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One Word Holiday- Jessie

So Jessie started out as a commenter on my blog.
By the way, “commenter” isn’t a word in real life but it is on my blog. 
So anyway, she started commenting on my blog earlier this year and I loved her immediately from the comments she would leave.
So I happened to click on her name and down the rabbit hole I went because I found out that she had a Twitter account.
And that led me to her blog!
She is a blogger!
I got so excited that I spent an embarrassing amount of time that day binge reading her blog that she co-writes with her friend Pam.
Over the course of the year, we have become friends.
Meet my friend Jessie.


What one thing annoys you the least about Oprah?

Here’s the thing: Oprah doesn’t annoy me. Probably because I am unable to watch daytime TV. I had no idea she wasn’t on anymore. Really Kari? No Oprah?

I never said I didn’t like her. 
Even people I like can annoy me. 

Who is your favorite family member? Why?

My Mom. Without her, there would be no me. That alone skyrockets her to favorite family member fame. Really, she is wise. She is kind. She is gentle. She knows how to love.  She’s attractive and if that’s not enough, she can make anything and do it well. (jewelry, clothes, food, etc. ) Her house and tastefully decorated and immaculate. I’ve always wanted to be like her when I grow up. I still do.

She sounds just like my mom! 

What is your favorite blog and why? (not mine)

Victoria Elizabeth Barnes is my new find. Victoria is both charming and funny as she describes the restoration of her Victorian home. An owner of a historic home myself, I laugh when I read words like “He saw ALL of the problems…without the hazily-conjured idea of how they would just sort of magically fix themselves” and when I read this “It’s trash …put it in the trash. Then. Do not step in the trash.”

You must visit her site and then you’ll know why that is funny. And it is SO ME. The trash line, the magically fix themselves line. Not the productive restoration of our old home, a home that after 10 years of ownership my husband and I will gladly give away ….if we could.

Old homes sound like fun.
And a lot of work. 

What holiday food item would you take a bath in if no one was looking?

Jello because it just seems like a tub full of jello could be a fun thing. My Grandmother served jello salad with both Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. I’ve never made a jello salad in my life.

Jello salad is a Midwest thing too!
I love jello salad and now I feel the need to make one for Christmas. 

What one present do you hope to receive this year?

A whisk. I really, really need a whisk.

Is this missing an EY at the end?? 
Get it?? 
I’ll be here alllllll week. 

If you only had the money to make one holiday dish this season, which one?

Monkey bread. I don’t eat it, but it’s a tradition for my children and Christmas morning would not Christmas morning without it. I use the recipe off the Pillsbury website except I omit the nuts because you know….kids.

I have made this monkey bread and it is good!
My youngest never ate it because she thought it was made of monkeys.
Legitimate fear.
You can go here to get the recipe. 

What one celebrity is your absolute favorite?

Jennifer Aniston

Team Aniston here as well. 

If you could have your own television show, what would YOU give your guests as your big giveaway?

Housecleaning service for LIFE.

God Bless your soul. 

What one thing (besides any religious belief) is your favorite part of the holiday season?

It’s hard to choose between the music and the lights. Kari, don’t make me choose.
I won’t make you pull a Sophie’s Choice.
I can’t choose either.

If you could say one word to describe my blog, what would it be?


Def: Brilliant, dazzling, exciting, exhilarating, stimulating. 
Either I am a sex toy or a damn good blogger!
I am going with the second. 
I had to say it…..

I am so glad you found my blog, Jessie.
So I could find yours.
Head over to Jessie and Pam’s blog Still Playing House to read about their lives.

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