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One Word Holiday- Dawn

I have known my friend Dawn for close to 20 years now and as I was typing it I almost couldn’t believe it has been that long!
I first met her as my parents neighbor when they lived up north here and eventually grew closer to her when I started babysitting her son Jake when he was just a wee one.
Jake is now a senior in high school and that alone makes me want to go in the corner and cry.
Our kids go to rival high schools which is so much fun because this fall her son was on the football team and our daughter was a cheerleader.
They used to play together when they were little and here we were sitting next to each other watching them at their game as “big people” now.
Because I will forever associate Dawn and Jake with my parents, the neighborhood my parents loved so much and Anna’s childhood, they will forever have a special place in my heart.
Meet Dawn today!

What one thing annoys you the least about Oprah?

Her weight. She is up and down like everyone else. 🙂

AMEN. There are some things money just cannot buy. 
Unless it is liposuction.
But Oprah is too classy for that. 
Thank goodness. 

Who is your favorite family member? Why?

Jake. He is an amazing, sweet and kind soul who absolutely stole my heart the day he was born.

Jake is my favorite 18-year-old boy. 
Hell, he is my favorite 18-year-old person. 

What is your favorite blog and why? (not mine)

Don’t read any except yours.

Smart woman. 

What holiday food item would you take a bath in if no one was looking?

Honey baked ham.

Dipped in mustard.

What one present do you hope to receive this year?

Continued grief reduction. Can’t think of a better gift to my soul.

Friend, I wish this for you. 

If you only had the money to make one holiday dish this season, which one?

My Mom’s cheesecake.



What one celebrity is your absolute favorite?

Julia Roberts.

You and my dad would get along well.
Oh wait, you already do. 

If you could have your own television show, what would YOU give your guests as your big giveaway?

Shelter dogs to good homes. 🙂 With a lifetime supply of food and paid up vet costs.

This is one of the best answers I have seen. 

You and my mom would get along well.
Oh wait, you already do. 

What one thing (besides any religious belief) is your favorite part of the holiday season?

Traditions (cookie making, church, lots of family meals together).

Those are all of my favorites too. 
Food is always the main part of my favorites, of course. 

If you could say one word to describe my blog, what would it be?


This is the first time someone has said that and it makes me so warm inside.
Thank you for this and I am so glad you feel this way.

Sending you a big hug this season, my friend.
Give that family of yours our love and that sweet dog too!
Thank you for sharing you today!

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