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One Word Holiday- Kristy

My sister-in-law Kristy has been reading my blog since day one and like my mom and friend Rebecca, has been the “original three” as I like to call them.
In fact, when I finally figured out Google Analytics, I could see their regular visits from the three places they live which made me laugh out loud.
It is so cool knowing I have the support of family and friends from all over.
And she sends me awesome Anchorman memes randomly.
So there’s that.
Meet Kristy today!

What one thing annoys you the least about Oprah?

While I’m not an Oprah fan, she has a beautiful glow. It’s probably all of the great lighting she surrounds herself with, but I hope it’s genuine.

Or it’s the really expensive makeup. 

Who is your favorite family member? Why?

Definitely my kiddo. He’s the funniest guy I know. And he’s awfully cute.

He is awfully cute.
But I am his Aunt so I am biased. 

What is your favorite blog and why? (not mine)

Wah hah hah hah haaaaah.

That’s right.
My blog wins! 

What holiday food item would you take a bath in if no one was looking?

OMG cranberry sauce. The gel kind.

I never had you pegged for a cranberry gel kind of girl.
This took me completely by surprise.

What one present do you hope to receive this year?

I seriously love anything handmade by my kiddo. He made me a flower from a toilet paper tube last year and you’d think it’s a Picasso the way it’s displayed on my desk. Handmade gifts from little hands are my favorite.

They are my favorite too but they are coming home with them less as they get older which makes me sad.
Guess they need to get a job to get us non-handmade gifts then.


If you only had the money to make one holiday dish this season, which one?

Broccoli cheese casserole. I get more excited about that deliciousness than any other holiday dish, including dessert.

Her husband (my brother Matt) also answered this casserole in the first One Word post. 


What one celebrity is your absolute favorite?

I love Sandra Bullock both as an actress and how she comes across as a genuine person.

I feel like I could belch and fart with her.

If you could have your own television show, what would YOU give your guests as your big giveaway?

A dream family vacation, however that family would want to spend it (and most importantly, the time away from obligations to enjoy it!)

Good answer.  

What one thing (besides any religious belief) is your favorite part of the holiday season?

The traditions: making Grandma’s cutout cookies, driving around looking at Christmas lights, making spaghetti on Christmas Eve, and our new tradition, cutting down our own real Christmas tree.

Traditions are the best. 

If you could say one word to describe my blog, what would it be?

You, I hear your voice when I read the words.

To a writer, this is the greatest compliment you can give. Thank you. 

Thank you so much for sharing you today Kristy!
You can find Kristy over at her Etsy shop Daisy Mae Designs.
I know I have mentioned it before but the last question is a gift every time I read what each of you has written.
I didn’t plan it that way at all.
I actually chose it on a whim but I am so glad I threw it in there.
I may use all of your descriptions of my blog on my About Me page after the new year.
So thank you to all of you for giving me these gifts this holiday season.

This was the last One Word Holiday, well with the exception of mine which I will publish tomorrow.
Thank you to everyone for sharing all of you this holiday season.
It has been a lot of work but in the process, it has been so much fun as well and I would do this every single year going forward.
It has forced me to write every single day this month and that is so important for me right now, you have no idea.
So thank you again for all of your submissions.
I love all of you so much.
Happy Holidays!!

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