Pic Monkey and I get two comments, which show up as four because I reply to them.

This is what I have gathered.
You don’t like sponsored posts.
You are on the fence about recipes.
And you definitely don’t like do-it-yourself.
Which is the foundation of what I formed this blog.


master bath renovation
My most popular blog post to date. This baby has gotten 66,000 and counting page views since 2012.


Do-it-yourself home improvement (on a budget) is what I used to write about when I started blogging almost five years ago.
But now, no one wants to see me write about a blue door or a wreath made of saccharine or a magazine rack made of an old baby crib WHICH IS REALLY DAMN COOL.
It is so sad it makes me want to cry, want to know why?
Because it means it’s all coming to a close.
This era.
Of blogging about DIY, recipes, cool renovations.

In the beginning, I remember I could go months without a comment.
Oh occasionally I would get a comment here or there and I would get SO excited!
Usually, it was from a link party host that I had signed up for because I was doing the whole DIY thing but I didn’t care because I was so excited!
Once I had a bad comment, a terrible one, and when I wrote about it in a blog post, I had this amazing rally of bloggers who gathered around me like this blogging biker gang that lifted me up and basically kicked ass and took names.
It was spectacular.
Then, the longer I was blogging, I met more and more bloggers and started developing a cool blogging community.
And we would comment on each other’s blogs and this amazing circle of blogging love developed!
It was glorious!
It was like reading someone’s diary and writing little love notes in the ledgers.


“I think you are a great mom!”

“I love how you decorate your family room, it is so cozy!!”

“I am so glad we have “met”, even though we haven’t “met, met”

Blogging has gotten a bad rap here and there, but for me, it has been the best form of therapy, and comments really have been a huge part of that.
When I hear that SWISH from my phone and I open my mail to see a comment on my blog, I wish you could be there when the smile on my face appears or when I am standing in my kitchen laughing.
Once I was at the grocery store in the frozen foods section when a comment came through on a particularly rough day and it was like it needed to come that day.
I started crying right there in the middle of the aisle in between the pizza and the novelty foods.
I was looking around to make sure no one could see me, but it was this amazing moment of being touched (very appropriately) by a stranger at this moment that no one talks about in blogging.

I do have the option to leave the comment section off of my blog as well, but I keep it there because I want to hear what you have to say.

Unless you want to ask me what color my underwear is, then I don’t want to hear what you have to say.

Some artsy fartsy writers will say, oh I don’t care what people say because I love to write and its artistic expression blah poop blah fart blah.
I need your love food in my comment section.
That feeds my artistic soul.

So this is what I am going to do.
I am showing all of you how to comment.
No excuses.
A step-by-step picture tutorial on how to comment.

I even changed my comment system a year ago so it would be easier for my readers.
This is going to go really well for me or really poorly.
Like embarrassingly poorly.
Watch, this post will have zero comments.
The tutorial on commenting will have no actual comments.
That will actually be pretty funny and ironic.
No, it won’t.
It will be sad.

Step 1- go to the bottom of the post where the comment section is.

commenting on blogs

So here is the thing, some blogs stop taking comments after a certain time.
I don’t.
You can go back and comment on a post five years later.
In fact, I just got a comment on a post from four years ago, because people are still visiting my DIY posts from way back.
Want to know why?
Bringing my visitors hourly by the minute.

Here you are at the bottom where the comment section is.
Click where it says  8 comments (4 are mine, by the way….hanging head in shame)

how to comment on a blog

…that will take you to this:

how to comment on my blog

Join the discussion!
Don’t you want to join the discussion??
I mean really??
And I KNOW you had an opinion on my blue damn door this spring.
And how about the John Hughes tour that I worked for three months on?
How about that really crappy post I wrote about open letters??
Good or bad.
I know you did.
I don’t need to hear all good stuff, folks.
You can “discuss” things too.

Sooo this is where I lose Y’all, I know I do.

It’s the having to register or sign in to comment and I get that completely.
Unfortunately, that happens everywhere you have to comment but if you have social media, which most of you do, you are golden.

how to comment on a blog
See those little buttons up there?
You can click those to log in.

D is for Disqus which most of you won’t have unless you are a blogger but I am betting most of you have that big fat f up there which stands for Facebook!!

Yes, you can log in with your Facebook account!!!
Or that birdie which is your Twitter or the g which is your Google account!!
See how easy that is???
Or you can just register with Disqus like so:
how to comment on a blog John Cusack style. Bloggers love this.

Really, it isn’t that hard and I am giving you a hard time because I love you all so.
And I love to hear from you.
I hear all the time, ” I have been reading you for years and just wanted to comment”…” I like your blog and thought I should let you know”…..and I love those comments so much.
You know, I write here because of you.
Not because I love to hear myself blather on and on.
As much as you might think, I am not an egomaniac.
I love to write because I kind of has a crush on you.
So hearing from you means a whole lot to me.
When I stop hearing from you, part of me stops wanting to write.
It’s as simple as that.
And then I start thinking you want me to stop writing as well.
So your comments are a really big deal to me and I would say to other writers out there but I can’t speak for everyone.

I do know there are some days where some of the posts I put out there are probably not as worthy of your comment as others but seriously, your words mean a lot.
It’s not as hard as you think.
Even if you say things like  “I think geese blue was a bad way to go, Kari”, “Bruce Hornsby sucks my grandpa’s pipe”, ” tacos are the spam of the food world” or “your John Hughes obsession is way overboard girlfriend“.

Because you commented and told me how you felt about my words.
Then I will make you come over and re-paint my front door and then go to Mr. Hughes grave with me and apologize while we eat some tacos and listen to Mandolin Rain.
So let’s all hold hands, sit in a big circle, braid hair and comment.
Life is too short to not let each other know how we really felt about that really, REALLY ugly crib turned magazine rack.

I love you’s guys.
But really, Bruce Hornsby is kind of hot.
Just a little?
He ages really well.
Let’s talk about it over a taco.
Meet you in the frozen food section?

3 thoughts on “Why Did You Stop Commenting? A Tutorial to Get You The Hell Back”

  1. OMG I feel you on the comments. When I get one, it’s such a great feeling, and when I get four, I’m like damn I’m famous! I have one post that has 22, and yes half are mine, but it makes me so happy!

    Also, I guess I’m the first comment on this post? I almost didn’t want to because it seems like this post shouldn’t have any comments, for the irony of it, but I can’t help myself! I love commenting on your blog!


    1. RIGHT????? You and I are so alike it’s freaking scary. I see 20 comments and I don’t give a crap that half are mine! LOOK AT HOW POPULAR I AM!!
      Let’s make a pact: I will comment on all of yours and you comment on all of mine. Maybe we just go back and forth on the same thread. LOOK AT THAT, I GOT 35 COMMENTS!!


    2. Oh, and there were lots of comments on this (half were mine) when it was on Blogger but when I migrated, they disappeared. Something to do with Disqus. And just like that, I have an extra comment on this post! BOOM.


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