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“Autumn Drive” 2015 or “Autumn Eat” 2015, Whatever

Three years ago, my friend Rebecca and I went to this cool little…I don’t know what you would call it…..fall festival-ish thing called Autumn Drive about an hour from where were live.
In the middle of nowhere.
Just where we like it. Well, we revisited it again this fall.
And it didn’t disappoint.

Autumn Drive McHenry County Illnois

It is a series of art, craft, antique and food vendors among many other things that are scattered among the country roads of McHenry County, Illinois.

Autumn Drive Festival

Think the worlds longest yard sale.
Only this is only probably spread out over five square miles.

Corn in Autumn

And there aren’t many yard sales.

And it really isn’t anything “worldly”.
Maybe that was a really bad example.
We really only go for the mini donuts.

Mini Donut Stand

But then, we saw this across from the donuts:

Caramel Apple dessert

The original apple bomb comes with chocolate, caramel, nuts, and whipped cream.
I ordered ours without chocolate and nuts because of chocolate and apples….eh.
Plus I got enough nuts.
I don’t need anymore.

You think we skipped the donuts, don’t you?

Autumn donuts

You would be incorrect.

Autumn Food

By the way, this was our pre-lunch.
This isn’t amateur hour, people.
Stand back.

Autumn Mums

Another reason we go are the mums.
Mums the size of your ass.

Beautiful Autumn Mums

Well, the size of your ass if you eat mini donuts and apple bombs.
These were only eight dollars, I believe.
If these were edible, we would have eaten them too.

Warm woolen mittens

Okay, there are THREE reasons we drive the hour to Woodstock, Illinois for this amazing festival/drive/food orgy.
These mittens.
We bought these for ourselves and our daughters three years ago and they are amazing.
Mine lasted until just this year when we lost them.
They were still in pristine condition AND they are only nine dollars for nice wool mittens.

Green Mittens

Rebecca bought these for me as a gift for driving.
I wish more people would give me gifts for driving.

Autumn Craft Show

Loved their name and that big pumpkin.
I wanted that pumpkin but they said it wasn’t theirs and they had no idea who’s it was.
Apparently, everyone else had been asking about it too.
We should have just said, ” 20 bucks and no one else has to know?”

Barn Sale

I love barns,
Especially barns with twinkle lights.
Someday I am gonna get me a barn and put twinkle lights inside of it for my animals.
Because they need mood lighting.

Lane in the country Autumn Drive

This little barn had the cheapest furniture.
Not cheap but inexpensive.
I worded that wrong.
Think headboards for $35!
Antique gorgeous headboards!
Only we didn’t need headboards.
I wish we were the types of people who bought unnecessary headboards for future use but I need $35 to buy things like groceries.
Or pay the Nicor bill.

Pottery sign Autumn Drive

We never like the pottery they sell here but I love this sign.

rows of pumpkins Autumn Drive

I was pumpkin’d out at this point in October when we came here but Rebecca got gourds here for cheap,
Only they made you buy bags so she ended up carrying her gourds around until some nice lady at another vendor gave her a bag for free.
Buying bags, signs not for sale, seriously??
But mini donuts, apple bombs, and nine dollar wool mittens so stay focused.

Green trunk Autumn Drive

I like big trunks.
And I cannot lie.

Red Barn Autumn Drive

This was in someone’s backyard along the Autumn Drive.
I wish I had a backyard that looked like this.
Instead, I look at someone’s laundry that hangs on their deck.
All year long.
They sold amazing stuff that was way overpriced.
I am cheap, I realize, but Rebecca was in agreement that we could find the wares they were selling a lot cheaper elsewhere.
Or just make it ourselves.

Pumpkins on wagon in Autumn

This was in their front yard,
And I felt special because I bought a $4.99 Halloween flag at Walmart this year.

So after the Autumn Drive, we were hungry again so we hit up Culvers for our third meal of the day.
Across from the Culver’s is our little secret.
Even though it is in public.

Farm and Fleet

This place rocks.
I remember Farm and Fleet when I was a kid growing up in Ohio but this place is massive.
Even the parking lot is huge.
Rebecca and I thought of all the food places they could put in that empty space.

So this place.
It is known for many things.
Farm equipment, flannel shirts, steel-toed boots but most importantly…..

Toyland Farm and Fleet

Ahhh yes.
Once a year, around the middle of October, is when Toyland appears.
Rows and rows of toys for all ages.
It is a feast for the senses.
A veritable toy extravaganza, if you will.
Like Black Friday in October.
And we somehow always manage to get there on the first day.
Smack dab in the middle of the afternoon.
During the peak.

But the deals we get each time we have gone, are completely worth it.
I could show you the pictures of what I got, but then I would have to kill you.
Because Christmas presents…..shhhhhhh.
Let’s just say one barks and one farts.
That really is all we need in our home to make people happy.
And no, I didn’t get a real dog here.
You can get lots of great things here, real animals aren’t one of them.

It was a great day, so much fun, so much food, so much love.
I am so glad we have these days together.
Only next year, we are definitely ordering the nuts on the apples.
You can never have enough nuts.

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