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Mall Skating Makes Me Actually Loathe Shopping Less. Chicago Premium Outlets Skating Pond

Maybe it’s the 14 plus years in retail I have wasted but I, for the most part, cannot stand shopping.
Oh, there is some shopping I do like but mall shopping is not usually included in that category.
But when you have children, I am afraid you cannot escape it.
Because of bright colors, food court and loud noises.

So when I was invited to go to Chicago Premium Outlets recently, I was hesitant because of the above.
But while reading the email I was stopped in my tracks by two words: ice skating.
Outdoor ice skating.
At a mall.
In December.
First, I should state to those not living in the upper Midwest, we have been having a Caribbean holiday season here, enjoying temperatures hovering around the 50-degree mark on most weekends.
Shorts and tank top weather here.

I can do outdoor malls!
I don’t even need a reason!
Add in an ice skating rink and you got yourself a deal!
So I piled the girls in the car early one Saturday morning and headed to Aurora to meet up with some friends and “enjoy” some shopping.

We even got to meet Mrs. Claus.
Because we have had bad experiences with Mr. Claus in the past.

And we actually had a lot of fun.
The mall wasn’t packed because it is outdoors and spread out, there was tons of parking and plenty of bathrooms, there is an M Burger there…..
Then my youngest daughter spotted it from across the food court……all glistening in its glory.


My oldest daughter was all, OMG PLEASE CAN WE JUST KEEP SHOPPING??
But I had to gently remind her that when she was her sister’s age, she loved to do these sorts of things and didn’t have a teenage sister saying, OMG PLEASE CAN WE JUST KEEP SHOPPING??

So she sucked it up and helped her lace up her skates.

There were two boys on the ice and I had mentioned to one of them that this was her first time on the ice.
He was so sweet and said “she is doing great!” and the other boy said, “this is my first time too!”.
It was such a fun experience because it was so casual and the ice was covered in snow to make it less slippery, perfect for those beginning skaters.

I didn’t get to go out on the ice this day because I didn’t bring socks with me because HELLO 50 DEGREES but I am going back because I want to get on the ice.
I haven’t been ice skating since I was a little girl and I had a really bad experience.
I need to change that.

She loved it. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED.
And talked about it all the way through J. Crew, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, in the car on the way home…..the hour and twenty-minute ride home.
She probably told everybody about it at school the next day as well.
She is still asking when we are going back.

So for my readers who live in the Chicago area, I have an exclusive offer for you!
That makes me feel so fancy. 

Chicago Premium Outlets wants all of you to head out to their cool little ice skating pond this winter, which is open now through January 18th.
On any weekend now through 1/18, any of my readers who identify themselves as a reader of my blog AND by using the promotional code SKATE CPO will receive up to three free children (ages 12 and under) rink admissions with every adult admission!!

One more really fun event going on at the skating pond is on this coming Saturday night, December 19th.
They are hosting an Ugly Christmas Sweater Skate Night.
From 6 p.m. to closing, anyone arriving at the rink wearing an ugly Christmas sweater will receive free admission!

So come on out!
Chicago Premium Outlets is centrally located in Aurora, Illinois so for those of my readers who live in Central Illinois or Rockford, just hop on the highway and make a day of it.
Trust me, I live an hour plus from this mall and it was worth the trip.
So much so, that my teenager wants to come back to go back to school shopping (OH LORD, MORE SHOPPING) and we will be coming here over Christmas break to do a little skating as well (SHH DON’T TELL MY SEVEN YEAR OLD OR WE WILL NEVER HEAR THE END OF IT).

Rink hours are 3 p.m. – 9 p.m. Monday through Friday; 11 a.m.- 11 p.m. on Saturdays and 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. on Sundays. 
During the weeks of Christmas and New Years. weekday hours are extended to 11 a.m – 9 p.m. 

Thank you Chicago Premium Outlets for a fun family day!
Ooh! Maybe you can you keep the rink up all summer too!
Work on that, will you?

This post was sponsored by Chicago Premium Outlets.
All thoughts expressed are my own. 

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