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One Word Holiday- Melissa

I have known my friend Melissa since our youngest daughters were just babies.
We met at our old church when we were the only people under the age of 50 at our church.
I am not kidding.
We grabbed a hold of each other like the last ham on Christmas Eve and it has been a great friendship ever since.
Even though we live far apart, we still connect.
She is one of those friends who I can go weeks without talking to then we can text and be like OMG I HAVE A ZIT ON MY A#$.
And it’s like we left off where we started.
Everyone needs a friend like that.
I don’t have a zit on my a#$, to be clear.
But if I did, Melissa would be the first to know. 
She is special like that. 

What one thing annoys you the least about Oprah?

The one thing that didn’t annoy me was Oprah in the mid-’80s…before she was a celebrity. I used to watch her show with my mom and I liked how she would go into the audience with her microphone and take questions.

It is funny you say this because I used to watch Oprah in the ’80s with MY mom and I loved her back then too. 

Who is your favorite family member? Why?

Don’t tell my family but my baby who is three months old is my favorite! She doesn’t fight with her sissies, she smiles I sing Adele to her and doesn’t say “stop singing Ma!” I just think my baby is the best!

Why do we teach our children to speak again?? 

What is your favorite blog and why? (not mine)

Momastery is the best because it is so darn funny and real! Makes me feel better about parenting and kids driving us moms cray!

Click on the name of the blog above to head to Momastery. 

What holiday food item would you take a bath in if no one was looking?

I think I would take a stuffing bath if I could. It’s so yummy, I made myself a stuffing sandwich after Thanksgiving.


What one present do you hope to receive this year?

I need some new clothes in a bad sorta way. I have a three-month-old baby so the maternity clothes need to go and the clothes from my former self-do not fit! So new clothes would be great. Can someone tell my husband, please??

His name is Steve.
And I need clothes too but my baby is almost eight so I have no idea what my excuse is. 

If you only had the money to make one-holiday dish this season, which one?

Cinnamon bun bread. So delicious!!

You can go here to get the recipe. 

What one celebrity is your absolute favorite?

I would have to say, Ellen DeGeneres. She is so darn funny!

I love her so much. 

If you could have your own television show, what would YOU give your guests as your big giveaway?

Hmm. Well, I just got a minivan so maybe everyone would get a minivan! Misery loves company…..I kid, I kid! We could all be in the minivan club!

This made me laugh out loud. But in all seriousness, I miss my automatic sliding doors. Those were bad a#$.

What one thing (besides any religious belief) is your favorite part of the holiday season?

Being with my family, seeing their eyes light up with excitement, it’s still magical to them and I love seeing Christmas through their eyes.

Yes, this. 

If you could say one word to describe my blog, what would it be?

Hilarious! You say what we all think!

I love this. Thank you.

I feel like reading the last question is a Christmas gift to me with each post.
Thank you, Melissa, for sharing you today!
Let’s hop in the minivan and make a run to the mall for some clothes, but first I need you to make me a stuffing sammich.

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