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One Word Holiday- Mom

My mom, there just aren’t enough words to describe how much she means to me.
I have written posts about her here and there, my favorite one being a Mothers Day love letter I wrote to her years ago.
I don’t know what I would do without her in my life, quite honestly.
I hope my girls feel the same way about me when they are older.

I love these two so much.

What one thing annoys you the least about Oprah?

Her giving ability.

Amen. But don’t forget about her hair. 

Who is your favorite family member? Why?

My husband because I love him and we have been together for 47 years.

You guys are so cute. 

What is your favorite blog and why?

I like food blogs a lot. Southern Plate is truly my favorite food blog. I also like Nest of Posies.

Click on the blog names above to head on over to their blogs. Oh, and Nest of Posies is from my parents’ town, Chattanooga. 

What holiday food item would you take a bath in if no one was looking?



What one present do you hope to receive this year?

To have a big party and have all of our family and friends in one spot.

I wish this too. 

If you only had money to make one holiday dish this year, which one?

Date filled cookies.

* I omitted the following in the above recipe: for filling, add enough water to cover the dates and cook on low until thickened. 

What one celebrity is your absolute favorite?

Colin Firth.

Especially in Bridget Jones Diary. DAMNNN. 

If you could have your own television show, what would YOU give to your guests as your big giveaway?

Everybody in my audience would get a dog like Tink.

Everyone needs a Tink in their life. 

What one thing (besides any religious belief) is your favorite part of the holiday season?

The lights and the Christmas music.

I love Christmas so much because of my mom. She created such a magical environment for us when we were little. I will never ever forget my childhood Christmases. 

If you could say one word to describe my blog, what would it be?

The first thing that comes to my mind is real.

Thank you, mama. 

I am in such a Christmas mood now!
Thank you, Mama, for sharing a piece of you with my readers.
The One Word Holiday’s keep coming in…I almost can’t keep up, it is so exciting!
Are you missing me yet??
Didn’t think so.

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